Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Disastrous Presidency'>http://
Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Disastrous Presidency


Anonymous said...

Now here's a guy who sorts out ethnics!

brooneyes said...

Yeah, he steals the lands of the indigenous people of America, and keeps them downtrodden, then floods the country with mexican illegals!
George Bush is nothing but a single celled organism(that's nothing to do with sex)who reflects rather too closely, the talking chimp from American TV.

white supremecist said...

Indeed a great man.
Sorted Iraq out goodstyle.

nicky said...

That's great, we just have to do one of those for Meredith.

Shaun Bennett said...

I'm very, very upset tonight. Not only is a great president now entering his final weeks, but the Republican party looks set for a big defeat.

George Bush was a President who truely represented ordinary people, and for that he was criticised and ridiculed by the elitist classes both in America and abroad. He has become a hate figure of the left because he did what was best for his own country and put his own country first.

If only we had a government in this country that was prepared to put this country first-and I'm not necessarily expecting anything any better from my party before people start to point that out!

I'm afriad that Obama is going to be absolutely awful as President. He's little more than an illusionist and the American people have really surprised me in that they don't seem to have seen through him.

Unfortunately, whether he is good at the job or not, he seems set to be held up as the new totem of the left simply because of his skin colour. When the American people elect him, I really do think that it won't be a vote for the best candidate, it will be a vote to erase the memory of past racial problems and to vindicate the martyrs of the past. That's not a great agenda for government and I'm afraid we are going to be extremely dissapointed in the years to come.

brooneyes said...

I've told you lot before that the Tories of Stoke-on-Trent were all mentally impaired in some way, but wasn't sure what Shauns impediment was until now. It is blatantly obvious that he is suffering from delusional constipation. Delusional because the poor little chucky egg thinks George Bush has been a good president. Constipated because he's equally obviously full of s**t!!
Show me a good Tory, I'll show you a BNP member with a blue tie on!lol

BNP and proud said...

Barack Obama should be deported.

scared and posing as gary elsby said...

Google: skull and crossbones society.
You won't find Dubya in there but he most certainly is.
The most powerful of all secret societies in the world and responsible for hanging chads everywhere.

Shaun Bennett said...

Its good to see a BNP supporter doing what they do best and bringing the debate down to the level of the gutter. Its because you're not capable of reasoned argument that you need to resort to such vile abuse. I really don't know why the Labour party are so worried about you all when you do such an ample job of undermining your own credibility. God help us though if the BNP actually get a decent chap as their mouth-piece.

I'm sure there are plenty of arguments that you can take me on in my support of George Bush. Leave it to a BNP activist to come up with bullying!

Limp Wristed Liberal said...

Shaun, you must be a racist if you think Obama won't make a good President!

Tory Boy said...

I've told you lot before that the BNP of Stoke-on-Trent were all mentally impaired in some way, but wasn't sure what Craig's impediment was until now. It is blatantly obvious that he is suffering from delusional constipation. Delusional because the poor little chucky egg thinks Nick Griffin is not an all-white fetishist. Constipated because he's equally obviously full of s**t!!
Show me a good BNP member, I'll show you a BNP member with a noose tie around his neck, hanging from a tree!lol

brooneyes said...

Shaun, it's nearly christmas. Make sure and ask Santa for a sense of humour. By the way, I'm quite happy to beat you at debating too!

Tory boy. Lol!

Tory Boy said...

Craig said-

"By the way, I'm quite happy to beat you at debating too!"

I know, your such a mass-debater!


Shaun,Its good to see a Conservative doing what they do best and bringing the debate down to the level of reasoned and rational. Its because you're not capable of vile abuse that you need to resort to reasoned argument. I really don't know why the BNP are so worried about you all when you do such an ample job of undermining your own credibility. God help us though if the Conservatives actually get a childish abusive as their mouth-piece.

I'm sure there is plenty of venomous abuse that you can take me on in my support of Nick Griffin. Leave it to a Conservative activist to come up with sensible debate!

a very public sociologist said...

"George Bush a president who truly represented ordinary people"

Is this a wind-up? Only in the strange world Tories inhabit could the American equivalent of an aristocrat be so described.

brooneyes said...

Tory boy,
when it comes to sexual delinquency, I'll take your word on it! You bloody tories are all deviants. Remember the one that managed to strangle himself to death while wearing stockings and suspenders and an orange stuck in his mouth?!
You tories always were the most creative perverts.

