Tuesday, 11 November 2008


It seems that the main parties are jockeying for position on the real issues facing the country, here is a run down on the latest. Who gets your vote? There is one thing for sure Gordon Brown's handling of the financial crisis has led to the Tories poll rating being slashed to 6 points......... Hey! Don't shoot the messenger!

Income tax: A 2p cut in the basic rate of income tax came into effect in April at the same time as the 10p income tax band was abolished. After a political row over lower earners left worse off by the changes Chancellor Alistair Darling raised the personal tax allowance by £600 for basic rate taxpayers for one-year only. In September 22 million people got a £60 tax bill rebate and will get £10 extra a month until the end of the financial year.

Fuel duty: In July it was announced that a planned 2p-a-litre increase in fuel duty was being postponed from October to at least March.

Stamp duty: In September ministers raised the threshold at which home buyers pay stamp duty from £125,000 to £175,000, for 12 months only, to try to boost the housing market.

Inheritance tax: The threshold at which people pay it was raised for married couples in October 2007 - a month after the Conservatives unveiled their inheritance tax policy. Previously charged at 40% on all assets worth more than £300,000, married couples were allowed to combine their allowance giving them a combined threshold of £600,000.

New cuts? There have been reports the government is considering tax cuts as part of a package to boost the economy and to help people through the expected recession. Speculation has focused on targeted cuts - possibly using tax credits. A possible temporary 5% cut in VAT and the abolition of stamp duty have also featured in press speculation. Gordon Brown says any announcements are a matter for the pre-Budget report, which is expected next week.


Stamp duty: The Conservatives have said they would scrap stamp duty entirely on properties worth £250,000 or less.

Inheritance tax: They have pledged to raise the threshold at which people pay inheritance tax to £1m.

Business taxes: They would also reduce corporation tax from 28p to 25p - paid for by removing reliefs and reducing capital allowances - while the small companies' tax rate would be kept at 20p and they would be allowed to defer VAT payments for six months.

Council tax: They have said they would encourage a two-year freeze on English council tax bills by helping councils which limit rises.

New pledge: A cut in the amount companies pay in national insurance if they take on staff who have been jobless for three months. David Cameron says the scheme would be self financing as it would use cash that would have been spent on unemployment benefit. He says the government should act early to prevent unemployment soaring. It would create 350,000 jobs and cut firms' tax burden by £2.6bn, the Conservatives say. The party says it favours lower taxes in principle, but oppose "unfunded" tax cuts. He has pledged further proposals to ease the pain of a recession.


Income tax: The Liberal Democrats say they would reduce the basic rate of income tax from 20p to 16p. They have said they will find the money through closing "tax loopholes" that benefit the rich, cracking down on tax avoidance, which the Lib Dems say costs several billion a year, and introducing green taxes. Anyone paying the higher rate of tax would also lose their higher rate tax relief on pension contributions - something Nick Clegg says costs £8bn.

Council tax: The party has pledged to abolish council tax and replace it with a local income tax - so the amount paid would vary according in a person's income rather than the value of their home.

New pledges? The party has pledged to cut about £20bn from public spending. They say some of it would be spent on other priorities and some used to cut taxes. Party leader Nick Clegg says the tax system should be "rebalanced" to make it fairer and "big tax cuts" are needed. He may give more details in a speech on Tuesday.

BNP Policies?

Income Tax: Stop Immigration!

Fuel Duty: Bring Back Hanging!

Stamp Duty: Bring Back National Service!

Inheritance Tax: Bring In Voluntary Repatriation!

Business Tax: Close all Takeaways!

Education: We will only educate white kids! We will only teach Christianity, no other religion will be allowed

New Pledges: We will mow the lawn of every pensioners in the country and walk their dogs!.....And you can take that to the BANK!


optimist said...

Tony you are being over the top now - surely the BNP wouldn't close ALL takeaways?

What about the Fish n Chip shops? Some of them are owned by indigenous people you know!

Get a grip. Brooneyes will be putting you straight on this one soon. Of that we can be sure.

no such thing as society said...

