Wednesday, 12 November 2008


'Sources' within the Labour Party have informed me of a secret meeting being held in a secret location in Stoke-on-Trent on Thursday evening. 'Sources' within the Labour Group of Councillors fear that it is all the work of the Lame Duck Mayor, Mark Meredith (unemployed quack quack). Fears are being spread that Meredith is to 'get his own back' on those who ousted him from his role as saviour of Stoke-on-Trent.

It appears that the ruling Labour National Executive(NEC) is riding coach and horses up to Stoke to 'sort out the local party' and rumours are everywhere that a disbanding agenda is to be tabled.

The Oracle will send a few agents to attend the meeting and will make a full report later on this week.

There appears to still be a stand off between National policy and local policy, with the local policy not being in tune with each other(?) Follow? National policy says this, Mayor says that and local Labour says the other. Simple!

Now I'm not one to intrude during a wake but isn't it the case that Labour Councillors lose their seats each time they contest one? The public vote, like the X Factor, is paramount here isn't it?

Remember, the view from the NEC of Labour is that we all love Mayors (now remember that you naughty people you!) 'Sources' within Democracy4Stoke inform my agents that it is they who are the target because they are seen as a 'party within a party' (excuse me! but!).

One thing that is for certain, the NEC are here to kick ass. Nobody should rock the boat.

My observation is that local Labour has got it completely wrong within the Town Hall. It is their policies that appear to go against public opinion and my 'sources' have been saying such for a very long time. So good luck to the brothers and sisters who will probably have the shit kicked out of them for saying it how it is. The political list unfolds as Meredith, Tappin, McLaughlan, Smith, leading the way forward to a Utopian Academy dole queue, shortly to be followed by Garner, Davis, Gratton, Reynolds, Shotton and Pervez.

Of course, it goes without saying, that the NEC will side with the winners and declare the Councillors as incompetents and the Party as 'the natural voice of the people'. Or will they carry on as normal and ignore that local opinion?

My agents will sit on the top table, at the back and on the sides. Back soon!
Anyone else attending this meeting please report to cheers.


brooneyes said...

Well, well, well, Napoleon Meredith aiming to settle some scores before his UAF arse gets kicked into touch. And the Labour NEC are to ride to the rescue??
So we'll have one far left monkey
being chased out by a gang of far left monkeys?!
Do Stoke-on-Trent a favour and tell Brown and the rest of his destruction politicians we don't need them, or want them! They can all gang up on that rotten little fascist when he's out of office.

And while they're down here, what are they planning to stick their noses into? We've already been lumbered with a transitional board made up of friends of Labour,
how many more of their incompetent
cronies are they going to shoehorn in to the Civic Centre??
As for local Labour policies going
against what the cabinet want, what
about academies? Merediths pushing for these and so is that idiot Brown, and of course Labour councillors are losing their seats,
that's because Labour are crap, and why anyone that wants to stand for Labour does so under the guise of independent!
The Labour party is one full to the brim with chancers, no-hopers,
and pocketlining commie scum. The sooner it does the decent thing and dies, the better!

deputy mayors dead dog said...

I blame Joy Garner and Mark Davis for not listening.

D4S said...

We have done nothing wrong, got everything right and the people voted for us and not for the shower in charge.

Ian Norris said...

d4s: so who will make up your new Cabinent and leader system, if you get the leader of your choice?

no such thing as society said...

There was apparently a secret meeting of the City Independents on Monday evening which lasted for several hours.

Can anybody shed some like on what this was all about?

Joseph Stalin said...

Who cares!

TAG Fan said...

Deputy mayors dead dog, Labour's problems in Stoke-on-Trent go back much further.

Joseph Stalin said...

Who cares!

Bob Bagley said...

I agree TAG fan. The problems the Labour party have can be followed back at least 10-15 years to the Smith/Stockley era. This duo brought the city and Labour party to their knees through their incompetence and hair brained schemes (eg. Worldgate, Cultural Quarter etc.) Sadly the real culprits have long since rode off into the sunset leaving the present councillors to take the blame for their ineptitude.

Tony said...

Well, I behold the wonder of the greatness that is the oracle! Thank you for bringing this insight to the local Labour party issues. I am glad that I left this divided party. For months I agonised why the local group was not distancing themselves from the actions of our maverick (now redundant) mayor. The Labour group need to unite, not bring in the exec. The Stoke branches should be able to put there own house in order. Remember hell hath no fury like a lame duck mayor scorned! Don't let his legacy be the destruction of a once proud, strong and effective local labour group! I say unite behind a leader of the caliber of Mike Barnes and let him lead the party to victory, anyhting else will be handing the running of this city to the BNP/Ind alliance!

Gary Elsby said...

There is no secret meeting and the NEC aren't coming to discuss the Labour Party of 10, 20 or 50 years ago and no one but no one but Labour's enemies talk of buildings, fiascos or former leaders of another time.

The NEC will discuss the party since the creation of Mayors,the Labour membership and their value as individual members.We are volunteers, not subjects.

Craig Pond Fan Club said...

Aaaargh (in a very angry way)!!! We blame immigrants for this.

Anonymous said...

