Sunday, 2 November 2008


What's the point of hosting a blog if you can't throw a few harmless plugs out for yourself and your mates...... Well here goes!

My good friends Sam Plank & Verity Hilton are just a few day's away from the launch of a much needed Radio Station for our area, FOCAL RADIO. You can listen on DAB or at Focal

The music policy is great, it's like the soundtrack of our lives! There are some talented presenters too, like Glyn & Katie Johnson, Leigh Preece and of course the man Sam Plank! (pictured)

You can also hear me on there too as I will be co presenting the sports programmes on Friday evening and of course Saturday afternoon. The sports programme is going to be a mix of great music and sports news and we will be very fast at getting those all important scores out on the air in super fast time.

I went down to the studio yesterday to do a full test show and I have to say I was like a kid in a sweet shop. The studio set up is bloody amazing, no expense has been spared, the best equipment that money can buy has been installed and the station is going to rival anything else that's on offer in this area! Focal will be a station with real Jocks and not just people who play the same old, same old again and again.

Sam & Verity keep dropping into the blog so I want us all to send our best wishes to these brave people who are risking an awful lot to bring a new sound to our city and in true Plank style you can be sure that Focal will be for Local!

I am talking to Focal about working in some way with pitsnpots. The two have the same aims in many ways in as much as we are both passionate about our city and we both want to tackle local issue and be of assistance to local people.

DAB is a great media the sound quality is superb and if you haven't got a DAB set yet I urge you to do so, they are relatively cheap and are widely available. I always listen to the radio through my PC when I am working or blogging and you can bet my station of choice will be Focal on the 5th!

So please, leave your good luck messages for Sam and Verity on the blog and let's hope that Focal is a massive success story for our city


nita said...

I would like to wish all involved with Focal Radio the best of luck.

It's great to see Sam Plank back on air, and hope that he is recovering well, we have missed him.

I am sure, this will be a success, with a wide variety of programmes.

Good Luck!!

Helen said...

It's fabulous news that Sam & Verity will be back on air this week.

Wishing you both the best of luck (though you won't need it.)

Here's hoping that Focal Radio grows into the most popular radio station in the area.

Good luck to my friends, two lovelier people you couldn't wish to meet & they deserve the success.xx

brooneyes said...

Good luck. Anything that helps in the fight against Labour tyranny and the EMB's complacency has to be a good thing.

warren said...

All the best to Focal,we need another local station. Radio Stokes ok, as for Signel, well what can you say, load of old shit.

Alison said...

All the best to everyone involved in Focal Radio, especially Sam and Verity.

These two have been the voice of so many people in Stoke on Trent in the past, raising awareness of community issues in the area, both at Radio Stoke and Signal.

They deserve to do well. Looking forward to hearing your shows. I am sure you will be debating many community issues at Focal Radio.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Focal Radio is a great idea and it would be good if pitsnpots got involved. Seen as this station is available online it wouls make sense if the posters on this site could contribute to a pitsnpots radio debate. I'm sure that Craig and all the rest of the pitsnpots regulars would get involved who else is up for it?

Peter Philips

Radioman said...

Ta for the good wishes people - and if you're up early enough - or late enough in some cases - catch me on-air with Wake Up and Work between 2am and 6am - the best time of the day! Leigh.....

Alison said...

What a great idea - a Pitsnpots radio debate!!

I bet there will be loads of bloggers on this site who would be more than happy to air their views on radio.

And we can blog and listen to Focal at the same time - great!!!

I can't wait for the debates to start...

Chrissy J said...

Bring it on pitsnpots on the radio! There is more common sense talked on this site than in the whole of Council Chamber! I'm sure that most on this site would get involved!

warren said...

Oh! hell yes, I would be up for one or two debates on the wireless. Anyway as I wright this I'v got Focal on the DAB in the Den and Sams just blasted out 'Take it to the Limit', god bless him. Radioman look out son, I sometimes can't sleep and its then off to the den with the laptop and DAB, I'v drive the overnights on talksport off there heads at times, might call on you one night.

Warren's Translator said...
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