Thursday, 25 September 2008

Sam's Back

Sam's back! Just to prove that you can't keep a good man down! Verity is there too and it will all kick off on November 5th with a real bang! The man has had his problems, we all know that it has been a struggle and a fight but the 'owd Potteries favourite will do he best slot 10am - 2pm. Focal Radio could not have come a better time. Signal are just going through the motions these days playing the same tunes time after time and BBC Radio Stoke are using the exact same format as they were over twenty years ago! Focal will be 30% speech based and they have got some great presenters, Remember the smooth tones of Glyn Johnson? Gly'ns better half Katie , also a unaccomplished presenter will be on air too! The music will be out there to rival Signal2 and Radio2 so people of all ages and tastes will be catered for. There is going to be a great Sports output so look out for that and if i can talk them into it i may well dust off the old mic and headset and have a go myself having spent a long time involved in various stations.I also had a few years of doing football commentaries for TV/Video. There isn't a great deal of competition out there really when you think about it so it's one more choice for the people of Stoke on Trent which can't be a bad thing can it? I have been listening to Smooth Radio myself because the music really fits with me and i know that Focal will have a similar music policy. Read more on Sam at the Sentinel


Alison said...

Well I think it's great that Sam's back. Great to see him well again. Good luck to him and Verity on Focal Radio, I wish you every success.

nita said...

Its great news to hear that Sam is on the mend, and wish him and Verity, the best of luck with the new radio station. I don't know about everyone else, but I feel that it is about time Signal 1 and and Radio Stoke have some competition. The presenters on Signal 1 are great, but to be honest, its the same songs day after day, and its getting very boring. You change to Radio 1, and its all talking, and to be honest even Chris Moyles, is becoming irritating. So, you change to Radio 2, can't remember the chaps name in the morning, but it all sends you asleep. I for one welcome a new radio station, and can't wait for something new to blast in my ears. Good luck to all involved.