Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Mother of All Stories!


Well, just what is going on in the world today? And where are Social Services when you need them? As a parent, I was shocked to see this mother whinging in the Sentinel about the fine she’d received for littering when she dropped her cigarette. See the full article in the Sentinel by clicking here http://www.thisisstaffordshire.co.uk/news/Pregnant-mum-fined-dropping-fag-end/article-361957-detail/article.html

Not only was this woman heavily pregnant (and smoking!), she also expected her 3 year old to pick up a smouldering cigarette for her! She then has the audacity to say she had just “put her cigarette and shopping down for a minute”. Well, I’ve heard better excuses!

Her attitude, and come to that, her mother’s attitude, is an indication of everything that is bad in society today. This lady doesn’t deserve the children she has, as she’s already endangered them by smoking whilst pregnant. Then to add insult to injury she promotes smoking to her 3 year old as if it’s all perfectly normal and also has the front to put her story on the front page of the Sentinel!

Judging by the comments on the Sentinel website already, this is a story that has incensed many like minded, responsible parents. She should have just paid the fine and got on with it. Instead, she displays her bad habits, bad parenting and bad social skills for the whole of the city to see.
Well done to the Council employee who delivered the fine to this lady. The city is in need of a good clean up and it’s people dropping litter like her that don’t help the City’s cause. Who wants to live in a pigsty?

What do you think? Should this woman be fined for dropping her cigarette? And what do you think of her exemplary parenting skills? I look forward to hearing what you think!


the joker said...

I think you are a Nazi, Alison.


Alison said...

No Joker, I'm just a common sense, law abiding parent!

nita said...

Now, I am not a smoker, but I know that if you drop your fag end on the floor, you will get fined. Just as you would if you dropped litter, or didn't pick your dog poop up. Rules are rules, and you should follow them. Just pay the fine, and move on. Don't go to the Sentinel and grumble. In the interests of the unborn child, you should not even be smoking, but that is just my opinion. On the issue of smoking, what is the difference between driving whilst smoking, or using a mobile? They are both as dangerous. If you smoke, you have only one hand free to drive. I believe this is a law that needs to come into place, as how many times have you been on the road, when someone has nearly ran in you with a fag in hand. What does everyone think? Dont get me wrong, if people choose to smoke, that is their choice, but whilst driving, definitely not.

the joker said...

Yes, you may be a 'common sense, law abiding parent'(everyone who reads the sentinel is, ALWAYS!)

For the life of me I can't understand why you deny the baby the right to smoke.

My guess it will be on twenty woodbines a day when delivered!

Anyway,whats this about mobile phones and driving? Do you tune your radio, Nita when driving?
Yoooo naughty girl.

So this woman has dropped a fag and we are told she is an abomination on society.

I blame the council for nat having enough bins and don't get me talking about why people urinate in public.

I take it thats OK by you Alison, but dropping a fag is a criminal act requiring probation or having the kids taken into care!!

Is mark Meredith still a member of the outlawed MILITANT tendency?
Don't twell anyone, it's a secret.

QUIZ TIME: Which local MP has just been banned from driving (a secret)?


Anonymous said...

I bet she is a single mum on benefits. Lock her up!

nita said...

Joker, welcome to the site, and thanks for your input. Point taken re the changing radio stations in the car. You are right about the bins provided by the Council. Lets take Hanley centre, as an example, people stand in entrances to shops having a fag, then what do they do, drop their ends on the floor. The streets are full of them. Why, because, there are no bins provided. Why is there no one there handing out the fines, they would make a fortune. Very interesting info on the banned MP.

Tony said...

Joker, Will tell us the answers to your quiz? I thought it was the Riddler that left riddles. You better look out Joker in case Batman (Roger Ibbs) and Robin (Mark Meredith) find you and kick your arse!

Alison said...

Joker, I like your sense of humour, but Nita is right about people leaving their fag ends all over the place. Like I say in my post, who wants to live in a pigsty?

And it's not the fact that this lady dropped her fag that makes her an abomination to society (as you put it), but the fact that she was smoking whilst pregnant, and expecting her 3 year old to handle the fag for her! I accept that these are life decisions which everyone has a right to make for themselves, but pleeeaase let's not educate our kids on how to smoke before they've even had a chance to grow up!

For the record, I don't agree with urinating in public, and I totally agree that there should be more bins. However, we can keep making excuses for these people and their bad behaviour. I am by no means perfect, but there are standards of behaviour and if we want to improve our city, litter dropping and urinating in the street aren't the best ways to do it.

These are my own thoughts, and if they make me a Nazi in your book Joker, then so be it.

Welcome to the blog, keep posting - as I said, I like your sense of humour.

Alison said...

Come on then Joker, don't keep us in suspense any longer. Tell us the identity of the MP banned from driving? It's no good telling us half a story here at pits 'n' pots!

We won't tell anyone else, honest!

Sir Findo Gask said...

Unbelievable.. Really..

Based on the ages in the article and using this as an indicator for future performance Limara will be a grandmother by the time she is 40 and her mother a great grandmother by 57!

What an advert for selective breeding...

We need to add more chlorine to the gene pool and to stamp on more cockroaches...

Anonymous said...

Joker, you are a first class prat, now go away

the joker said...

Anon: I'm a total prat? How twee!

I only desire total chaos in Society. I don't wish for normality.

Do you want me to go away because I called our Mayor a 'Militant'?
or because of our banned driver?

Would you like more secrets told?
Of course, your desire for me to go away is less than mine to cause chaos. Tooodleoo.