Sunday, 16 November 2008


It's been a very interesting week, so as it's Sunday I thought I would reflect on whats happened and give you my thoughts on the week that was.
To play the game I want you to respond to my thoughts topic by topic, so without further hesitation let's get on with it.....

The governor of The Bank of England Mervin King this week admitted that our country is now in recession. No shit Sherlock! I say this, we have been in recession since bloody August! To come out and say that we have just gone into a financial down turn gives the impression that we have a long hard road on the way to economic recovery. We should be saying that we have been in recession for nearly six months and we are half way through these hard times and are on the way back up. It's called talking the economy up. We need our Prime Minister, Chancellor and Bank Governor to be positive and not be merchants of doom! Even George Osborne has received a bollocking from his leader for "talking the pound down".
There has been a reduction of 1.5% in the interest rate recently, will this help? Well, it might help the High Street Christmas trade but it is unlikely to have an effect on industry as the government commentators have gone public and said that there will be further cut of 1% in the interest rate in December. So, know buyers of the large companies are now playing a waiting game before signing any contracts to ensure that they get the best deal.
The effect can be seen locally with Bentley, JCB, the demise of Spode, and I feel that there will be other companies that will find it increasingly difficult on the run up to the Christmas shut down. Oh well here's hoping............

Baby P
I blogged an article on sleaze earlier in the week as I was incensed by the antics of Brown & Cameron during PMQ's this week. I felt that they were wrong to turn this most tragic case into a political debate. Of course there has got to an enquiry into what went wrong at Haringey. The Director of Children and Young Persons Services should have immediately resigned instead of sitting in a press conference informing us of how the social service department had improved and how the last Ofsted inspection had gone well! An innocent child died for Christ sake! This department had over 60 chances to save Baby P, and failed! It now appears that there has been an attempt to silence a whistle blower who wrote to the government to say how poor the performance of the C&YP department was at Haringey! Heads need to roll on this one and I for one have added the name Sharon Shoesmith to those of Gordon Brown and David Cameron as people who should be looking at themselves and asking "would my mother be proud of me" for the way this tragic case has been handled and political gain attempted!
Has nothing been learned from the Victoria Climbie case? It would appear, not! Today it has been revealed that over 80% of children killed or seriously hurt through neglect or abuse were not on England's child protection registers. A confidence giver - I don't think so!

MEP Expelled from Party.
Locally there has been much made of the "payroll vote", the fact that members of the EMB are paid around £17000 to nod through the elected Mayors wishes. That however is paled into insignificance at the news that Den Dover (should be Ben Dover!) Conservative MEP, has been expelled from the party for claiming, wait for it.....£500,000 for "office work" undertaken by his family! What a piss take! Nice work if you can get it! I wonder how much Craig Pond gets from the BNP for being Branch Secretary and public mouth piece, obviously a full time job. However much Craig, on the basis of this case, you are worth much much more!
I joke obviously, as I'm sure that Craig undertakes his work for nothing more than his belief in his parties policies and commitment to the cause. This MEP's would be looking at a court case in any other circumstances. Just goes to show I guess, that there are career politicians, both locally and nationally in it for nothing more than financial gain!

Follow the Leader (if you can!)
This week saw the emergence of a couple of contenders for Council Leader and I for one want to see more come out and state publicly their desire to lead our city. Mike Barnes was the first Labour councillor to confirm his interest and we await confirmation that either Joy Garner or Mark Davis's intentions. One thing is for sure following the articles by the Oracle, that all is not well within the local Labour group. On Thursday the main men came up from the West Midlands to bang a few heads and to try to get the party to heal from within. At the next local elections Labour need to win 15 more seats to take overall control but with all the in fighting and the obvious battle between new and old the local party is about as harmonious as an Alley full of horny Cats!
It looks likely that the new leader will come from an alliance of parties. So, just who are the main contenders?
Roger Ibbs - I quite like our Rog, although he is about as popular as scabies in Trentham. He obviously has no problem in making, and then sticking to, difficult decisions (see the TAG for details!) He could get the support from other councillors and he told me recently that he was unwilling to have any BNP members on his cabinet.
Alan Rigby - I'm ashamed to admit that I took a bit of a dislike to Alan following his appearance on the BBC's Question Time programme but having spoken to him this week it's obvious that he is a thoroughly decent, honest and likable man. He admits to being naive and to putting to much trust in people and I think that makes him somewhat venerable to the "predators"
Alby Walker - No doubt he wants it, he was the first to come out and tell us that. He needs the support of another group and to my mind it would be an unpopular decision among our city if he were to become leader. This is not detracting away from the obvious support for the BNP in our city, I just don't think we need a leader from an extreme party and I don't think that another group would support an alliance with Alby at the helm. Now, Rigby as a leader and Walker as Deputy is a possibility!
Peter Kent Baguley - Won't appreciate his name being in blue! But I tell you what, he is one shrewd cookie. I really like this guy, (I can hear Craig's keyboard warming up now) not because he's a bit to the left, but because he cares passionately for the city and it's people. He is the champion of many causes, especially the elderly and he is one of the most intelligent politicians i have ever met. I think he would get the support from a number of councillors especially the "old Labour" element, the un-aligned and some independents. Pete is my each way bet!
Libdem - Haven't got a scooby doo what this lot stand for and it really annoys me that they don't communicate with the cities electorate and get their message across. Kieran Clarke was asked if he would contribute to our blog and agreed, he has been asked at least 3 times since, to email us an article but as yet we are still waiting! They could be a party that Stoke could embrace but I guess we'll never know because no one can be arsed to make the effort! They as much as anyone are responsible fro the rise in popularity of parties like the BNP because no one can access their manifesto!
Gavin Webb - Libertarian, has been quite controversial but a lot of people say to me that they can see what he is about and he probably says what others think! He is very anti BNP which appeals to me and he has a grasp of the Internet to get his message across (have a look at his website!). He will contribute to our blog and I for one can't wait for him to tell us his thoughts and vision for our city. Gavin might just surprise some people.

