Wednesday, 19 November 2008


'Sources' within Edensor Technical College (Southern Spain) have informed me that the situation is now at breaking point in the holiday complex.

It seems that the Headteacher, Richard Mercer (a redcoat in his spare time) and the Chair of Governors, Keith Pritchard (bouncer) have now threatened the entire Governing body with 'the law' ooooooooohhhh, oh, so powerful and scary!

'Sources' inform me that Governors have been threatened with removal from the Governing Body if they continue to harass the Headteacher and the Chair into calling an extra ordinary meeting concerning the 'training' holiday (bender) that all staff were to go on.

Keith Ailwood, a Governor has indicated that if this meeting is not held immediately, then the entire Governing body will 'resign on the spot'.

The Oracle writes:

Mercer and Pritchard are a couple of spivs who attempted to go on a bender at the public's expense and hoped nobody would find out. The Oracle believes that it is not just these two who are in the frame. Meredith and Rowney must have certainly known of this piss up in advance and must also be held to account when our children suffer third world education standards in a lone star authority. Parents and kids are queuing up to leave the City while our teachers are queuing up at the check in! Mercer has to go and the chair of Governors must resign his post today. Tomorrow will not do! Don Evans MBE can hold his head up high (but not on the gallows) and know full well that he and his fellow Governors retain the respect of all Parents and concerned taxpayers in this City in their quest to hold up Edensor's SS to public scrutiny. They are covering each others backs and it is a public duty to expose them.


Fenton Tom said...

It keeps getting worse.This lot should just resign for the sake of our children. It is obvious that this school's staff at the top end are being protected by people inside the council.That can only be for one reaon and that is they knew. Meredith would lose his last bit of credibility if he is exposed as defending the actions of Ged Rowney and SERCO who gave the nod for the holiday.
Is it any wonder our kids can neither read or write properly in the South of the City?

Tom said...

I blame Barry Stockley,Alan Jones and Gary Elsby they built the Regent Theatre and made crap councillors and would take the city back to how it used to be.

concerned pc said...

question when did walk out of the meeting become resign on the spot ? if this is the case surely we`d be short a few of our councilors who manage to walk out of many such meetings at the town chambers wouldnt we?..

longton Market said...

I see Gary has destroyed the Tory party in the Sentinel, yet again.
I'd vote him as leader anyday.

Sir Findo Gask said...

There is more to this than meets the eye.

Why are the governors not allowed to question Messrs Mercer & Pritchard?

Why are they hiding behind the Freedom of Information act to put a block on providing information about this trip?

Gary Elsby said...

Who has the power to remove a School Governor?
LEA removes Parent, Co Opted removes teacher,Business Class removes working Class?

ps. I didn't build the Regent Theatre as I have never been a Councillor. I wish I had been a Councillor during the time of the Cultural Quarter so-called 'fiasco' and I would have been very proud of building such a huge monument to the City's ambitions and potential. You'll find no criticism from me for that episode.

Gary Elsby said...

PPS: you can blame me for everything if you want to, as most people seem to do anyway!
Nothing will change, nothing will alter and no one in my circle blames me for anything.
I'm happy to take all the flak for the Labour Party but only that which is agreed upon by common consent of majority.
If I have a say and I lose, so be it. If I am disallowed a say or a view or the majority is ignored, then I ask those perperTRAITORS to stand alone and fall when asked.
I'm happy to defend the majority view but not an ignorant minority dictatorship.
Hitler was an elected member of the Reichstaag based upon a common assent but he soon abandoned that view by listening only unto himself.He died in 1945.

Sir Findo Gask said...

Gary, you posted the BNP membership list to teh interwebs then?

John Walker said...

No Find, it were me!

Pickfords Removals said...

Does anyone know why the following people have called upon our services?
Steve Batkin, Alby Walker, Craig Pond, Terence Cope, John Lowe, Philip Sandland, Michael Coleman, and quite a few others.

Shaun Bennett said...

The heads position must now be utterly untenable. His behaviour in trying to silence all criticism or debate on this issue is absolutely shocking and he has lost all credibility.

If he had any shame at all he would go of his own accord.

nita said...

This could have, and should have, all been resolved weeks ago. However, the Head and Chair, do not wish to meet and discuss the matter with the other Governors.
I was under the impression that a Governing Body, involved a group of people. If the trip was organised without their knowledge, then they have every right to ask for a meeting, to answer questions, and to be given the information.

Is making threats, and sending nasty letters to these Governors resolving the matter, No.

Just meet with these people, and treat them with the respect they deserve.

insider at stoke said...