Interesting blog.

Would any of our "Independent" or or other party/non-aligned councillors or supporters care to comment on how they will be voting when the national election comes around?

Of course you don't ask a question without having some idea of the answer. I'd strongly suspect that their votes will be divided between the BNP and conservatives.

optimist said...

Mow lawns AND walk dogs?? Too generous - where do I sign up to vote for them?

brooneyes said...

Ay Tony, don't be biased now, eh?

Gordon Brown, good name for an anus! He went against his financial advisors and stole the rebate from the pension fund, thus ruining the lives of tens of
thousands of retirees. He got rid of most of our gold at the worst possible time, buying eurobonds with it that are now worth less than when he bought them!
He is directly responsible for the implementation of over one hundred stealth taxes, we have the highest fuel duty in Europe, our public services are on the brink of collapse because housing, feeding, benefitting immigrants is more important to Labour than looking after the people who fund his stupid ideas, utility prices are at their highest ever and still he does nothing about capping the prices, and what money is left he gives away to foreigners, with £825 million to India, £480 million to Pakistan, and £7.5 billion to Africa over the next ten years. All this as the pensioners of this country freeze, middle England finds itself at the mercy of a recession that a blind man could see coming, but was ignored by Brown, and the poorest people in Britain have to decide whether to eat or heat!
Brown couldn't even get elected to office, he had to take it as a hand me down from the previous big eared pr*ck!

The Tories under the wishywashy guidance of Camoron still haven't decided what it is they stand for.
What we do know is that Cameron has stated he will not take us out of the EU, and he will not close our borders to anymore immigration.
Why he chooses to copy the Labour partys stance on this only he knows, but the Tories will not be able to achieve any change at all until these two things are done.

The LibDems seem to be mostly made up of child sex offenders, perverts, and councillors guilty of electoral fraud, but beside this, they seem to have nothing new to offer the downtrodden people of this country.

The BNP would raise the income tax threshold to £15k, with local taxes based on a sliding scale dependent on what it was you wanted in your local communities. The more you wanted, the more you pay in tax. So much money is wasted by this council, and this is money that could and should be directed to people and projects in our communities, as well as being used to lower the rates of council tax.
We submitted a policy proposal to this council about running the council fleet vehicles on recycled veggie oil. Processing it ourselves, there would be some big savings, as well as jobs created, and a chance to greatly extend our recycling programme beyond the basic one we have at the minute.
Our ideas on education are the only sensible ones to have been aired, and despite Tonys' commie streak coming to the fore, I have yet to hear better!
We bring fresh ideas for the economy, transport, education,
the environment, housing, and other areas of local community life, we're just waiting on comrade Tony and his crew to organise a cross party debate so these subjects can be aired.

After all the cr*p the people of this country have been put through by the LibLabCon, it really does depress me that there are still those stupid enough to continue voting for them. I'm praying for an outbreak of contagious commonsense, that will see the changes we need, both locally and nationally.

Tony said...

Not being biased at all Craig, I based tour policy appraisal on what I'd read on this blog! Over to you guy's, oh and by the way, all you have done is tell us 1 BNP national policy and 1 local! No commie streak from me I've listed the three Mainstream parties proposed tax cuts, these are relevant to today especially with regard to the current economic climate.
Your post is full of why we should not vote for the main 3 parties, but as usual there is sod all to base a judgment on the BNP! STOP SPINNING AND START SPEAKING!
PS I'm voting Libdem now, not Labour!

terry turbo said...

After reading Tony's effort at (again) comedy refering to the BNP policies, it just shows he is blinkered in his approach to anything other than his own view.
So the LabCons are now promising tax cuts?
This after (no more than 6 months ago) saying "it is not likely we will be able to implement tax changes in the near future".
Election time again?
Is there still anyone out there that believes anthing that comes out of their lying mouths.
You ask of policies, well the committee have been working on local policies for the last 6 months, putting them forward to the council committee's approval.
Bio-fuel, anti social behavior, and others, that craig has mentioned on this site.
We are proposing to put forward a policy on affordable housing for young couples, giving local tradesmen a boost and local enployment.
Localy we are not sitting on our arses, waiting for our leaders to tell us what to do or say, unlike the LabLibCons.
These are community policies, but you are not interested because they don't involve race do they?
Take off your blinkers Tony, this type of posting does not further debate, just brings out the loonies.