And Finally..........
Tonight sees the start of "I'm a Celebrity..." so I want to know what character you would like to send into the jungle if you could. I would love to send in Mark Meredith, because he would be like Stokes very own Christopher Biggins and he is very comfortable in a room full of rat's and creepy crawlies.......
Over to you and have a good Sunday..........


brooneyes said...

There are blind men that could have seen this coming, and even though it would have been impossible not to be touched by it, the impact on the British people could have been minimised if those in charge of the nations finances had more than 6 working braincells between them!

It's horrendous in this day and age that such things can be allowed to happen, even when Social Services are on the case.
As with Stoke-on-Trent, Haringey
suffers from a far left council that sees targets as the number 1 priority, and not the individual
safety of the children who they are supposed to be looking out for.
They should get prison sentences for this level of neglect, while the piece of sh*t that killed Baby P should face the hangman.

One more reason why you should listen to us when we tell you that the LibLabCon are a liability to us all. What kind of a shocking statistic is it, when all parties with MEPs' have had to sack some of them over fraudulent claims?!
This is the quality you have voted into Westminster, it's up to you to vote it out!
As Tony points out, the work I do for the party is done through commitment to the cause, not money in the bank.I receive no payment at all.

Having the council run by Roger Ibbs, would be like giving the keys of the city to Arfur Daley! A man with the kind of track record that proves he would be wrong for the job.
Alan Rigby needs more than honesty to run the city council as the council officers will have to be brought down a peg or two. They suffer from the impression that it is they who run the council. I think this is one of those jobs where you might need to be a bit of a b*stard on occasion.
Alby is the man for the job, and the one thing you have to remember is that he comes with a dedicated group with fresh ideas! How people can say they are worried about the BNP holding this office is beyond me. Take a look at some of the dross you buggers have voted in in the past! The other thing to remember is that people say one thing in public about us, and something completely different in private! 8000 votes from 10 wards,
and since then, this Labour led coalition has dragged this city further into the gutter. The tipping point where voters say they don't care what is said about the BNP is rapidly approaching, then we'll see the chance for change in this city, whether it's 60 councillors or 20!
People like Peter have a part to play, but his time has come and gone. We do not need anymore ex-labour leaders cluttering up the place with their marxist ideals, and call them independent, or alliance, they are still Labour and not what we need. A new broom sweeps cleanest, so we should get a new broom.
Keiran Clarke has his work cut out trying to get the audit signed off by the district auditor! As the holder of the finance portfolio, he's going to be very busy over the next few weeks, especially when the district auditor gets back in touch with us
to answer the questions that the council want to avoid.
I know how this sounds but I like Gavin. The man is as mad as a bag of spanners, but there is something very personable about him. Wouldn't put him in charge of anything you understand, but nonetheless, a likeable fellow.

I would put Roger Ibbs in the jungle, just to see the rats coming out to ask him questions on behaviour!

warren said...

