Thursday, 6 November 2008


I say she's wrong and like all those put on the rack, they resort to attack.It is no coincidence that those who fake legal actions against bloggers have decided to come out of the woodwork.Take a look here


Gary Elsby said...

She's absolutely spot on regarding in house promotion into the role of MP.

jumped up little upstart said...

'We'll all come to love Mayors'(Hazel Blears).

Don't call us, Haze! Not in Stoke, anyway.

Bet Tommy Reynolds is onto his solicitor as I write!

brooneyes said...

Hazel Blears is one of many examples of the disservice Labour have done to the role women have to play in politics.
Ruth Kelly goes to the doctor complaining of hair growing on her chest. "How far down does it go?" asks the doctor.
"All the way to my b*llocks" comes the gruff reply!

Anonymous said...

Tut, tut, misogyny on top of the usual racist and homophobic diatribe.!

warren said...

Like most of the fools who surport or indeed represent New Labour, in turn robbing us eyes and blind, Hazel just dont like to think that anyone outside her party as a view that is worth airing.
By the way Mr. Pond, thats one of the funnist things I have heard in a long time.

Anonymous said...

Hazel says we all like scandal , well ok lets see how much fire there is behind the smoke.

With a number of councillors starting to position themselves to take up the leadership of your city we think its important we start to find out who they really are and what historically they have done.

We are a small group who will investigate and try to confirm or dispel some of the rumours that are being splashed about in blogs about your councillors, we will then send our finds to local journalists to allow them to investigate further and publish.

We want people to send us any rumours of scandal , deals done , odd actions and most importantly evidence.

To protect everyone involved we would ask anyone who sends to us not use their "well know" or obvious email address (setup a free email account if need be) , this way all information is from anonymous sources and we can treat all information from a sceptical point of view and start any investigations without pre judging it.

If you have anything you feel needs firming up , any tip offs etc please email to

We ran a similar project last years in the North East in similar circumstances with great success. We found amongst the hundreds of "such and such is an idiot " emails 4 very strong threads surfaced, two of which we felt stood up and were passed onto local news gathering organisations. One of the stories led to a councillor resigning and 2 other councillors lost their seats at the local elections.

These projects work because you know the characters involved and we come to it cold.

Why do we do it ? Because we love bloggers who are passionate about their local area's, hate free loaders who pretend to represent us and love those who actually work hard to do so.

Who are we ? A set of budding journalists (ok we are sill students but we all have to start somewhere)

Pass the address on and lets hope we can help find the truth even if that means we dispel some urban scandal myths about your local councillors.


nicky said...

I think she's totally wrong about blogging being bad for politics, bad for her sort of politics maybe. But I think it increases interest in politics, well it does for me anyway, because it means I can compare real views with people, not just hear the official spin. Also, if they didn't have anything to hide then they wouldn't have to be worried about bloggers unearthing it now would they? Warren I'm with you on your view of new labour.

Gary Elsby said...

It is acknowledged that Barack Obama won his election almost entirely from the internet.

I once remember appearing at a political grouping to explain the power of the modern internet and how it was stupid to ignore it.

They shouted at me.

Adam Colclough said...

Blogging bad for politics? I think not, only last week the Fabian Society commended the Obama camapign for its use of new media to connect with voters. Perhaps Hazel Blears isn't on their mailing list.

Anonymous said...

Was it Tom Reynolds (minime) who shouted at you. by any chance?

Tony said...

I think Tom more than any councillor has embraced the power of the internet and has really contributed to pitsnpots's ethos

Anonymous said...

and told us what?

Anonymous said...

Well if the internet is the way forward in political campaigning then one person in trouble is Lee Wanger. Apparently he is only allowed restricted internet access due to certain reasons. I wonder what they are???

terry turbo said...

This is shear fear of the people learning and voicing their opinions for all to see.
Labour like to tell, not be told, dominate, not be dominated.
Stalin, Hitler, and Pott could have learned a lot from these lot.

Shaun Bennett said...

Hazel Blears is a thoroughly nasty individual and I will praise the day that Gordon Brown finally develops the bottle to sack her!

If she wants to know why people are cynical about politicians, she need look no further than her own record over the past 10 years. It was HER that Andrew Neil cornered at last years Labour Party conference and asked her why Labour attacked all sorts of policies that the Tories proposed before the 2005 general election only to adopt them AFTER that election.

As she became smugger and smugger (as she always does when shes under fire and knows that shes in the wrong) and as her grin got wider and wider, and as her head began to wobble even more than usual with self satisfaction, she just wasn't prepared to accept that her party had stolen Tory policies despite it being so obvious that even the BBC had to admit it!

It was Blears that started up the class divisions ahead of the Crewe by-election, attacking Boris Johnson as an 'upper class twit'. And yet you can imagine her erruption of fury if Johnson had referred to her as a 'lower class twit'.

It was Blears who led the campaign in her own constituency to prevent hospital closures that were being imposed by her OWN government! Did she think that opposing her party's agenda was a reason to give up her ludicrous ministerial salary? No.

She is a politician who has based her entire political career on avoiding principles; on smearing the opposition and on opposing for oppositions sake. There are many good and able people within the Labour Party, but I'm afraid Hazel Blears is not one of them.

P.S. a little known fact about Hazel Blears is that she is the only person in the history of the universe that you can actually HEAR smiling on the radio. Even without being able to see her the waves of smugness eminate out of the radio speakers!

Shaun Bennett said...

Oh and to comment on the issue rather than on Blears, I have to agree that blogging is a very good thing for politics when it is used properly to express opinions and perhaps to change minds.

Personally, I think that she should be looking towards the media in general rather than most bloggers to see what fuels cynicism. The media spend their whole day trying to undermine people and catch them out, and spread the word that they're all as bad as each other-well except for their own lot...well, until they start to become unpopular and then its open season on them too.

Unfortunately, if the media aren't prepared to sort out the problem themselves, theres not really anything anyone can do about it.

brooneyes said...

Well Shaun Bennett! I take it from that verbal onslaught that you are no supporter of Jimmie Krankie??lol

Shaun Bennett said...

Jimmie Krankie is SUPPOSED to be funny, but Hazel Blears is REALLY like that! If she were a parody it would be ok, but the reason shes so frustrating is because she really is serious.

brooneyes said...

There is someone else Hazel reminds me of. Any of you ever seen a horror film called
"Childs Play"? There's a doll in it called Chucky, they could be blood relatives the likeness is so strong!

the judge said...

Shaun: If you want to see who was really responsible for the upper class twit campaign in Crewe, check out.

May 13th 2008.

Don't be idle, go on and have a look. It is denied by the usual suspects in Stoke but this man was responsible for the local campaign.

You may need to go through the archives.

Shaun Bennett said...

I'm sure Hazel Blears wasn't single handedly responsible for the really quite disgusting Labour campaign in Crewe. It must have been approved by many other people who thought that it was a good idea. Nevertheless, it was Blears who first started talking the language of class warfare as long ago as the Labour Party conferende in 2007.

Shaun Bennett said...

Before Tim starts getting his knickers in a twist that word should be 'conference'!

Anonymous said...
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