Monday, 3 November 2008


Democracy4Stoke (D4S) are seriously considering the need to set up a 'shadow Transition Board'.
With many people on this blog expressing a concern that an unelected(and uncalled for) board of 'talents' is being formed to oversee the work of local elected Councillors, the cross party group know as Democracy for Stoke is seriously considering the need to further the remit of a democratic voice for the tax payers in the City.
Apathy is proven to rule in Stoke and is there for all to see at each and every election and it must be seen as welcome that D4S is seen to take this issue by the horns and run with it.
Democracy has taken a back seat in the City for over six years during the reign of the Mayors, with none appearing to lift us out of the one star status they claimed to be not theirs.
The slight hint of democratic leadership that Mayors were supposed to bring via the direct vote of the people, culminated with policies that seems to ignore those very same people as schools and care homes close around them, against their wishes.
It seems very odd, that a recommendation to set up a 'Transition Board' to hold the hands of elected Councillors, has not been questioned in greater depth when no one voted for this outcome.
So odd is the proposal, that the Labour Group of Councillors actually met to decide what proposals they would agree to and accept (they have a choice?).
Mike Tappin is a former Councillor of great experience, MEP, Leader etc.. but the fact remains that he was booted out because of the policies he chose to inflict upon the people in the South of the City. He now has a remit to see things through, un-elected though, this time.
I cry foul! and I welcome any and all serious attempts to highlight the plight of the people of Stoke-on-Trent who are being abused in this way.


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nita said...
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TAG Fan said...

It should equally be asked what democratic mandate do Democracy 4 Stoke have to do this as they are a group of self-appointed individuals accountable to no one.

Perhaps we need a third group to shadow D4S to make sure that they behave correctly?

John Lowe said...

Yes, tag fan, that third group should be the good and honest bnp

nita said...

Tag fan, you make a very good point.

Maybe, a member of Democracy4Stoke could give us more information on this plan to set up a shadowing board. Even if this board is set up, what power will they actually have?

Good on them, for at least trying though.

st george said...

D4S is mostly made up of ex-councillors, the electorate have already kicked out, and candidates, who equally failed to get elected.

Some are a coalition of Councillors from across the council, including the group leader of the Potteries Alliance(membership 2), Peter 'Marx' Kent-Baguley.

What mandate do they have, to shadow anyone ???

Inside Job said...

D4S is an all party, or non party, all singing dancing free for all non membership group of people who saw the position of Mayor as being less democratic than other forms of Governance.
If the model of Mayor is so good and the model is Government, then why not directly elect the Prime Minister (a President)?
No body joins D4S, it is just there.
They pay taxes and have a view of politics that goes beyond party politics.
Roger Ibbs is within that circle and he's on the EMB.
For some reason, the very idea of a Transition Board was not tested by the referendum and for that matter, neither was the position of Mayor!
If this Transition Board has no teeth and will not decide against any elected views held by councillors, then why is it there?

The Transition Board is made up of Mayor supporters and vast parts of it written by Mike Wolfe.

Did the Sentinel Newspaper give £1000 to this group to retain the Mayor? Is Trentham High going, regardless of opinion?
Will the Transition Board see that SERCO's wishes are fulfilled?
Says who?

Fred said...

St. George:
Mike Barnes is 'leader' of dmocracy for stoke and he was elected with a massive majority.

The view of D4S was the winner.
The Mayoral view came last.

Let's not suggest that D4S got it wrong or is on the wrong track.

We do want to be taken seriously in here, don't we?

Anonymous said...

Bet the Sentinel are pissed off missing this scoop!

Anonymous said...

Joy Garner has a blog dedicated to her for what? What is she saying other than repeating the mantra of the Governance report? What is her opinion of that Governance report? Well done d4s for giving an opinion and allowing me to agree or disagree with that opinion. Are you a leader, Joy, or a secretary for the Governance Commission and its apologist, the Transition Board?

Anonymous said...

As many people know, opinion within the local Labour party is currently divided.

One issue on which members cannot agree on is who is the biggest loon, Barnes or Elsby.

If either of you are on drugs please tell me where you got them as I want some!!!

no such thing as society said...

Leading Democracy 4 Stoke members and supporters include:

Barnes (mental patient)
Ibbs (most hated politician in Stoke-on-Trent)
Wanger (convicted paedophile)
Kent-Baguley (Marxist)

Not exactly a prestigious list of names is it!

The truth is almost spoken said...

And those against D4S are:

Wolfe- loser
Transition Board (financial sponsors of such)-losers

Democracy 1 Losers 0

Former Town Clerk's Dept said...

This is a very good development, providing it doesn't turn into another group of people trying to block progress. Lest we forget, the elected councillors of the city voted for the establishment of a Transition Board. Hold them to account too. I will hold D4S to account for any nonsense they promulgate on here or in the local media, an activity for which they have form.

brooneyes said...

I've never heard so much bloody daftness in all my life! We get one unelected, undemocratic, leftwing tubthumping gang foisted onto us by the most corrupt government in British history, and
democracy4Stoke come up with the bright idea of forming a group of lefty no hopers, to shadow the group of lefty no hopers foisted on us by the government!!
If you want to see democracy served, tell the councillors to stand up and be counted, by telling Clarke and the rest of this PC shower to pack up and bugger off! We have 60 elected representatives, we don't need the Labour parties cast offs and agent

Anonymous said...

