Tuesday, 4 November 2008


{To keep this decent I am replacing certain words with [ ]. The reader is then free to insert whatever word they think is most appropriate.}

Rob Flello arranged a debate in Westminster today on the plans for “bulldozing schools for the future” in Stoke-on-Trent – Rob’s quote, so accurate.

See the 3 parts, 10 minutes each. They get better as you go though and Rob Flello's glare gets angrier!




Rob Flello was great! He presented the issues both with the educational logic and the anger that were warranted. Well done to Rob! Mark Fisher was also great.

Rob highlighted in particular how badly the pupils, staff and families are being treated at Trentham High and Longton High.

Jim [ ] Knight on the other hand was a complete and utter [ ] who talked a load of [ ]! Apparently by his twisted evil logic it is necessary to sacrifice the pupils at Trentham and Longton because he believes (not that this is correct) that this somehow benefits the rest of the city. That’s a pile of [ ] if ever there was one!
Whatever happened to “every child matters”, well apparently every child except those in Trentham or Longton!

Then he had the cheek to say that he wanted parents to get behind the flawed proposals – flawed – my quote, so accurate. Well like NO WAY is that about to happen. No, the fight now steps up a gear. This is the right time to get angry, VERY ANGRY. This is appropriate now. The Trentham action group will now drag the council and the government through the courts, as that is what is required. We are right, they are [ ] wrong. The council could make very minor changes to the plans to solve this issue, but won’t. Their mistake. We will not be treated in this shameful way!



brooneyes said...

I can't ever imagine arriving at a place where Flello and Fisher do "great" things. Seems to me it's about time they started earning these bloody big salaries.
Love the style Nicky, though if I adopted it myself, it would look like Chinese!

Anonymous said...

Nicky, the fight goes on.

Anonymous said...

Jim Knight-evil?
Slow down, Nicky you'll miss the point else.

Knight's logic has merit.Your opinion of his logic is what counts, however.

The politics of it all eminates from the 'Atlantic Tendency' (research this quote)'A rising tide, floats all boats'. I could delve deeper but may kill the blog, however, the principle (of the logic) is that it is one for all and all for one.

Children are stepping outside of Stoke and choosing education in Staffs schools. Mty area is notorious for doing such. I chose to stay within and my kids scored very high.

However, those living here who chose Staffs schools averaged 30% higher across the board.

Jim Knight's Logic is therefore proven, as of his Masters in Cabinet (Blair, Brown, Mandelson,Cooke,Molam)past and present.

Academies solves their dilemma and forces another choice of wantaway parents. There is no proof of success but the scare story is 2nd best trusts.

Jim Knight's logic is that kids staying within push the school and City up the tables of regional success. This is why Brown wants 400 Academies.

The logic is there, Jim Knight isn't evil and the well intention is always paramount.

The burden of proof weighs heavily upon any Socialist with a conscience though.

brooneyes said...

Anonymous, have you been at the cooking sherry??
Jim Knight wants to keep the kids of Stoke-on-Trent in city schools, so he selects the one option absolutely certain to see parents take their kids out of Stoke and into Staffordshire?
Jim Knight is a talking penis.

Gary Elsby said...

Craig, that was my comment. I pressed the wrong button.
Sorry to anonymouses everywhere, I'd hate to see you punished by the BNP and I'd hate for the BNP to give me a day off:-)

terry turbo said...

Nicky, don't give up, thats what they want you to do, there's an old saying "never let the b****ards grind you down".
"Our" so called MPs are little more than apolagist's for this social engineering Government, fully intent on dragging the Education of our children into the gutter, while they send their children to fee paying (paid by us) schools, bloody hypocrites!

nicky said...

Craig, Well I give Flello and Fisher credit sometimes, criticism at others, this time I think they have earned part of their salaries anyway. I guess if you adopted my style there might not be many words left! Like your anatomical reference too.

Gary, Have to say I struggle with your argument there. I was thinking along the lines of they are happy for families to have their children educated outside SOT because it saves them the bother and they can close more schools and get their hands on more land that way, but I'm not sure that's what you are saying.

Terry, Thanks for that support. We are most certainly not giving up. And you've hit the nail on the head with governments attitude to education. It doen't matter to them how much they screw it up because it's only something that other people's children have to endure. If they had to send their own children to these 'schools' they are creating, things would be so very different!

Gary elsby said...

Nicky, the game isn't to educate our children elsewhere, it will always be for ambitious politicians to have our children educated within.
Better schools outside the boundary benefit by us funding the child and they gaining the results.
It is always better for us to fund our own, get the result and push Stoke up the table.
The big picture is to push Britain higher up the world table more so this year, than last.
Jim Knight believes that this is only achieved if areas such as Stoke fall into line and take their medicine. They know and appreciate that you don't like it, but they know best.

That is the picture.Not necessarily mine or my Labour friends. Some Labour Councillors will go with the overall plan (and Ibbs) because the 'know' it to be a better case scenario than leaving it how it is.
Just because Trentham scores a bit better than yesterday doesn't mean they drop the argument of even higher success with an academy.

Peter Kent-Baguley said...

Gary, old friend, it is NOT a question of EITHER go along with Knight, Ibbs et al for academies OR stay as we are! We can change, rebuild BUT without alien, non-community controlled, academies tha fly in the face of equality of educational opportunity. Ibbs and his ilk I can understand not being in tune with such a principle, but Labour..?

Joseph Stalin said...

Peter, good to hear from you.
You and I are kindred spirits.
How are you finding the phonebox?