Thursday, 25 September 2008

Well Vinnie wants a new contract, but I'm not convinced he has
earned one. True enough he scored a belter of a goal against
Reading but, every other time I've seen him he hasn't done much.
Stoke have made a great start to their first Premiership campaign
and i think with a display like that at Anfield old Arsen and Sir Alex
will be worried that they aren't going to break the Potters down as easy as they thought they might! Some of the pundits are now accepting that there is more to Stoke's game than Rory Delap's 40metre throw ins. A good showing against Chelsea and Stoke would have weathered a potentially difficult period when the other promoted sides would have expect them to take no points from these games. The Baggies try to knock the ball about but i don't think they've got anywhere near enough to cause a problem to most teams in the Premiership. Hull to me have had a shed load of luck and they have'nt played ant of the top teams yet, let's be honest here for a second, was there a better time to play Newcastle?
I can remember interviewing Tony Pulis when he was manger of Gillingham and i was struck by his honest appraisal of the game, he is a true football man and he deserves his experience of the big time and i hope it works out for the man! My dear wife, two kids and the outlaws are all mad season ticket holders who love the club with a passion and they have stuck by the club through thick and thin. So for them and all the others like them, i hope it's a season long party! Don't bet against them staying up but the likes of Vinnie have to move on and a few more class signings need to come in in January, if the Potters are above the relegation zone this will be a lot easier!

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nita said...

In fairness, we haven't really seen much of Vincent Pericard. I personally feel, that he is probably not good enough for the Premier League, but would be ok in a lower league. Nice to see him score against Reading though. Still can't believe we won a penalty shoot out, that's not happened too many times. Stoke have made a good start in the Premier League, and we may have silenced a few critics, who wrote us off before a ball was kicked, especially Paddy Power. The result at Liverpool was fantastic, I don't think many of us would have said we would have come away with a point. I will be pinching myself on Saturday against Chelsea, to see class players gracing the Britannia pitch. Of course, I mean those in red n white, not blue. Go on Stoke!!