It is also somewhat tasteless to say that Ted Smith has "rode of into the sunset"; whatever his faults he did not ask to suffer - twice - from the cancer that claimed his life.

Oh, and The Oracle could not be more wrong!

Tony said...

Anon 23:07,
It's a wee bit unfair to say that Bob referred to Mr Smith specifically in his post when mentioned "riding off into the sunset" It was a general statement and I'm sure you are aware of that! Pitsnpots are monitoring every post and removing those that are personal, insulting or threatening. We have never had a problem with any of Bob Bagley's posts, indeed he is one of our most valued contributors.

st george said...

they are not friends of Labour. Most of the transition board were and still are friends of ex mayor Mike Wolfe - some even paid towards his election !!

Anyway, a lame duck.

Like all injured animals, they are more dangerous when hurt.

That goes for ducks too...

Just listen to him squeal !!

Its a special full council meeting tomorrow, to report back on the Referendum result, and the first step towards working with the Transition board (consultation on elections every 4 years).

I was thinking of going, as it could be enlightening !!

Craig Pond Appreciation Society said...

Raaarrgh !!! Bloody immigrants !!!! Raaarrrgh !!! Signing on day this morning !!!! Raaarrrgh !!!! Fancy dress "party" at Terry's Saturday !!!!

Joy Garner said...

Well Craig, et-al.

Look at these you-tube links. There are many more, this is a small selection.

Craig keeps saying there is no peadophiles etc in the BNP, well the top link is an interesting place to start both watching, and reading the 'more info' sections...

Google can give more details.

I leave it to you all. Is the BNP a serious political party ?

Or a group intent on anarchy, fascism and the break down in law and order ?

button1001 said...

This one is interesting, where Fuhrer Griffin explains to the KKK how to con the public into following you, then surprise them with your real policies once you control the media...

Craig, Terry over to you .

Bob Bagley said...

I'm sorry anonymous but these are the facts. The Labour party and the city are where they are now because of the ineptitude of previous councillors over the last 10-15 years and Barry Stockley was their leader. And the Smith I referred to was Brian Smith (the former chief executive) not Ted Smith, although undoubtedly many of the problems are also his legacy.

Tony said...

See Anon? Our Bob doesn't do sleaze!

Teacher said...

It can't possibly be the case that the present Labour Councillors carry the can for previous mistakes. They got elected.

It is those of us not getting in that carry the can. big difference.

It is what this Labour Group does or doesn't do which determines whether Labour is credible or not.
The Government is partly to blame or be praised for timing of all its decisions.

The current Garner/Davis/Pervez/Meredith crew are toast.

brooneyes said...

Joy Garner and Button 1001.

If this is your evidence, some lefty horsesh*t of Nick Griffin when he's only just a teenager, then you are in big trouble! How you can base any objections on this when its obvious that its over half his lifetime ago. You are not the same person you were at 20. People mature, their thought processes evolve, and we
gain insights into life through experience. This cr*p you keep dragging out as proof is only proof of your desperation. The electorate are not completely stupid, they will see this for what it is.
If you want to show them something, tell them about Tony Blair slapping a D-notice on the press to stop members of the Labour cabinet from being publicly
paraded as paedophiles caught in
Operation Ore. If you want to show the public something, why not explain the murder of Dr David Kelly? Or how about why the files in the Dunblane massacre courtcase
were locked away for a 100 years?!

We are the same as the rest in as much as sometimes we make mistakes, but our mistakes are dragged out time after time and paraded before all to see, whereas
the LibLabCon immediately go in to stealth mode and cover up as much as possible. If these are the odds we have to work with, so be it, but when we finally make it to the top, watch out, because we will come looking for skeletons in your closets, and when we find them you will find yourself with nowhere to hide.

bnp and proud said...
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Ian Norris said...

Why when certain questions are asked does the forum turnn into an Attack on BNP or independents.

D4S should know by now who will make up your new Cabinent and leader system, if they get the leader of your choice? but seem unwilling to name names, Why?

Craig Pond Talks Bollocks But Accuses Others Of Doing The Same said...

Name says it all really

Ian Norris said...

see what I mean

brooneyes said...

Try not to let it bother you Ian, if the scum that write these things don't even have the balls to be identified, then they're not worth reading.

Joseph Stalin said...

I concur with Norris & Craig.
Just lay off Craig, he's a delicate flower, although I have to agree he does talk bollocks and accuses others!

Ian Norris said...

LOL: bother me??? nah they just make me gigle and realise they have no arguement just an feeble attempt at distraction tactics. Shame Shame..

Joseph Stalin said...

Distraction tactics?
Are you into conspiracy theories?
Has it occurred to you that "they" are just childish wind up merchants with no particular agenda!

D4S said...

What's it got to do with us who becomes leader and who sits on the cabinet.
Our role is to deliver democracy for Stoke and we have done.
You decided to choose leader and cabinet and they shall decise who sits on it.
We didn't want a transition board.

Ian Norris said...

D4S you fought for leader and Cabinent , most would think you'd then have some desire in seeing who it is managed, You also voted for Transition board by accepting Commissions Report (despite calls from others not to accept them)

First they went for the Mayor, then they went for BNP, then they went for ME!! but there was no one else left ;)