You may be interested to learn that Mr Mercer did offer to resign on the Friday the day of the proposed trip. His resignation was refused by non other than Roger Ibbs!

Shaun Bennett said...

Oh well what do you exxpect!

Debbie said...

and others I do not and will not agree on your stance about the way a school's governing body chooses to use it's training budget.

Now I have asked you this before and you ignored it.

Why ORACLE if you have so much access to so much inside Information do you not publish the minutes of the meeting where Marbella was discussed.

Is it because that pillar of the local Labour party Don Evans was there?

Were a few others there who are now suffering some short term memory loss?

The real Roger Ibbs said...

Mr. Mercer did not offer to resign I therefore did not refuse to accept it.
Don't mind blame for what I have done and not for a 'real' insider makes up in their sleep

nita said...

The Real Roger Ibbs, you get the blame for most things, so what's new, ha ha!

Debbie, Ive no problem with the trip itself, its come out of the school budget. The staff need to do their training out of the school environment. I just think this could have been resolved without all the bad publicity. Are you trying to tell us that the Governors did actually attend the meeting re the Marbella trip? Why are they saying they did not, if they did? Interesting.

They just need to resolve this as soon as possible, its not fair on the staff and the kids.

warren said...

Pickford Removeals, you are not big and belive me, you must be a real fool, you posted under the wroung blog.
Now onto one of my very favrate whipping boys, littel Dicky Mercer, speartime school headmaster, speartime travel agent and full time public money waster and embarrsement to the city. Now if the silly bugger had buggered off before he completly kicked himself up the ass, he would have gone with a mark of some dignaty.But no, and now he's got himself a partner to clown around with, yes it's the Mercer and Pritchard show, watch both of the fools get pissed off there daft heads in Spain as they aimlessly try to right off a once very fine school. You could not make it up, but these two sods would have a real good go at it.
Lets hope that most of the city are behind Don Evens, given his MBE for 30 sirvace to the eduaction system in 2000. That gives the man 38 years helping the kids of this city get a good life. good for him, a fine thing to do.
Both Tricky Dicky and Keith Prichard sould, if they have any brains, tender there notises of resignation tomorrow, but knowing these two, dont hold your breath, you are only going the turn blue.

Debbie said...

I have often thought that the Sentinel frequently try to modify readers comment to suit the story they want to put across. Recently a friend of mine was telling me about an issue of racist bullying of a child of one of their friends. The school would not accept it was going on. When an article relevant to this situation was published in the Sentinel she wanted to comment but no matter how she phrased her story the News Nazis deleted it a few minutes after she posted it.

So tonight I was trying to comment about Don Evans, MBEs and temporary amnaesia. No matter how I phrased it the News Nazis removed it. I got a couple of friends using different names to put up other comments about our Don and they were removed.

This proves to me that the story about Edensor is driven by the Sentinel they have an Agenda and they are using Don who is at best a labour party minion who got his MBE for unquestioning loyalty (possibly because the questions never occured to him) and whose integrity cannot be called into question especially in the Sentinel. I have emailed the lovely Kathie and am waiting for a response.

WE have in SOT a newspaper that is as disreputable as it's politicians. I will say here and now Don got his Chocolate medal(MBE) for services to the labour party which means doing what you are told. Orifice what about the minutes.

nita said...

Debbie, I agree with you on this one. The whole ETC saga, makes a good story for the papers. It's wrong really, as it just causes upset for the staff and pupils of the school. The Head/Chair could have resolved the problem by meeting with the other Governors. However, I have to say we the public do not know the whole story.

I wonder, how the story of the trip got to the Sentinel in the first place?

Debbie said...

Finally for tonight:

Fenton Tom: the kids in the South of the city cannot read and write as badly as Warren.

Thank god for small mercies and Southern Comfort.

By the way I love the way Nita Alison and Tony all rip into you in turn especially if you mention their beloved LHS. Top gang, I wish my governors were as loyal.

Tony said...

We can be bought for a nominal fee or indeed hired for even less! lol

warren said...

Deddie... Wots up wiv ya now woman, I'll hav ya no that i am a product ov the sowth of the citys enducation system... lol.

nicky said...

Insider, I'd far rather Roger Ibbs resigned.

Hmm, do the police now have to work out whether John Walker's confession is for real or not?
If he had any sense he wouldn't confess that way. But then if he had any sense he wouldn't have posted the list, so it could be him.

Wouldn't it be nicer if people stopped picking on Gary for anything and everything?

And Debbie, carry on picking on the Sentinel, I agree with you there, but don't pick on Warren.

Good one Warren!