Mike Barnes attempt to keep his name in the frame to be leader. Joke-on-Trent with him in charge.

no such thing as society said...

Oh dear I missed one out from the Democracy 4 Stoke Hall of Fame.

What about Ted "elect me first and then I'll tell you which party I'm joining" Owen?

I'm no elected mayor supporter, but neither would I rub shoulders with the dubious lot of individuals in D4S.

nita said...

I have had to remove my first comment on this article, as I initially thought that it was a good idea that Democracy 4 Stoke, tried to set up a shadowing body, to the Transition Board.

Having given this some serious thought, my opinion has now changed.

We need to take positive action, to move the City foward, and give the Councillor's our support, so that they can take the appropriate steps, to ensure the Council is running properly. Do we really need another panel in place, to oversee, another Board. I think not. This could potentially create more of a divide, than there is already.

I personally feel, there is too much inhouse fighting from Councillor's at the best of times, and isn't it about time, positive steps are taken to actually try and work with these various Boards, and see if you can achieve something positive for a change.

Tom said...

I totally agree with Nita.
Councillors have been at each others throats for years and it is this City which suffers.
We all need to work together and help support our Councillors to close Trentham, move on and use regeneration money to the best possible effect.

moaner and groaner said...

An interesting comment, Nita of 'too much inhouse fighting'.
Those not used to politics or political parties, often mistake differences of opinion as fighting.
Tories V Labour is right and proper politics and is called 'opposition' (a different political outlook).
In-house fighting, is actually a difference of opinion from within.

A perfect example is the BSF closing programme for our Schools.

Some want them shut and can prove their decision is correct and others want them to stay open and can prove why.

Yes, this is 'infighting', if you like but in fact, it is a difference of opinion. The majority wins.

Unless of course, you take 10,000 signatures to John Healey, drop them onto his desk and say NO!
Basically, the references to anti's or moaners is a disturbing effect of politics with only one aim of shutting all other voices out (Meredith lost his Job doing such)
Read the Commission report carefully,look for the 'sign off' bit and who's 'reccommendations' they are and who the Transition Board reports back to. Then read the bit where it says the 'Government has a duty...'.

I'll be somewhat OK with this board just so long as it continues to 'sign off' any and all policies that ELECTED councillors agree on.

Please remember, I have never been a Councillor and therefore I'm not guilty of anything.
The one star staus doesn't belong to me, it belongs to Mayors and councillors.

nita said...

Moaner and Groaner. I am not on about the various parties disagreeing on decisions, this is healthy debate, and you are not always going to get a large group of people to agree. I am on about individuals from the same party, trying to discredit another, for want of a better phrase, dishing the dirt, for political gain.

There is clearly a rift, in the Labour section of the council, is it between central and south, or north,central and south, who knows, but something is not quite right. You only have to read some of the comments made on here, it is clear for all to see. Is it because some are following different party policies, who knows?

So, if Labour ever want to become popular in the City again, they need to sort themselves out. If not, the BNP will grow stronger and stronger.

our man on the inside said...

As a long standing observer I would say that Labour in Stoke-on-Trent primarily has 3 strands of opinion:

1. Those who supported the regime of Barry Stockley in the late 90s and early 00s and want to go back to the same style of governance.

2. Those who support Mayor Meredith and are fans of the elected mayor system.

3. Those who do not hold either of the above in very high regard and are looking for a different way forward.

Certainly Gary Elsby falls into category 1. Joy Garner and Mark Davis are in category 3. Mohammed Pervez is in category 2. whilst Mike Barnes is closest to category 1.

Hope this gives an insight to contributors.

st george said...

I am not for the mayoral system, I was just asking about D4S's mandate.

They have none.

Their petition to have a referendum has now been actioned. They have a result.

Tranny board ??

They didn't ask me - did D4S ask you ??

Gary Elsby said...

Our man on the inseide:
1. Barry is my friend.
2. I put out 50,000 leaflets in May condemmning the BSF programme of closure.
3.I also put on each and every one of those leaflets, my choice of Governance of either the Mayor or lected Leader....

Everyone knows my preference was for NEITHER.

My preference was for option (3)that was unavailable to Stoke-on-Trent which was Enhanced Comittee's.
The least worst option was leader.

You'll also find that D4S leaders wanted similar and Barry Stockley did also.
I have no idea of the personal views of Joy or Mark but good luck to them as always.

Now please go back into the Town Hall and misrepresent the public like you do so well as you are not very good at representing me at all.


Gary Elsby said...

Incidentally, the Commission report, (p31 4:8) mentions 'enhanced'this option and explains why it remains unavailable.Not allowed.

What it doesn't say is why it's not allowed?

It is allowed elsewhere, however but a shuffling of the cards does make it 'not allowed' here.

Anonymous said...

Isn't councillor Pervez the person who won his first elction on day one and on day two, was considered so experienced that he was promoted to the second highest position in the City, the EMB?
Is he the same man who used that considerable wealth of experience to shut Dimensions splash pool for £60,000 that simple did not exist?
Didn't Mark Davis and Joy Garner agree?
Bollocks, I hope you'll agree.
And they run our City.
You wonder why we oppose them.