Friday, 28 November 2008


Stoke on Trent is to take part in a Government funded pilot project to cut down on anti social behaviour and vandalism near public waiting areas.

Closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) could soon be put into bus shelters across the city, as trials take place to try and stamp out on anti social behaviour. A camera has already been fitted into the bus shelter on Chell Heath Road, near the junction with Springbank Road, in Burslem.

The bus operators, police and Stoke on Trent City Council have all found that the fear of crime associated with vandalism and anti social behaviour discourages people from using public transport. The bus shelter at the centre of the pilot scheme, has been identified as suffering from persistent vandalism problems.

Councillor Adrian Knapper, is the Portfolio holder for Regeneration and Economic Development, and he said, "The fear of crime associated with persistent attacks on shelters, seen at stops such as the one in Burslem discourages residents from using the services. It is hoped that by putting CCTV up, it will help reduce the problem".

If the scheme is successful, the project could be rolled out across the city, with cameras being secured in other bus sheters, affected by crime and anti social behaviour.

Well, I'm all for this, but whether it will be a success or not, is another matter, but well done to the Council for at least trying.

I drive regularly through the Meir, and there are a number of bus shelters along Sandon Road, that are constantly smashed. Now, there is CCTV on the roundabout, but this has not deterred them, from smashing the bus shelter up, close to the library. I feel sorry for the elderly, waiting for the bus, as the ground is constantly covered in glass, and some are a bit unsteady on their feet, they could easily trip. How thoughful of the mindless idiots that cause this damage! Would they care, of course not, they would probably find it amusing.

We used to have bus shelters on the Meir Hay estate, but because they were constantly smashed, we just have a little post, with the number of the bus on it. Great in the summer, but awful in the winter, when it's hammering down with rain.

I really do not understand the mentality of these yobs, that get some kind of buzz out of damaging property. They smash the bus shelter up, the next day its repaired, the next day its smashed up, and it goes on and on! At what cost to the Council, to constantly have to repair these shelters?

I say get the CCTV in , and when they are caught, give them the bill for the repair of the shelters, plus an extremely large fine. Is your area suffering from criminal damage? What do you think should be done to cut down on this problem? Give us your thoughts.


Sir Findo Gask said...

I'm not a fan of CCTV as I think it erodes our privacy. In the UK we have more CCTV cameras than anywhere else in the world yet we can't seem to stop acts of mindless violence...

The police need to be more proactive and start fining people that way they may get the message.

As ever we need to deal with the cause rather than the effect as a long term plan. Teach children today respect, teach them right and wrong and in 30 years we may see a change..

Adam Colclough said...

Waiting at some bus stops in the city isn't a plesant experience, particularly after dark, something needs to be done about the vandalism too, although I'm not sure that CCTV cameras are all of the answer, after all they only provide a passive eye observing the problem, what we need is action.

Sir Findo is right the police need to be more proactive in catching vandals and we need to teach our children right from wrong and that doing the wrong thing always has consequences.

We need something else too, a little more pride in our city, people who care about where they live don't allow the mindless minority to spoil everyone elese's quality of life

warren said...

Sir Findo is right, there is to much put on CCTV in this country, we seem to be surronded by the cameras yet violent crime is still comitted. The only thing it dous is prey into normal folks privet lives.
Police do need to be less relient on these cameras and be there when a crime as been comited, or just after.
Form a pre-school age children sould be tought to respect all around them, shown what is right from wrong, ruels of how to behave leyed down, kept to. All to meny times now this will not happen for whatever reason. Blame can be put on the lack of perenting skills by some perents, there in is the problem, not just in this city but all the others in this country. As the wise Sir Findo says, theach this and in 30 or so years we may see a change, the decent folk of this country may just hang on till then.
Adam, most Stokies have a very strong pride in this city, just a few pocketts full of real down on there ass dirty gits lets us down, but let us down badly.

T Cope's Underpants said...

Chell Heath Road? Is this CCTV really about the authorities keeping an eye on Craig Pond?

bnp and proud said...

How come cctv doesn't deter a bank robber?

City Learning Centre said...
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leachy lee said...

Get use to it cctv is the way of the future & it is not the police’s fault that people get away with anything its the fact that there is not a punishment system in this country worth a damn if they get taken to court more times than not they get let off & if by some miracle they do get sent to prison its more like a holiday camp !! & if you have nothing to hide then why complain.

warren said...

BNP and Proud, well, you will insist on doing that sout of

Tony said...

I am all for CCTV in these situations. It isn't nice when we are constantly watched by Big Brother but if it means that mindless thugs hell bent on vandalism then so bet it. Once they are caught they must feel the full weight of the law and not just some token sentence handed out after some sob story!

Sir Findo Gask said...

Leachy Lee, I certainly have nothing to hide. My problem with CCTV is I don't see it adding any value and stopping any trouble.

In town centres it has a use, but watching a bus stop to stop vandalism?

If they sold it as an inclusive package of security and information. IE Cameras to monitor the bus stop, along with electronic timetables, live bus information and maybe an intercom with a control room, then I would be more likely to go with the idea, but a camera to stop (or not as the case maybe) a few toe rags from smashing windows.....

leachy lee said...

Sir findo I agree it is a bit of overkill for a bus shelter but on the other hand if they were punished for smashing up a bus shelter they might actually learn that in a civilised society any crime will be punished (even if it was making them clean up the mess they have made smashing glass) rather than getting away with anything & everything it might even make them actually stop & think that their actions have consequences !.

terry turbo said...

The answer is quite simple, instead of putting destructable units up that need constant attention, put up concrete units that are practically indistructable and maintenance free.
These units lasted for years, does anyone remember them, they served their purpose, and because they had no glass they stopped the scum fom having any fun.

nicky said...

I don't have a problem with being observed on cctv as I won't be doing anything wrong and have nothing to hide, but I do agree with others that there is a danger it could be used instead of good policing and attendance in person at trouble spots.

I also agree with others that people should have pride in their city and bring up their children well. But the trouble is we can all do that, but can still suffer because others don't share our values. So strict policing and significant consequences are needed.

My immediate thought was that the cctv would just get vandalised, but Terry you have the solution to that one, good idea. Sir Findo Gask, I also really like your idea "cameras to monitor the bus stop, along with electronic timetables, live bus information and maybe an intercom with a control room". Downside is those could get smashed.

Sir Findo Gask said...

Nicky, I'm not sure they would get smashed if it is an inclusive package. Look at the Metrolink in Manchester. Every station has an intercom to the control room which is monitored by CCTV they don't seem to have too many problems..

They make it very clear that if you press the intercom you are on CCTV and the police will be called..