Wednesday, 19 November 2008


I never thought it would come to this! Good natured debate was all we intended and what have we got? Our site hijacked by a spineless individual who decided to play silly buggers and post the names and contact details of local people who happen to be members of the BNP (no crime!)

I would like to offer my sincere apologies to anyone who was offended by this mindless act of cowardliness and I would like to reassure all our regulars that we acted as quickly as we could to remove the posts concerned.

I myself, have informed the police and reported this breach of privacy. The police have informed me that pitsnpots have done all we could and are not being held responsible for this disgraceful incident. The Police are investigating and have already contacted Google with the aim of tracking the IP address of the individual responsible.

It is only a matter of time before the idiot responsible for this is traced, and I for one will look forward to blogging about their day in court!

Following discussions with the Police, we have decided to moderate all comments. This will not detract from our blog. Posts will be published as quickly as possible. I hope that this is a temporary measure but let's face it we don't want innocent people upset by the actions of the minority.

Pitsnpots will carry on blogging about local issues and promoting political debate, it's what we do! and we will not allow these mindless idiots bring us down!

Please note you can still post anonymously, it's just that we will check the comment first before we allow it to be published. It will stop any recurrence of this type of incident, We will not stifle the debate and censor like the Sentinel.

Thanks to Sir Findo and "fair minded" for their help and guidance, sorry for the inconvenience but I promise that all comments will go on unedited as long as they are not personal, abusive or threatening, so Craig can carry on regardless! lol.

Let's get back to it troops!.... Remember the "boys in blue" are on the case and Big Brother (& Sister!) are watching!

Onwards and upwards..............................................


Debbie said...


I called for the removal of the names. You have done the correct thing quickly. The guy must have been totally mindless.

Despite our differences over LHS and Marbellagate I applaud you in this action. I would hate to lose this site because of the actions of some moron who does not understand the consequences of his actions.

Tony said...

Thanks Deb!
Can't let the arseholes drag us down 'eh? As for LHS & Marbellagate well you have your and we have ours, that's how it goes and why we are here! Thing is Deb you speak your mind and we love that!

Mike Barnes said...

The BNP list is already in the public domain, and, I would imagine, in the hands of everybody whose interested.

I wouldn't be suprise if it was the security services that leaked it.

Remember, the BNP's objective is to fragment and undermine our communities. As well as remove the rights and freedoms of other men, women and children, simply because they were accidentally born, or relatives were born, somewhere else.

If you get the chance, take a look at episode 20 of "The World at War".

We will never be a great country or City until we start to take responsibility for our own problems. The BNP play on the fact that it is all too easy to blame others for our own misfortune, and chose an easy target, at that.

What is interesting about the list is people who have tried to gain the trust of others, MPS etc, hiding their true motives, for an organisation, we should fear greatly.

Others have gained positions and jobs in which we demand and expect them to act without prejudice.

They must know it is wrong if they have to hide the fact they are members of the BNP.

So the police are investigating. Lets hope they find everybody whose got a copy and burn it. Oh, that sounds frighteningly familiar doesn't it.

Yes it was wrong to leak the list, but nobody can tell me that that any fiar-minded, decent parent wouldn't be interested to know if a racist was teaching their 7 year old?

I leave you with a quote.

Mohandas K. Gandhi:

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS."

warren said...

Tony dude, you did what you had to do, you could not have put this site at risk becouse of this daft bugger and his silly goings on. Like you say being a member of the BNP is no crime, what that mindless fool was doing was giveing out personal information, endangering the safty of folk. I hope that fool gets tracked down as fast the police can, the mindless crettin. So lets get back to it then. This site will keep going, the regulars will see to that for you mate.

Tony said...

Thanks for your support Dude, it means a lot to us! Sir Findo has been a legend as well and is giving us assistance.

terry turbo said...

Mike Barnes, the man who will listen to the people, but only the ones he chooses to, sound familiar.
Mike Barnes, the man who believes that we must stop infighting,but will spend his time trying to defeat the BNP.
God help us another Meredith clone, who believes in democracy Labour style.
Whether you like it or not Mr Barnes the nine councillors were voted in by the people, because your party have failed for the last 60 years in this city, and 10 years nationally.
We need a leader with guts to put national party policies aside and work with all party's for the betterment of the city, and you've made it clear you do not fit the bill.

nicky said...

Looks like I was busy for a couple of days and missed something here.
So well done Tony, you must have sorted it out pretty quickly.

Compare that with the months that contact details of those of us who objected and commented on the Longton High closure were on the council web site. So serco are not going to be prosecuted for that I suppose, after all that was not malicious, that was just incompetence... so that's ok then!

Actually it's a bit of a shame because they just removed all our letters. So all our excellent points made were removed along with Ged Rowney's pathetic responses.

So this idiot who posted details on our site then, do the police want suggestions for possible suspects, that they can work through eliminating from their enquiries? Or is that just so obvious they have those anyway?