Friday, 26 September 2008

Show 'Em The Red Card

We here at pitsnpots are no kill joys! But the parking on the A50 & the A500 on match days is beyond comprehension. Something has to be done because it's an accident waiting to happen. Do folk park in these places to avoid paying the £2 parking fee or is there simply nowhere to park. Public transport in this city is a joke, we all know that when you compare it with places like Sheffield and Manchester ect. These cities have a tram network which makes it really easy to get into the city and to the football stadiums. We here in the potteries are often the poor relation in terms of public facilities compared to equivalent cities up and down the country and our council needs to put in place a transport infrastructure that will suit the needs of the city and it's people! But in the meantime these inconsiderate drivers need to find a safe place to park. Another thing whilst i'm in the moaning chair is those people who stand on the embankment on the corner of the Brit and hope that most of the game is played in the area of the pitch that they can see! Stop it, it's just wrong! If I was one of these people who were caught on the SKY TV camera's i'd be bad bit embarrassed! On a serious note good luck to the mighty reds against the SECOND richest team in the premiership and of course good luck to the Vale in what are troubled times. See the story in today's Sentinel here:

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nita said...

The parking situation at the Britannia Stadium has always been a nightmare. The parking on the slip roads on and off the A50 is simply dangerous, as is the picking up and dropping off of passengers. Obviously, due to being in the Premier League, attendances have increased, therefore, more parking facilities are needed. It is an absolute headache. Now everyone is aware of the rules with regards to parking, and we have had a few matches of warnings, notices have been in place, if you continue to park on the A50 slip roads then you don't really have an argument.