Thursday, 20 November 2008


Just a quickie (as the actress said to the bishop!). We have now removed the comment moderation. We will still receive notification by email when someone posts on one of our blog articles. All posts will continue to be monitored and as our slogan is,
no post will be removed unless it is personal, threatening or abusive, you can bet we will stick to it!

We have taken this decision after the "Oracle" threatened to haunt me forever! The "Oracle" does not want the debate stifled and what the "Oracle" wants the "Oracle" gets! I don't want to be infiltrated by those "Agents" 'ooh 'err!

I am delighted to announce that Sir Findo Gask has joined our merry band of bloggers and as already made a massive difference to our team and has brought a deal of IT knowledge with him. I can confirm he looks exactly like his photo!

Anyway onwards and upwards!..................................


Sir Findo Gask said...

I'm actually shorter than my photo..

I'll go back to my cave now and continue working on hard wiring The Oracle in to Blogger and other stuff

Debbie said...

I totally agree with your stance Tony and look forward to new Blogs to respond to.
Oracles contributions can be very interesting but still leave some questions unanswered.
With all his agents you would think the oracle could find out whether our friend Don was as in the dark about certain goings on in Longton. My sources tell me he was involved at all stages considerably more than he is letting on.