Yes, I also like Gavin Webb, we had one or two dust ups on the other site about drugs, but with other subjects I do tend to side with him, and his commitment seems indeed second to non. He may appear to be as mad as a packet of pop, but I dont think he is, look at his web site, he tells it as it is.
As for Baby P, strong questions sould be asked of Haringey Social Services, it is apperent that had not so much taken there eyes off the ball, but had not seen the bloody ball for a number of years, its not the first time that this as happend there, and now with experts saying that it seemed to be riddeled with laks workers, heads sould roll at the very highest level. Did any one see the story that the poor little mites mother has had another child whilst in prison and inteeds to take over the new childs care when freed, the bitch. If I was in charge she would'nt get the chance, and I would make damed sure se could not consive again, prefrabley unserdated and useing a red hot size 6 kitting neadel. Questions sould also be asked of Manchester Social Services to, and the Police force involed in that case to. What the hell happening to the world, when kids are being beaten to death and stabbed by there own perants. As for the bugger who kidnapped her own kid and chained her up, then made her sleep in the draws under a bad, well, I'll save my thoughts on that for another time.
As for the Jungel, well, I dont go in for this calebs being watched 24/7 old nonsance, but if I had to kick one of the local figgers in, it would have to be Roger Ibbs, just for the develment of it, see that ol' bugger sweat it out in a rain forrist, god dame it I might just watch that instead of moneing to the wife about her watching it in bed.

Anonymous said...

Oh fuck me sideways, let me guess, Craig Pond is going to tell us he's an economic guru after his rant about the recession. Wow us Craig, how would you have prevented the credit crunch?


You tell em Brooneyes.
Alby Walker for mayor!

Adam Colclough said...

Follow The Leader

Now the dust of the referendum has settled the runners in the race to be the first council leader under the new system are starting to come forward.

After turning in an assured performance for the anti-mayor campaign Mike Barnes looks like the strongest candidate from the Labour Group, although Mark Davis and Joy Garner could push him hard once the race starts.

Labour’s real problem in this race, as so often in recent years, is unity. The proposals put by the NEC at last weeks not so secret meeting, at which I was present as a delegate, were aimed at strengthening the party’s campaigning activities, but they depend for their success on people higher in the chain of command exerting their authority with a lightness of touch for which they are not particularly famed.

Out of the other runners to come forward so far Roger Ibbs lacks the popularity to be a convincing leadership contender and will probably lose his seat at the next election.

Alan Rigby, something of an unknown quantity, to me at least, gives some cause for concern regarding his, alleged, willingness to include BNP councillors in his cabinet, a move that would make forming a stable coalition almost impossible and place him at a disadvantage when it comes to attracting investment into the city.

Gavin Webb and Peter Kent-Baguley both have interesting things to say but are probably better suited to holding any future leader to account rather than taking the job on themselves.

Incidentally, I seem to remember the idea of a debate between the people in the running for the leadership being floated on this site during the referendum, if names are being put forward isn’t it time somebody threw down the gauntlet?

brooneyes said...

Anonymous, I'm not telling you anything, certainly not that I'm an economic guru, I can't be, I have far too much commonsense for that!
This should have been all but avoided by those in charge of the finances, and it's blatantly obvious. You cannot expect to have an economy based on ever increasing
debt, succeeding indefinitely, and the governments failure to control the levels of debt is what has made this credit crunch hurt so much. The bankers that lead us down this path of recession with
increasingly reckless decisions based on greed, should have been allowed to go to the wall. Finding jobs for 8/10,000 people would have been much easier by providing
cash funding to shore up existing employment, and create new employment, in the the shape of
perhaps as much as £10 billion.
Instead, the man who claims financial prudence as his watchword, borrows insanely high amounts of cash in order to give to the banks! Now the banks still have vast amounts of cash, but they are unwilling to lend it out
at anything less than daylight robbery rates, so the government borrow money that the British taxpayer will have to guarantee, to lend to those people that got us into this missable crisis in the first place!
Ever spiralling debt added to ever spiralling house prices, added to
the last 40 years of British government and their adhering to the rotten principles of global capitalism, and this is what you get. I will tell you something afterall, I don't think we've seen anywhere near the worst of this mess yet, or of the associated problems it's going to bring with it.

Hugh said...

Anybody notice that a certain Dr Ita O'Donovan is the top officer at Haringey Council? What is it with that woman and Social Services? At least we only got Serco!

warren said...

Nice one Craig, first you clame not to be an economic guru, and then wright a extensive posting on it, wiich indeed proves it. Economics is not not my stronget area, I'm infact shit at it, I say if you can not swim keep your ass out of the swimming pool, thats why I never comment on it.

Tony said...

Warren, Good to see you back dude and i hope you are well!
Adam, we are indeed aiming to host a leadership debate, watch this space!

Town Hall Observer said...

The only person the Labour party will put forward to be leader of the council would be the leader of their group. It is therefore useless to speculate about a number of Labour candidates for leader as there will only be one.

