Sunday, 28 September 2008

Web Response of the Week Award!

We here at pitsnpots love to recognise examples of high quality web posting. The first recipient of the "Web Response of the Week Award" goes to Trentham Action Groups very own Nicky Davis!
In response to a letter sent by Tory Shaun Bennett to the Sentinel this week taking issue with Councillor Zulfiqar Ali's letter supporting the Elected Mayor system Nicky left this response:
"I agree with you Shaun in favouring the leader model.A leader is less able to become dictatorial. Also can be more easily removed. I'm sorry but in SOT we clearly have to be able to do this. If they start to wreak havoc we don't want them carrying that on for 4 years.I completely agree with you when you say "he goes on to argue that under a Leader and Cabinet model there would be constant backroom dealing between the various groups to negotiate positions of power in a coalition. But just what on earth does he think goes on now under the existing mayor and advisory cabinet system?"I commented as such on the web when Councillor Zulfiqar Ali's letter was published.You go on to say;"Do we not have a coalition of the three main parties at present? Was this coalition not negotiated behind closed doors without any input not only from the electorate but from their own party members?" Very well said, bold of you.It would be good if you go that bit further though, you have not mentioned that one of the worst possible outcomes for mayor (also for leader) would be Roger Ibbs! But of course you couldn't possibly say that could you?Ibbs is currently off on his own tack, pursuing some sort of land deal so he can build, on a green wedge, an academy school that Trentham doesn't want and Blurton doesn't want. Is this some crazed tory policy disaster or just something from planet Ibbs? Are you not concerned that if Ibbs has his way, children from your community in Blurton will have to travel to Trentham to go to school, in the absence of a safe walking route? What Blurton needs is a new school, in Blurton, as promised years ago. If families there are keen for it to be an academy then fine, but they should be given the choice. What Trentham needs is to keep the fantastic school it has. Trentham families want a federation, not an academy, so they should be allowed that.I've just seen Balls on BBC parliament spouting a lot of, well, as the name suggests, labour lies, on how much they want parents to be involved in their children's schools. Well that's not being allowed for us is it. So what does mayor Meredith think he's doing in the labour name? Labour promote academies, but they are also suposed to support federations and other arrangements, so let us have what we choose for our community.But then I've also got these tory lies, sent to me in an email, 22nd September, from the Consevative Party Chairman's office, CCHQ:"David Cameron has stated that we have to look at expanding the provision of education. But that any reforms have to be done with the support of the community and the parents which they serve."That's very far removed from what Ibbs is doing in the tory name! Don't let your mighty leader tell you he is doing the best thing for Trentham and Blurton, he's barely speaking to any of us, he doesn't speak to me at all.Labour and tory alike are doing nothing for communities, just dictating to us! Neither of them are any good. Neither of them are communicating with us. And I know why, neither of them have any intelligent arguments to make. I recently emailed all 60 councillors about the schools issue. None of the 11 responses I received came from the conservatives, or labour, or libdems. All 11 were supportive.Disclaimer: Save Trentham High is a non-political organisation with the sole aim of saving Trentham High. Individuals within it may express their political views but do not necessarily speak for STH."
Nicky Davis, Trentham
It's a testing time for all concerned with the Trentham Action Group but there is one thing for certain these guys will NEVER give up. They have fought their fight hard and there is still a big desire to see it through. Nicky encapsulates the spirit within the Group and with strong leadership from Dan Jordan and Donna Dewar the council, mayor and Serco will know they are still in a battle.
Well done Nicky you are our first winner keep up the posting on the Sentinel and of course here on pitsnpots!


nicky said...

Thank you so much for this award. I'm most flattered. I had a good old rant there didn't I?

Here is some more interesting information on local tory goings on from a while ago:

Tony said...

Nicky it was well deserved keep up the good work! Hope all went well at last nights meeting and we look forward to reading about Thursdays demo, we here at pitsnpots look forward to seeing more of the Action Group posting on this blog. We must keep up the pressure!