Monday, 29 September 2008

What's gone wrong?

Just what has gone wrong with the Justice system in this country?
Having read Craig Johnson's story in the Sentinel, it really angers me that rapists and people who take another's life can get less than Johnson's sentence, It can't be right can it?
Sure this scam cost the taxman millions but how can this be deemed more serious than some of the manslaughter cases we have read about recently notably the guy who strangled his wife and then dumped her body in a lay by (7.5 years) and of course the infamous Khan case (8 years). Let's face facts here Johnson broke the law, no doubt about that but these other two took human life! I wonder if a comparison could be made between this scam and the indiscriminate lending by British bank in the US sub prime market which has no led to the nationalisation of Northern Rock and today of the Bradford & Bingley! Somebody has to be accountable for the decision to invest in this bogus market which has led this country into recession. Isn't the former head of Northern Rock "laughing all the way to the bank" whilst he sits in his country mansion counting the interest on his "golden handshake". Well let's hope he had it invested in Bradford & Bingley shares!
The justice system in this country needs a complete overall and needs to reflect the importance of life over fiddling the public purse.
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