Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Women Fighting for Herceptin

It was the Sentinel "Our Heroes" Awards last night at the Moat House Hotel at Festival Park. A couple of years ago i was fortunate enough to be a part of a group that won the community group award. I always felt that when you looked at some of the people there they were a damn site more deserving of an award than we were. The Women Fighting for Herceptin group are a true inspiration to us all! As if it wasn't bad enough that they were struck with the most awful disease, they had to fight tooth and nail to get a drug that was very effective against this terrible condition. But fight they did and they won! They are now among the most respected group in our city and deserve the "Editors Special Award" and how! So hat's off to Dot, Lynne ad the gang and i hope that you enjoyed the evening and managed to drink a few glasses of bubbly. Our city is proud of you! You can read the story on The Sentinel website, just follow this link:


Alison said...

I fully agree with Tony's comments. These women are a true inspiration to us all, and fully deserve their recognition. It's great that they have received this award, well done to them all.

nita said...

These women deserve all the recognition they can. For all the hard work and dedication, fighting for a drug, that should be readily available, they truly are an inspiration to us all. The City is very proud of you. Well done!!

john said...

I fully agree with Tony's comments

She is a bit of a dark horse is our dot ask her about the uk-med team that went out to war torn yougaslavia to save sick and injured children without dot's work in the background none of it would have been possible

god bless you dot

ps i know i was there