Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Has Brown Done Enough?

Gordon Brown has gone through the mill over the last few months! Today he gave his most important speech to conference. Was it enough? Did he "float your boat"? Sarah his good lady wife was there to lend her love and support and what did our Gordon do after his speech? He shook her bloody hand! As you do... husband to wife. Things must be great in their home! Picture the scene Gord & Sarah in bed sipping a mug of Horlicks (made with water 'cos the price of milks gone through the roof!) "Night Duck " says he "Night T'owd Tup" says she and then he leans over and....... shakes her hand, turns over removes his smile and puts it in a glass on the bedside table and snores gently! Sorry if that's given you an image you are keen to forget! Seriously he has tried to give us a bit of hope but has he left you feeling a little more secure? He single out the BNP for a bit of stick and then turned his wrath onto Diddy Dave Cameron! "I'm all for apprenticeships but now is not the time for a novice!" says Gord. Just how long have you been living at Number 10 Gordon

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nita said...

Im not sure we can blame the economy on Gordon Brown, as the problem is nationwide. He is not mine or many people's favourite Labour Leader, and it is a concern, when the General Election arrives. As people have said though, they take all the credit when things are going well, so it is fair to say, they will get critisized when things are going badly. These politicians are not struggling to pay for high energy bills, food, petrol, are they. Yes, I do believe he does care for the people that are struggling, and they are trying their best to sort it, but people need help now, not in 6 months time. Lets look at the Labour party locally. How has it got to the point, where it is no longer the people's choice? Stoke on Trent was a Labour stronghold, but no more. They would rather opt for the BNP. Why, because the people feel that the BNP are the only party that is working for them. I am no supporter of the BNP, but can fully understand why people are choosing them. I am not critisizing all Councillors, many are very dedicated, and work for the people who elected them. However, it seems that, as many sit on various committees, they get paid extra for doing so, so when it comes to voting on decisions, they go and say what the Mayor wants them to say. It protects their extra benefits. I don't mean to be rude, but that is how I and many others see it. There is no democracy any more. Having said that, I would still much prefer a Mayor and Cabinet, than a Leader and Cabinet, as at least we the people will get a choice.