Shaun Bennett said...

Can we look forward to a similar breakdown of the party's 'manifesto' when the election gets nearer? I think that it would be quite useful.

Personally, I would like to see the Conservative group on the local authority be able to propose council tax CUTS in future years. Obviously, they need to be costed, and there will have to be cuts, but if we can make those cuts in waste rather than in services (and goodness knows there is enough example of waste when it comes to Stoke City council) then it should be possible to achieve.

Local Conservatives have in recent years taken great pride in claiming to have 'held back' the massive council tax increases that both Mayor Wolfe and Mayor Meredith wanted to introduce in office. I suppose we should be greatful for small mercies.

But I really do believe that it has shown a lack of ambition in our local politicians that they have been satisfied with just holding ack the tide. And I don't think that any voter come the next election is going to thank us for such a timid achievement. Quite rightly, when they have seen their bills increase massivley over the last 10 years, residents will more likely feel angry at the increases rather than greatful that the increases weren't much bigger. And when they see example after example of city council waste splashed over the local papers pages, I imagine that they will in fact be livid.

Its time for some boldness and some imagination from our Conservative councillors. If we are to bring Stoke in line with the very best run Tory authorities like Wandsworth and Hammersmith, then we need a full review of what services the council SHOULD be providing, where cuts can be made and then offering council tax CUTS to residents of the city!

Shaun Bennett said...

...And if I may say so "bring the council budget back into order"!

Tony said...

Craig & Terry,
Yes my post had a comedic swipe at BNP policy! I am trying to get to what a BNP city would be run like and more importantly what the country would be like if it were run by the BNP.
Like 'em or loathe 'em you know what the 3 main parties are about, their policies are out there for scrutiny. All I seem to hear from the BNP is attempts to discredit the main 3 policies ans to insult their leaders. Even after you pair have commented on this thread still I know non of your main policies, it's all headlines with no full story! A silent movie with no subtitles! What are we treated to if any of us disagree? You pair telling us we're loony lefties or Craigs current favourite..commie! At the risk of repeating myself.. SPEAK NOT SPIN!

brooneyes said...

you say the policies are out there, but what are the local policies from the three main parties?
Labours seem to be when in doubt,
outsource, but what the Tories or LibDems stand for I dont know, and I think you should be pushing for clear and unequivical statements of intention from ALL parties, and not just harrassing the BNP!
Arrange this meeting so the debate can begin.

terry turbo said...

Tony where in my comment did I call you a loony?
I just said I thought you were blinkered.
I have put some of our policies on the table, and told you of ones in progress, but still you say "speak not spin" or is this a wind up.
We have also policies to reduce council tax.
We have been open in stateing our stance, funny I don't see other party's putting their policies on the table, or having to explain themselves over and over.

The Original Anonymous said...

Terry, so your going to cut council tax now, how are going to afford all the aforementioned policies.
Thank You for confirming to me and everyone else that the BNP just shout out what they think is popular even if it contradicts earlier populist policies!

BNP Forever said...

The BNP have no other policies above and beyond deporting all undesirables and vastly increasing gun crime with the introduction of the citizen's assault rifle.

warren said...

Nice one Tonny, still weting myself over the BNP policies in a nutshell, thay a bang on ofcourse.
One thing I must say, and its about the teaching of christianity, or indeed any religen in schools, non of it sould be tourte in school, that sould be left to the perents or indeed the perents church, or other place of worship, its only storys anyway. If I had a child of school age the first thing I would do is withdraw them from them kind of lessons. Its only enforceing what good and bad and I can do that anyway.

Gary Elsby said...