There is a very big point which everyone has overlooked. What if Labour decide they do not want the leadership of the council at present and instead turn the tables on the Independents and BNP and force them to take responsibility for the running of the council?

Anonymous said...

First Craig claims not to be an economics guru, then he attempts to be one with an extensive posting on the subject, which actually proves his first assertion that he isn't. Sounds like typical anti-intellectual snobbery and the usual university of life bullshit that the semi-literate peasant classes try to use to say they're superior to people that have degrees etc... and earn 20 times what they do. V typical old-Labour/BNP style bollocks. Pity your comments about recession were sweeping broad statements without any evidence to back the claim that anyone could see it coming.

Unfortunately the current economic crisis is down to the ordinary man in the street for borrowing well beyond their means and opposing any form of regulation on the grounds that they should be responsible for their own decisions. Well, they clearly weren't and now they're blaming the banks for letting them have that credit in the first place.

terry turbo said...

Has anyone else noted who is being protected from this recession?
Who is unlikely to lose their jobs?
Whose pension is safe no matter what?
Browns Army of voters in the civil service and the MPs partialy responsible for the depth of it?
The death of one childis bad enough, but this social sevices is respnsible for more.
There will be no sackings, no resignations, as they are backed by Labour, which never takes responsibility for anything.
A trio of scum made this baby's life hell, and the liberal elite "Human rights" lawyers will be queing up to defend them.
This is the way of the world we live in today.
They have no rights and should be hanged, or put in prison for the rest of their natural.
Instead we will be hearing of their release in five years time, and given secret identities with loads of money to start a new life, or am I being cynical?

Craig Pond's Solitary Brain Cell said...

It's lonely up here, there's plenty of room, and believe me he's no expert on the economy, or anything else for that matter. I agree with anonymous, it's lack of regulation and the public's opposition to it that are mainly to blame.

brooneyes said...

First you slag me off by saying I don't know what I'm talking about, and then you agree with me!! You say that this recession is due to the man in the street borrowing beyond his means.
That is true. But so is the fact that the banks are lending money to people who will not be able to pay it back if there is the slightest rise in the budgetary costs! What's more, what the hell do you think the word debt means,
you penis!
For Christssake Tony, stop these ar*eholes from posting anonymously,
there is simply no reason for it apart from cowardice!

Gary Elsby said...

Tony, how do you arrive at the position that there is a battle between old and new in the Labour Party?

What is old or new about a Mayor?
What is old or new about a stance on schools?
What is old or new about a coalition?

The difference of opinion is neither old or new, it is about why Labour loses seats.
Those that support the Mayor, BSF and the coalition believe that Labour voters will quueue up to vote Labour's way once everything is done and dusted.


T Cope's Rimmed Arse said...

I agree with anonymous and Craig Pond's Solitary Brain Cell. The credit crunch is threefold. The government's unwillingness to regulate financial markets because it would have been electoral suicide, due to the ordinary man in the street's insistence on taking his own responsibility which he obviously can't given the level of debt. Then there's obvious banks giving out high risk loans. The end result will see the end of Anglo-Saxon style laissez economics in favour of a more regulated French model. And which country hasn't been hit hard yet by the crisis? France, because it's government and people can see the point of regulation unlike the self-centred Brits and Americans. Craig, if don't like people posting anonymously on here you know what you can do. Fuck off and bother people on other sites. I take it it's not dole day today you scrounger.

Town Hall Observer said...

Gary is correct in saying that there is no great ideologial divide amongst the Labour party in Stoke-on-Trent, and it is certainly too simlistic to apply 'old' and 'new' labels.

However, in the debate for the future direction of Stoke-on-Trent Labour there are now three distinct strands of opinion:

1. Those who would happily have the council return to the way it operated before the elected mayor system (eg. Barry Stockley, Mike Barnes, Gary Elsby).

2. Those who were committed to retaining the elected mayor system as it is (eg. Mark Meredith, Mohammed Pervez, Mervin Smith).

3. Those who have become disillusioned with both the above and are seeking a different way forward for the council (eg. Mark Davis, Joy Garner, Tom Reynolds).

This is not division, but it is certainly a decision which Labour need to make on their way forward.

nicky said...

I’ve had a helluva busy week so I probably ought not to comment as I haven’t caught the full stories (Tue – 6th form college open eve – extremely impressed, Wed – Ash Green/Pacific residents association – want to blog on community engagement but lack the time at present, Thu – brief trip to THS, yesterday – Peak District – there are ‘roads’ there that shouldn’t really be classed as such, TAG – loads of activity). But nevertheless, I will, have a bit of a comment, people will tell me if I’ve got anything wrong!