Shaun Bennett said...

Fair enough Brooneyes, if you say it was a joke, I'll have to believe you won't I. It seems that our sense of humour's differ somewhat.

With regards to the US election, I will be hoping to stay up for most of the results (well Press association predictions of the expected results anyway). We should know by around 2am whether Obama has won unless results are too close to call in the key states.

I expect most of the states that Obama is leading in the polls to vote Republican anyway (and yes the black issue will be a factor in many of them). The key states that I'll be watching are Pennsylvania and Ohio. Whoever wins both of those will most likely win at the end of the night. Florida will be known quite early too, and whilst I expect it to remain Republican, if it does go to Obama and he manages to get Ohio and Pennsylvania, then it will pretty much be all over.

Finally, I draw your attention to a piece in tonight's Sentinel pointing out that an Obama win may well be a very bad result for the UK, particularly places like this city because of his protectionist policies. The people of Stoke-on-Trent shouldn't be too happy if Obama is declared the winnder tommorrow.

And in reply to limp wristed liberal, yes I'm sure such a person would well beleive that I am racist for my views. It really does seem that the left use the word racist as a standard form of abuse and they do tend to throw accusations around very liberally.

Was George Bush Jr a great president? Well mabye 'great' is not the correct word. But certainly I think that he was very good, and I really do believe that the 'limp wristed liberal' media have spent the last 8 years ridiculing and undermining him because they never liked him anyway. Of course this has coloured many people's judgements of him. I find it ironic though that a BNP supporter is throwing around terms like 'George Bush is nothing more than a single celled organism'. Mabye there's more in common between the BNP dictators and the liberal media dictators?

Tory Boy said...

Creative perverts Craig? It's you lot that are having a gay nazi themed orgy round at Terry's house tonight. Are you giving or receiving? Don't forget the reach around if you're giving. Hope Terry, Steve, Alby and the rest of the master race enjoy. I take it you and Steve aren't signing on Thursday?

I still think the working classes should be reduced to the status of slaves but that's a different story. Fucking oiks, expecting us to pay extra taxes so that they can scrounge benefits, drink White Lightning cider, beat their wives and allow their daughters to get knocked up at 13.

Shaun Bennett said...

With Pennsylvania called for Obama and the Democrats looking like they are pulling ahead in Ohio and Florida, it looks like its all over.

It does look like only a few states are going to switch from the 2004 elections however. It certainly hasn't been the landslide that many predicted. The result I'm waiting for now is Indiana. A balanced industrial/rural state that has voted Republican at every presidential election since the 1960s, I long ago adopted this state as an area of personal interest. McCain is currently leading 50.6%-48.3% so I'm very hopeful there.

Still it comes to something when a Republican supporter is looking to Indiana for crumbs of comfort!

Shaun Bennett said...

Well, its all over now. I was intending to go to bed as soon as Pennsylvania and Ohio were in, but I just had to wait and see if some unexpected surprise happened.

As things have turned out, Obama won both of those states fairly early on (Ohio is still close, but even if it goes the other way it won't change the result now). Obama has also just won Florida in the last few minutes (again, its still close but it looks fairly likely).

Even my crumb of comfort, my adopted state of Indiana seems to have slipped through the net (Obama now leading there 49.7%-49.3%). It still hasn't been called yet, so mabye its still possible for a Republican win. It is starting to look like a desperate hope though.

All in all, I'm feeling very dissapointed this morning.

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Anonymous said...

BNP and proud. They've not muslims that you see in the dole office. They're from Chell Heath, the Abbey and Bentilee and simply don't wash.

warren said...

I dont like Bush, but give the man one thing when faced with 09/11 he stood up to be counted, this is what he will go down in history for.
What the US have with Obama is a man who insteed of talking change and not changeing a thing, much like Clinton, will give change for the better.

Tim Mullen said...

Well Shaun you were just about 100% wrong! Florida, Ohio, New Mexico, Iowa, Colorado, Indiana and Virginia all switched from Bush 04 to Obama, with Missouri and North Carolina still too close to call. The most respected political observer in the US, Larry J Sabato of the University of Virgina said 330 Electoral Votes is a landslide; Obama currently stands at 349!

We have witnessed the election of a great President, and are in the dregs days of the worst President in the history of the United States.

