Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Now, let's get one thing out of the way before we start. I don't think anyone should be denied a beano in Spain, in fact, if someone wants to pay for me to go on the pi......on a 'working' break to Spain, I've got my bikini at the ready. mmmmm.
Richard Mercer, holiday rep and Head of Edensor Technical college, blew £30,000 for a pis...trip for the staff to do a bit of 'research' ("that's me story and I'm sticking to it"). Unfortunately for them it was cancelled due to it being exposed (by those that knew about it Months ago-Meredith). They have managed to scrape back around £2000 and Mercer is holding on to his job by the skin of his teeth (threats).
Governors have been very angry at being kept in the dark but 'sources' reliably inform the Oracle that threats have been made by Keith Pritchard, (Chair ETC) that if they talk to the press, they will be sued. At least one Governor resigned on the spot.
What is going on? Sandon goes into special measures as it prepares to take over the role of Longton High under the leadership of Barbara Hall, aged 100 years old. Leadership! Is someone kidding? Surely you take the piss? Pity the children and pity the parents! but don't pity Ged Rowney or Mark Meredith who preside over this shite! Is it any wonder that the whole lot are being sacked one by one by the voters?
Does it get worse? Well, yes it does. Edensor have done dodgy deals to secure the running of the new (unwanted) Academy on the Parkhall site, or is it Willfield? And Trentham goes to the Knackers yard with its wonderful results at GCSE!
Makes you sick doesn't it, that very highly paid and trusted servants of the City's Education Depratment act like lags planning a heist on a bank. Secrecy, threats, legal actions, scams, failures, sun tans, no accountability, ignorance deals!
Nothing I can write will say exactly how I feel about this sorry mob other than DISGUSTING!
UPDATE! Don Evans, a long serving and well respected Governor of Edensor, has recieved a letter from the school threatening that his well deserved MBE will be forcibly removed once the Cabinet Office of Government has been informed.
Nasty! Lies lies and more lies are being bandied around as to Mr. Evan's conduct and every means possible is being used to stifle any and all attempts at getting to the truth. The Oracle has put out many agents and inflitrated inside the school to bring you more news as it happens. Rest assured, I will get to the bottom of this story.


Teacher said...

What the hell is going on? Sack everyone, from Rowney down to the Heads!

Anonymous said...

Edensor is no longer the lead school on the Parkhall Academy. It was told to the staff of the other schools who would be amalgamted before the half term.

Optimist said...

There is some good news in all this. Longton have just had a great Ofsted inspection (see earlier blog), and they've got a great Headteacher who knows how to get a school out of Special Measures.

I bet there are some great governors or ex governors (like the person who's resigned from Edensor), who could take up the reigns at Edensor after Mr Mercer's gone. Why not just sort it out?

And what's this about the other schools who would be amalgamated being told Edensor's no longer the lead on the Parkhall Academy? When are the public going to be told?

Serco/LA seem to change their minds daily on who's doing what, where, when, which all leads to a different ending to that suggested at the consultation meetings last November (2007). But still no mention of any reconsultation taking place.

How are parents supposed to know what's happening if they aren't told? But then, as the Edensor story shows, even the governors don't know what's going on, so what chance the parents?

brooneyes said...

Education in Stoke-on-Trent is being destroyed by those supposedly there to nurture it!
Let the BNP run it, we'll have education back on the straight and narrow in no time.

Rasputin said...

If this was private industry, they would all be sacked.It is nothing more than a racket that a bunch of overpaid teachers go on a bender at the school's expense. Special measures is the realm of the incompetent and surely, the head of the school should automatically go when such a damning verdict is given.

optimist said...

What's this update? How can Mr Mercer threaten a long serving governor? And why would anyone in government listen to Mr Mercer ranting on about Mr Evans' actions and expect them to forcibly remove his MBE? Mr Mercer's status is all in his head - no one in any position of authority will take a blind bit of notice of this egotistical little man.