Liberals will reduce my tax but tax me a green tax. Typically Liberal.
Liberals will local tax me.Who else will be local taxed? Everyone in a new poll tax?
Tories will give me a VAT holiday for X Months. And then what?
The BNP have no policies for economics other than tell us how great they'll be when all blacks are deported.

Joseph Stalin said...

Was that a cryptic question for a crossword, Gary?
You would be ideal as The Riddler in the next Batman movie!

Gary Elsby said...

If you were in my shoes, you would be one of the brightest and most intelligent people the Labour Party are lucky to have.Ask Professor Hawking!I have to tone it down a little but have enjoyed and excelled myself this week. You'll see.
I am a scientist, an economist, policy maker and downright genius.It's hard living in Stoke and talking about racism all the time. Forgive me if you don't understand me,98% of the Country are in the same boat.

st george said...

A couple of years ago, the BNP were insisting their supporters did not use ethnic takeaways !

They forget that potatoes are South American and only came to Britain during Elizabeth 1's reign. Battered fish was from Portugal....British ???

Mow lawns, walk dogs and make hot lunches !!

I thought they were elected to make our services work - not do the work themselves ??

av.10,000 voters per ward - can they cope with doing all these gardens and lunches for free ??

"and what money is left he gives away to foreigners, with £825 million to India, £480 million to Pakistan, and £7.5 billion to Africa over the next ten years."

you know the BNP policy is to still send this money abroad to help the third world.
Its just that your policy states that the money would be used to send none British heritage peoples back to their original countries with some start up money...

So, it would not be used by the BNP to warm up elderly people...

"We submitted a policy proposal to this council about running the council fleet vehicles on recycled veggie oil."

Not likely to be practical. All and sundry wish to do this, as its the only real true 'green' bio-fuel. There is only so much used oil around.

Lib-Dems and the BNP.
They have one thing in common - nationally, they are unlikely ever to be in power to actually do what they suggest...

Tony said...

I agree dude. It is obvious that religion is the cause of the majority of worlds conflicts. I would like to protect "our" religion and at this moment in time I don't lnow of another way apart from teaching it in school.

brooneyes said...

And exactly how much oil would that be George?
For some bizarre reason, the council have allowed Biffa to collect waste oil in the city, and charge for doing so. No-one on the council knows where it goes though.

The problem with money being sent out as it is, is that it ends up in the hands of some foreign butcher who nicks it all and lives in exile at the British taxpayers expense! At least this way some of the money would be spread about amongst those who wouldn't otherwise get a look in.
As for the pensioners, our other environmental policy proposal is for a bio-gas plant and sewage
works combined that would produce
23,000Mw/hrs of power. Of course, you haven't been told about that either, even though it was passed to this crappy council along with our other one.
As for the rest of what you say, well, you know it's good for growing potatoes in!!

terry turbo said...

See what I mean Tony, policies that have nothing whatsoever to do with race, and all we get is the race issue.
Well done Tony you have managed to turn this debate into a farce.

The Original Anonymous said...

Yes Terry, I agree but you still haven't made it clear how you are going to cut council tax while keeping current council services at the same level AND implement your plans.
Any political party in power would have to INCREASE council tax just to keep services at the same level!

terry turbo said...

I would start with the £25k chaufering services,milk and bread £390k, fresh fruit and veg £135k, translation & interpretation services £40k,and groceries and dry goods, £900k, carpets curtains and blinds £175k.
Also the social services budget accounts revised to see what cuts could be made.
The bio-fuel policy would cut this city's fuel bill in half, and the recycling scheme attached to the bio-fuel policy would bring economic benefits to the city, (which would be funded by the Government and the EU).

The Original Anonymous said...

Terry, thanks for clearing that up, that's all I asked.
You would essentially be more frugal and cost effective.
Although the bio-fuels "initiative" has been proven to be a non starter due to all and sundry wishing to do this. There is only so much used oil around.

Mama Sidibe said...

I very much doubt the Government or EU would help fund a political regime that's White Ethnocentric and Euro-phobic but carry on with your whimsical dreams Terry!

brooneyes said...