Surely even you, Shaun, would support Obama's plans for universal health care (or don't you support the NHS?). It's interesting that you call him a protectionist when he broke with the majority of his party and voted to endorse the Central America Free Trade Agreement.

Goodbye Dubya, you will not be missed by anyone but your fellow semi-literate primates. Welcome Barack!

Posh Pete said...

Warren ,it's thanks to US short sightedness that 9/11 happened in the first place. Forget the conspiracy shite that they did it to themselves. The truth is that had the US carried out some sort of reconstruction plan after they helped the Afghans rid themselves of the Soviets moderate elements would have probably taken power. The crazies that did get in wouldn't have had a power base and people like Bin Laden and the Taliban would have had nowhere to operate from. What's worse than that is the US helped the Taliban into power by proxy using the Pakistani ISI because although the Taliban were bad the people they kicked out were even oppressive. If anything Bush's reaction to 9/11was knee-jerk and probably did more harm than good. It has certainly provoked more Muslims to become Jihadists and led to the deaths of 300 British servicemen who might still be alive if the governments on both sides of the pond employed a more term view/stragey towards everything.

warren said...

Posh Pete... was any of what you mention Bush Jr. doing, please remember that these things were done by ol' Ronnie ( god bless the old git) and indeed Bush Sr. The next incoubent of the White House could have gone along way to heal this, but he was to bussy shoveing cegars up young ladies, so Bush Jr. only 10 mouth after moveing in had to stand there and represent a nation at there time of sorrow, and did so very well. Like I say I dont like Bush, and I am glad that he's gone, and there is not that much good the fool will go down in history for, but for his humanity at that time, you have to give him praise, but never get me started on what he did after New Orleans got flatened, cos that makes me very mad indeed.

Shaun Bennett said...

Yes Tim, I predicted no more than a few Obama gains (such as Ohio, New Mexico, Iowa and Colorado).

In the end he also took Virginia, Indiana, North Carolina and Florida. In all fairness, they were all far far too close to call right up until late in the count. I was watching Indiana and North Carolina very closely and McCain was leading right through until the end. It was turned 4am when Obama finally moved ahead in those states and it was too late to turn it around. No you know why I was so upset on the night!

Universal Healthcare? Well its not really a valid comparison Tim because as you have said, we have had that in this country for all of my life. If I were a US citizen, in a state that hasn't had it for all of my life, I may well oppose it.

I really must question your judgement that Obama will be a great president though. That is by no means certain at this stage, and you may well be eating those words at some point in the future.

Of course Obama's victory is a huge symbol, but at the moment thats it. Most of the liberal luvvies that have been his cheerleaders haven't been able to see past his skin colour. Unfortunately there is no substance at all.

So do I take it Tim that you are looking forward to Cameron becomming Prime Minister at the next election? The argument is made that Cameron has no substance, and he is up against 'the dregs of the worst Prime Minister' for half a century. Will you be rejoicing at the coming of a 'great' Cameron premiership at the next election Tim? No? Is that because Cameron is not from the left, or because he's white?

And I have to say Tim, your parting shot on President Bush with the gibe about semi literate primates just goes to show what I have said that the main opposition to Bush has been the snobbery of the liberal elite classes both in the US and abroad. Bush has represented ordinary working Americans and he has brought their attitudes to the top table. The liberal elite in Washington have absolutely HATED it because they see their high-minded elite views as being superior to those of the mere voting public.

Well thank goodness Bush did challenge that liberal elite. Goodbye George, you were a real HUMAN President. If only we had someone in this country who would stand up to our liberal elite.

John Lowe said...

It's great to be as knowledgeable as me when it comes to politics.For your information I have studied Third Reich politics for many years and UK politics too come to that. Did you really think I don't know what type of people vote Democrat and Republican in the US and the similarities that these have with parties and people in the UK? The fact remains that the US is still very very divided.The US thankfully is very different than the UK in that a lot more Non-Whites live there and I only hope that the people are not badly let down like they were here when Tony Blair won power only to con the public. Most people are sick and tired with ethnic people still going on about civil rights.Get over it. Some people wont be happy until a Black or Muslim is President or Prime Minister. When will it end?

Shaun Bennett said...

What's going on? I saw this exact posting by John Lowe on the Sentinel website earlier. How did it get here?

John Lowe said...

You really are slow, aren't you Shaun!

tim mullen said...