Correct me if I am wrong, but don't you get awarded the MBE after being nominated by someone, for doing good work? I expect Mr Evans got his for services to education, as he has been a governor for so long.

Do you see Mr Mercer with an MBE? Oh yes - Richard Mercer MBE (My Big Ego). What a joke.

If this is an indication of Mr Mercer's behaviour, it's no wonder The Oracle has so many spies infiltrating the education system to provide him/her with material. They must be falling over themselves in the rush to spill the latest set of beans.

It's like a soap opera, and, if it wasn't for the fact that the LA appear to be allowing all this to happen and there is no comeback on Mr Mercer, it would be rather a laughing matter. Unfortunately, whilst all this is going on, how can the staff at Edensor possibly concentate on the job they are there for - ie, educating our kids?

nita said...

The Oracle reveals some very interesting information, yet again.

1) I'm not actually too bothered that the trip was arranged for the staff to go on this training trip to Spain. Yes, it may have amounted to a large sum of money being spent, but it is a school matter, and it did come out of the school budget. What bothers me the most is, that the Head and Chair, did not inform the other school Governor's. Is this the correct way to run a school? It shows a total lack of respect, for these people, who do after all, give up their time voluntarily. We then hear, that they will not give these people, any information, as to the cost of the trip, or are not willing to meet and discuss it. Then even worse, we hear, that the Chair makes threats, saying they will be sued if they talk to the press. This could have, and should have, been resolved, in house, without the need of damaging the good reputation of the school.

2) It is rumoured that Sandon High may be in Special Measures. Well, many schools have been in this position, and it is not a nice one. We could perhaps be a little smug, in all of this, as Longton High is always the school that people look down on, but I for one, hope that the school does resolve its problem, asap.

We await the Oracle's next blog.

Jonny said...

Rasputin: overpaid teachers? try getting a Maths or Science graduate to do it.

Anonymous said...

Er, how can the BNP run education when most of them are semi-literate. Surely an oxymoron? Steve Batkin didn't even know the meaning of the word abstain. Where education is concerned the BNP are all mouth and no substance because none of them are educated themselves.

warren said...

Now it apears that for years I have been misstaken. I have blamed the state of Stoke on Trents education on lack of perentel surport given to the schools. Now it comes about that is not that at all, its a compleat lack of brains from the damed fools runing it.
Anonymous, not all BNP members are like the beloved Mr. Batkin, he's just a joke all round.

fat teacher said...

Get a maths or science graduate to do what?

Slim Teacher said...

Do, what?

Jonny said...

Fat Teacher
They can get loads more working for banks or industry I know we lose 2 or 3 that way each year.

Many take a pay cut to come into teaching. Envy in Stoke always rears its empty head. These people are paid the going rate and could go anywhere in the uk and get the same or better pay.

Sir Findo Gask said...

I'll be interested to see what information anyone gets about the cost of this trip as the Council (no longer the school) are hiding behind every possible section of the freedom of information act when requests for information are made...

One big cover up..

Debbie said...


How about getting your agents to have a look at the minutes of the governors meetings where Marbella was discussed.

It MAY make interesting reading.
Especially the list of those governors present.

optimist said...

Debbie, if you have something to share with the people of this blog, why not just come out and say it?

If you know which governors were present at the Marbella discussion meeting, please tell all...

Joseph Stalin said...

No, she doesn't have any info, Optimist. She's just shit stirring... like me.
It's just I'm honest about being a shit stirring cretin while she isn't!

Craig Pond Fan Club said...

Raaaarrrrgghh!!! Bloody immigrants !!!!!

The spy on ECT said...

Just to let you all know that not content with wasteing public money on a piss up in Spain, and only schooling pupels at his school on a part time basis, the head of ECT alows raceisem within his school, there are two pick up points for perants, out the frount for the whites and its round the side for the rest. The man knows about it and seems to do nothing to discorrage this. Is that right.