Recession – Well I can do my own finances but wouldn’t know how to run the country’s. It just seems to me I’d never borrow huge amounts that I’d have no clue how to pay back so I would’ve thought it’s madness for the country to do that, but what do I know. I feel furious though that a government department can screw up their sums and just dump the error on poor students by cutting their money. Also hate the way they are building up national debt that my kids are going to end up having to pay for in future taxes.

Baby P – Truly awful clearly. David Cameron is right to challenge the government on this. Trouble is government always say there will be an inquiry so we can make sure this sort of thing doesn’t happen again, but it always does happen again, so Gordon Brown, that argument just does not wash any longer. I heard this morning the police wanted to protect baby P but were talked out of it by social workers. Seems some sackings are in order on both sides. I would’ve hoped the police are there to protect the public.

MEP – Expulsion from party is one thing, but these people ought to be prosecuted for fraud if there is a case also. And we shouldn’t have votes being bought locally either, no wonder we are in the mess we are in. It can only be that and/or lack of intelligence that results in ridiculous decisions being made.

Leader – Labour are a mess so it would work best if the leader wasn’t labour, but trouble is they’ve got a lot of councillors so the people who have voted for them deserve some representation. They’d need to get their act together and start to work with some intelligent decent independent councillors. Alan Rigby – I’ve said loads on the other blog on him specifically, I think he’d be a great leader. Alby Walker – That’s not going to happen as the many labour councillors wouldn’t let it. Nevertheless it would be interesting to hear more from him. The BNP have sensible school reorganisation policies, but it doesn’t take much to improve on the labour/tory/libdem alliance and serco mess and it would be interesting to hear from Alby more about other policies. The BNP are a bit too tolerant of serco for my liking, some independents do better. Peter Kent-Baguley – I really like him. He has a healthy ‘death to academies’ policy, rightly spoke out regarding the Britannia stadium issue (shame that’s allowed to go on unpunished) and seems like an intelligent deep thinking type of guy. I’d happily hear more from him. I’m a floating voter but that’s probably because I’m largely an old labour type, but old labour has gone and I don’t like new labour. I think Peter would be a great leader. Libdems, I agree they are useless communicators, but that is a quality that is pretty important for the leader so therefore I don’t think they are suitable. Gavin Webb – I don’t really know enough about. I haven’t the time to wade enough through his blog to get a good picture, maybe he could give a nutshell view, my impression is he’s too far onto a different planet to unite the council in a leadership role.

‘I’m a celebrity’ – I’ve never watched as I have no interest in such things, the trailers are enough in themselves to put me off. Mind you if the likes of Meredith, Ibbs and Irving were there and if it’s I’m guessing the sort of show where others get to have a go at them and they subject themselves to horrible stuff, then it might be worth a watch.

gary elsby said...

Town Hall Observer (idiot).

1. The Council has now just returned to the way Barry Stockley found himself in(Leader+Cabinet)
nb. plus the magnificent Regent Theatre and Victoria Hall.

2.Those committed to saving the Mayor not exist at all even the die hards have submitted to the will of the people. Give them some credit.

3.My way is what? Elected Mayor or Leader? What's my old way?

4. Your option 3. is most revealing and I wish everyone well.
but test your view and opinion to 'one member one vote'(a Labour privilige) and your opinion will be tested.

Anonymous said...

All those creepy things in the jungle. Yuk! The animals would leave in their droves!!!!

nicky said...


I don’t recall having mayors under old labour, so that’s new labour to me.

The current stance on schools is to put them under private control – academy sponsors – rather than have the people via government run them for the benefit of communities. To me this educational vandalism is very much a new labour / tory thing.

Coalitions have always gone on so are neither old nor new.

Those who support the Mayor, BSF and the coalition are very much deluded. The tories won’t mind because we’ll have a tory government after the next general election, although hopefully we’ll have fewer tories locally. Trouble is, on schools, the tories are just as crap because they want privately sponsored academies also. What we very much need is old labour on that one but as that doesn’t exist we need local independent/BNP for the schools reorganization.

Town hall observer,
On the three strands of labour:
1. There may be some good aspects of this, but going back is never straightforward if the bridges have been burned behind you, so it is about getting where you want to go via a different route. Besides you only want the good bits back, not the bad.
2. Those who liked the elected dictatorship system are very much in the wrong.
3. Those seeking a different way forward for the council I would say are taking the best route. However I have seen no evidence from those you name under this approach that this is going to happen. They seem firmly stuck with group 2 from what I see.

warren said...

Thanks Wol, the problem with me is I try and keep going, even if I know somethings amiss. Anyway on the mend again now, thanks to the hard working staff of the doctors co-oprative and A&E, but given one hell of a bollicking.
Baby P, something on Panarama tonight about the police wanting to take that poor little lad into care a few months before his death but were overiden by the Social Serices bosses. Police belived it was a bit strange the child atending the hospitel somthing like 60 times with what seemed to be meny injorys. If that dont make heads roll, nowt will.