Shaun, no I won't be hoping for a Cameron victory at the next election, and the comparison he's trying to make between himself and Bush is laughable. You seem to ignore the fact that Brown is scoring much more highly in every opinion poll than Bush did on personal approval ratings, and is obliterating Cameron and Osborne when people are asked who is the best person to handle the global economic crisis (largely caused by Bush's incompetent economic policies) that we are now in - the very issue that Obama used to beat McCain.

If Bush represented ordinary Americans, perhaps you can explain why a) his approval ratings are the worst of any American President (lower even than Nixon at the time of Watergate), and b) why people in the lowest income category backed Obama by overwhelming numbers? The only category of American voters the GOP won was White Evangelicals.

Finally, I don't accept your assertion (one that failed McCain miserably) that Obama is all style and no substance: this is a President-elect who wants to send more troops to Afghanistan to finish the job of beating the Taliban, who wants to introduce universal health care for all Americans, who wants to restore American science as a world leader (one of his first acts will be lifting Bush's ban on Federal funding of embryonic stem cell research), a man who wants to lift his own people out of poverty - I could go on, but I'm sure you get my drift by now!

So no, as Cameron offers none of those things, and as it is clear that the Labour Government has made huge strides since 1997 in rebuilding the shattered country bequeathed to them by Thatcher and Major, Cameron does not deserve anyone's support.

Congratulations on breaking the 1000 vote mark in Glenrothes by the way - only another 10,000 to find and the seat will be yours! :)

Shaun Bennett said...

Oh dear Tim, with every word you out yourself as a Labour Party member. I don't know why you're too embarrassed to admit it?

First, its not too hard for Brown to score better than Bush in opinion polling since Bushs approval ratings were so low. I hardly think that that is a comparison with which the Labour Party should get too carried away with.

Second, I can indeed explain why Bush's approval ratings are so low. It is because he has been consistantly ridiculed and undermined at every turn by the liberal elite and left wing 'luvvies' who run the media both broadcast and print, as well as the political elite. This has been widespread not just in the US but accross the world. I'm afriad that even the most open minded of voter can only judge their leaders based on the narrative of coverage they get by our media and our other political leaders. When they are hostile to Bush almost literally to a man, then of course we can expect voters views of him to be tainted in quite a big way.

And their hostility towards him is not based on his policies in general. Certain policy disagreements are just useful covers for their attack. The real reason for their hostility to Bush is IDEOLOGICAL.

In fact, the GOP actually won a majority of ALL white voters in the most recent election. I notice that you dismiss them as 'evangelicals'-another cheap shot for your ideology-but if you take all votes cast by white voters, McCain actually won. By contrast, something like 97% of non white voters went for Obama who was after all, a non-white candidate. We shouldn't really be too surprised by that fact. There is some concern about the declining base of GOP support, but after 8 years in office I think that thats only to be expected. Now in opposition we will see that move around.

Third, your rebuttle of the allegation that Obama is all style and no substance simply doesn't wash. What you're talking about is broad, general policies; a sort of 'wishlist' of what Obama stands for. We've seen very little real hard detail though. I bet I could come up with a paragraph of what Cameron stands for just as you have done with Obama, and it would be just as vacuous and wishy-washy when held up to close scrutiny.

Fourth, I really will have to take issue with your "Labour Government has made huge strides since 1997 in rebuilding the shattered country bequeathed to them by Thatcher and Major". Lets just take a step back from the Labour spin and look at the reality for a moment shall we?

We handed over a country in 1997 that had the best education standards we have EVER had, the best health standards we have EVER had, the highest spending on public services in the country's HISTORY, the best economic legacy that ANY outgoing government has EVER handed over. True, Labour have largely maintained and built on those Tory achievements, but lets be in no doubt of who built the foundations for the success that Blair/Brown have been all too keen to claim the credit for over the past decade. And compare that record with Labour's last attempt to govern the country in 1979: the Winter of Discontent, the most working days lost through strike action since the general strike of 1926, bodies going unburied, hospitals closed, homes without heating or electricity, household waste piled high in the streets...thank goodness we will never go back to those days.

And as for your parting shot on Glenrothes, yes I was delighted that the Conservative candidate managed to move up from 4th place to 3rd, thank you for asking. But Glenrothes was never a seat that we have won, need to win or will win. Once again, if Labour are having to rejoice over holding one of their safest seats in the entire country, then it really does just go to show what a desperate state they are now in!