Original anonymous.

Where has it been proved the bio-fuels policy is a non-starter?
You saying so isn't proof!

Tony said...

No Terry, I put it to you that the fact I added a comedic element to this particular thread to draw the debate out and it has worked. When talking about the BNP it always comes down to race but my reverse logic has actually got people talking about other BNP policies! Instead of having a go at me, you ought to thank me!

T Cope Fan Club said...
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Alan Rigby said...
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Mama Sidibe said...
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terry turbo said...

So come on you Lab,Lib,Con,Ind, what are you going to do to make this City better, and I don't mean National policies, but local solutions.
Instead of sniping at the BNP,lets hear what you will do, or are doing.
You seem only to be able to play the race card, when devoid of any idea's,on any subject we raise.

terry turbo said...

As expected, not one reply from the other party's, just a post to slag off the BNP.
Tony, you constantly ask what the BNP will bring the Ciy, and when we tell you, and ask the other parties what they will bring to the table, there is a deafening silence.
You claim to be impartial Tony,and want the views of all party's, but you keep baiting only one party, a bit hypocritical don't you think?

Shaun Bennett said...

Personally, I would like to see the City council get its affairs in order (probably for the first time in over a decade) and take a good hard look at what it NEEDS to provide and what it CAN provide.

It seems to me that the council is often claiming that it can't provide key services properly-the terrible provision of social services and particularly child services over the last few years that was highlighted again and again in independent reports, to name just one. Whilst they are simultaneously providing all sorts of trivial and useless services that only a small minority either want or intend to take advantage of.

So we need to take a step back, look at what services are absolutely essential, and ensure that those are brought absolutely up to a top level as a matter of urgency.

Meanwhile, in the short term, perhaps some services that we would like to have in an ideal world but which are not essential would be cut back while we got our house into order. If we have a massive purge on waste at the same time then we can create a budget surplus to be re-invested in the essential areas.

In a few years, it may then be possible to either make small cuts to council tax, or to increase the budget of non-essential areas.

I believe that one of the problems we face in our local authority is an institutionalised culture of 'big government' and greed. Council officers seem to follow the classic civil service line that a council budget should NEVER fall and indeed that one of the measures of success is an ever expanding sphere of influence, an ever increasing budget and ever greater power for the council and its departments.

We need to begin by taking on that culture, start to cut back on what the council provides and then build up from scratch. Only then will the non-essential but nevertheless ideal services start to fall into place. Its a very big job, and it will take many years to complete-as a result of the chaos we have created for ourselves. However, if we only limit ourselves to tinkering around the edges of the council budget, we will not even begin the process of reform and we will not be much further forward decades down the line.

The question is whether the politicians we elect have the guts or the stamina to begin that long hard process?

terry turbo said...

Thank you Shaun, although you didn't say what or where you would make the savings specificaly, at least you answered.
Would you tackle the waste and would you end the culture of non-jobs, in favor of the council workforce (those that graft, not sit on their arses trying to justify their jobs)
Would you put an end to endless waste on metal (art?) monstocities appearing all over the city?
Would you use the local resorces to enrich the City, as other City councils have done?
Would you promote the skills this City holds to its fullest extent?
Would you put party politics before the City?

Shaun Bennett said...

Thanks Terry, the answer to most of your questions is Yes, those are EXACTLY the areas of waste that I have in mind. Of course, I have not seen the full council budget and so it would not advance the debate in any meaningful way for me to lay out specific proposals. Blind promises are not a way to run an authority sensibly, as I'm sure you will understand.

As for party politics, I'm sure some councillors could well be accused of that but I do think that most go into it for honourable reasons. As I have said before, in reality, 90% of local government is non-political. There is not a specific Labour, Conservative or BNP way of collecting peoples dustbins. We need to ensure that the 10% of local government activity that IS dependent on party policies is decided for the right reasons, because it is in the interests of the city rather than for narrow ideological or party political reasons for their own sake. To my knowledge, I have not supported any policy that I know to be bad for the city for my party advantage.

Anonymous said...
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