Nicky like you, I show very little interest in that jungel nonsance, but my wife informs me that they starve them, cover them in mud, thow maggets and rats and gaters and all sorts of stuff at then, then make then eat the privet parts of a kangaroo, Fibbs would be ideel, or Wanger, but he would insist on takeing his laptop and its in Oz, ther kick the likes of him out now.
Anyway got to go now, got to sit down for 20 mims or so with a nebuliser mask on , I will never have the flu jab again, even if it is free becouse I'm buggered up.

Joy Garner said...

A look back into history reveals 'Reaganism', which Maggie Thatcher revelled in and added to her 'moneterism' policies.

Dear old Ronnie lifted all rules and checks on borrowing as he said the market should sort its self out.

Dear old Ronnie also ignored Jimmy Carters warnings on climate change.... Look where we are now!!

Baby P.
Even after Climbie, you could never say never again, but you would have thought that that council would have learned its lessons - no - its Haringey again.

What happened ??

MEP Expulsion.
If the blokes going to employ family, he should doubly ensure they are working, and not shirking.

As polititians, we are all open to challenge on our allowances.

The Leader Debate.
The constitution on how the selection is actioned will not go before Council till 22nd January, 2009.

If the leader is not a none aligned individual, then it will be a Group Leader, from who ever are group leaders after their groups 2009 May AGM's. That is the system that replaces the mayor system.
You do not get say, Mark Davis as Council Leader, and then Tom Reynolds as group leader. If there were the 2 positions, that would be like the mayor system.

So, I question the reasoning behind why some of these people are stating their intentions at this time.

To get an overall view of the qualities of councillor's you wish to see as a councillor or as a leader,I strongly suggest members of the public come and observe as many committee meetings as possible, not just the 6 weekly Full Council meeting. Very few members of the public do this. All Agenda papers are on the Stoke web site.

I'm a Celebrity, get me out of here !

What celebrities ??!!!

Joy Garner said...

Well Craig, et-al.

Craig, I repeat this list, as I say there are many more.

Your main response was that some were from Mr Griffins more formative years.

What about the others filmed in THIS CENTURY ??

Button1001 picked a good one. Pointing out the deceit Griffin is inflicting on the public - by boasting to a meeting of the KKK. This video was about the year 2000.

Look at these you-tube links. There are many more, this is a small selection.

Craig keeps saying there is no peadophiles etc in the BNP, well the top link is an interesting place to start both watching, and reading the 'more info' sections...

Google can give more details.

I leave it to you all. Is the BNP a serious political party ?

Or a group intent on anarchy, fascism and the break down in law and order ?

PLEASE - before saying that you are just floating voters, research all groups.

But especially the BNP.

terry turbo said...

Joy Garner, comming from a suporter of a party that is responsible for the lives of British personal, and thousands of Iraqi's, the destruction of the pensions of millions, of bringing a country to the state of a third world country in ten years, thats rich.
Tony B-liar made his wifes firm, and the scum of society rich by inflicting the insidious "human rites act"
Brown, the brilliant chancellor sold our gold reserves at half price.
There is a saying, people in glass houses, ring a bell?

The Original Anonymous said...

Notice how Terry doesn't even try to answer Joy's evidence via the youtube links.
It's classic BNP diversionary tactics, counter accusations with retaliatory accusations without actually facing the original premise!

Ian Norris said...

Joy: the new consitution is not to got to cllrs un Jan 09? what about the Scrutiny Commisi0ns surely they will have input into the new Consitition, as will the EMB, the ovverview management committee and no doubt it will come before Cllrs Forum? or are you saying different and the Consitition will be dranw up by EMB and officers and presented as done deal to Full councill?

brooneyes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
brooneyes said...

Joy Garner.
That list of incontrovertible proof that we are all racist maniacs is nothing more than mislabeled horseshit from a lying, two faced lefty.
Martin Gilleard was not a member of the BNP. The NF, BPP, and probably several others.
The second video was from Yorkshire, and is in no way anything to do with Stoke BNP, but if you listen to what the lady has to say, you'll find she makes the point beautifully.
Third is nothing whatsoever to do with Stoke, and you labour worshipping monkeys must be getting
horribly desperate trying to label us as terrorists.
I have no idea what the fourth is.
The only thing I saw was a tattoo.
BNP skinheads in suits. They are the security teams, you dozy mare,
of course they've got close cropped hair. That's to stop some
retarded red like you grabbing a handful! I have't bothered with the rest as the level of your argument is pathetic.
Oct 4th, 2008. Jonathon Phillips,
kiddie porn.
Oct 3rd, 2008, John Holden, fraud.
Sept 7th, 2008, Ivan Lewis, MP and Minister. Sexual harrassment.
Aug 27th, 2008, Deputy leader of Barking and Dagenham council Liam Smith,vicious homophobic attack.
May 8th, 2008, Christine Ludlow,
This is just a handful of corrupt behaviour from Labour councillors and MPs, and I haven't included all the 2008 cases as most are fraud. There are plenty of
paedophile incidents, and violence,
theft, fraud, elecoral fraud is a particular favourite of you Labour scum.
The difference between what I've presented and what you've presented
is mine is documented with the police, the courts, the press, and is not made up of deliberately mislabeled videoclips that have nothing at all to do with what we were discussing.
Every party attracts the occasional nutjob, perhaps I should post a list of some of the crud that dwells within the ranks of the Labour Party?

The Original Anonymous said...

Brooneyes, I see you made a pathetic attempt to excuse SOME of Joy's links BUT at least one was conspicuously absent.

What of NICK GRIFFIN [addressing a KKK meeting] "There's a difference between selling out your ideas and selling your ideas, and the British National Party isn't about selling out its ideas, which are your ideas too, but we are determined now to sell them, and that means basically to use the saleable words, as I say, freedom, security, identity, democracy. Nobody can criticise them. Nobody can come at you and attack you on those ideas".

So therefore Griffin openly admitting they still believe exactly the same as the KKK but are ONLY using salable words to trick ignorant voters!

warren said...

The wife as told me that Robart Kilroy Silk is in that jungel effort. Think I will watch it tonight, would love to that slimy triphound get done by something large and posionus.
Jesus Craig, can you not get the BNP a new leader, you now in your heart that ol' Nick, well he's a PR mine field, as is most of the BNP. I'v seem most of then YOUTUBE clips that Joy posted anyway. Like I say, you will get nowere with crazy shit like that free to call up.
And one more thing, most of the spining bullshit the BNP post over on the second gratest web site in the world (this one being first)is very imtimadateing and, as anyone tryed to pass comment on them, no, cus you can not. A little box comes up saying comments not active on this chip or they get that much filth thowen at them, and rightly so, someone as to remove them.

brooneyes said...

Original anonymous(Tosser).

Nick Griffin visits America to give a talk. How is he to be held responsible for the crowd? If it was full of lefty sh*theads screaming and shouting, he couldn't have done anything about that either, and that was the case the last time he did a tour of American Uni's.
David Duke was there, so I suppose Nick was responsible for not only the audience, but the other guests as well?
But for all this ridiculous stirring on the part of you lefty tossers, still you evade the really important questions.
Why haven't Brown and Blair been arrested for taking us into TWO illegal wars?
Why has no-one from Westminster been prosecuted for the misappropiation of public funds?
Why has the government not been held to account for the murder of Dr David Kelly?
You see, I say what I feel and think, and that is there are too many foreigners in this country, and they are commandeering fundas that should be pointed towards making life for our own people tolerable. If you don't like that,
don't vote for it, give it instead to the traitors of the LibLabCon who sell out the people of this country on a daily basis. You say racist, I say patriot, we'll find out who's right and who's wrong at the next elections.

brooneyes said...

Warren, have you been drinking the drain cleaner again???
The BNP don't post half of those videoclips on Youtube!! That's the realm of panicking, hysterical lefties like Joy Garner! Christ, there was one I looked at that was suppoed to be from the RWB! It's mangled, blurred, cobblers for the most, or Nick Griffin from 20 bloody years ago!
Come on Warren, don't you get falling for this lefty horsecrap.

warren said...

You know me Craig. right down the middel and fireing bullits both sides. Got my own idear of whats right, and sometimes yes I agree with you, but you know I'v got a problem with your leader.

terry turbo said...

A group intent on anarchy, facism, and the breakdown of law and order, sounds the perfect description of "New" Labour Joy.
Original anonymous, don't waste my time on a childrens site like you tube, got better things to do with my life.
I concentrate on what is going on around me, not things I have no control over.
I don't go round attacking people physically, or mentally, I don't go maiming and killing people, and I'm the bad one?
If I was Asian, African, or any other race I would be applauded for my pursuance of my culture, religion, and heritage, but because I'm British I'm racist, according to "New" Labour.
As for Law and Order, well look at the BNP manifesto on Law and Order, and then tell me our policies are wrong.
Joy's point on climate change (which was called "Gobal Warming" before Labour realised the people had got wise to the tax scam) is she trying to say we are to blame for this.

The Original Anonymous said...

Craig, it's pretty clear that you would defend the actions of Nick Griffin and the rest of the BNP, no matter what!

Here's another Nick Griffin quote:
"I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that six million Jews were gassed and cremated and turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the world is flat ... I have reached the conclusion that the 'extermination' tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter witch-hysteria."

Like I stated previously, don't expect to get genuine answers to genuine questions from the BNP crew, just childish insults and diversionary tactics through the usual retaliatory accusations!

Town Hall Observer said...

Gary Elsby (loony) continues to pretend that he speaks for mainstream Labour in Stoke-on-Trent when nothing can be further from the truth.

There is no desire whatsoever to return to anything akin to the failed and discredited administration of Barry Stockley, and the mayoral supporters are also now in full retreat. He tries to tarnish the name of those such as Davis, Garner and Reynolds who wish to deliver real change by throwing the red herring of BSF into the debate.

I'm sorry Gary but it appears that you are about 20 years late. Perhaps you would have made a fine councillor in the Smith/Stockley era, but certainly not today.

brooneyes said...

Original anonymous.
I went through this the other day on one of the blogs here. There was never any question that the holocaust took place, just as to the accuracy of the numbers killed.
Here are some things your lefty leader said that need to be justified.

"Education, education, education."
"Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime."
"Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction."
"Immigration is good for the country."

The Original Anonymous said...

Craig, again, no genuine answers from your lot, just diversionary tactics and half hearted attempts at justification. You wont get them no matter what...and if to prove my premise absolutely right, just retaliatory accusations.

"Lefty", "Communist", "Marxist", "Trotskyist" seem to be living in a McCarthy Witch Hunt era time-warp!

Not all people who refuse to swallow your veiled propaganda are "Lefties". In fact many of us aren't but by all means, carry on with your deluded conspiracy theories!

brooneyes said...

Original anonymous.
I've just answered your question!
Stop moving the goalposts!

Anonymous said...

Fuck me, does Craig live for this sort of thing? What did he do, set his alarm for 5 so he was out of bed and onto the net for some heavy debating. Get a life.

brooneyes said...

I'll do as I bloody well please. I don't need permission from anyone, but in particular some yellow-bellied mardarse that daren't even sign off his childish posts in his own name.

Gary Elsby said...

Another wonderful misnomer by town hall observer.

Please remember I am neither a Councillor and nor have I ever been so the wondrous applause being given to labour from the masses is all their own work.
You can personally blame me for everything if I ever become an elected representative.

The notion that everyone blames Barry but champions the current lot in 'power' is ludicrous.

And what's this I try to tarnish the names you mention?
You are barking mad if you believe that I am the architect of all failings within that group of Councillors.

If memory serves me right, this Labour Group did not involve the Labour membership in forming its electoral manifesto (schools/care homes/Dimensions/generally everything)Seats went out of the window in order of seniority(you couldn't make it up).

I was not there. I am innocent.
ps. neither was Barry Stockley or any of the other names being denounced in here.

fenton tom said...

Putting Tom Reynolds and Mark Davis in the same mould as some giant such as Peter Kent Bagguley is like comparing a Skoda with roller.
Tom Reynolds will of course compare himself with a rolls but the truth is that he is deluded.nice boy though and we 'need more like him'.
piss off.

Anonymous said...

Thats right Fenton Tom. For starters Tom Reynolds is not a sodding Stalinist!

Bob Bagley said...

I see that Labour has closed the gap to the Tories to 3% in the latest national opinion poll.

Perhaps its something to do with who people trust the most in times of crisis.

The games up for you Bullingdon Dave!

T Cope said...
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nicky said...

Now here is something I agree with Joy Garner on: “To get an overall view of the qualities of councillors you wish to see as a councillor or as a leader, I strongly suggest members of the public come and observe as many committee meetings as possible, not just the 6 weekly Full Council meeting. Very few members of the public do this. All Agenda papers are on the Stoke web site.”

But Joy, I am a bit surprised you suggest this, I think it only goes to show that you don’t realise how badly your labour lot and the tories come across at these meetings! They can be pretty illuminating. I am afraid between family and work commitments it is hard to get to observe very many, but those I have observed have reflected very badly indeed on labour/tory and sometimes on the libdems.

Yes I encourage people to go and see, decide for yourself which councillors are committed to acting on behalf of the people of their wards and want to change things for the good, which ones think deeply, which ones possess common sense. Decide also which ones are just there for the power trip, which are arrogant and condescending, which care only about themselves and not about the people. Maybe you will agree with me that the labour/tory/libdem alliance are the worst lot, maybe you won’t, either way it’s information gained.