Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Shock Horror! The BNP's membership list has been printed on the Internet! Who cares?

The only thing that it as brought home to me is how insignificant this minority party really are.

For all the huff and puff we hear on this blog about how they are the future for our City nay, our Country. this list proves that it is all piss and wind!

Lets put this pathetic number into some sort of perspective shall we:

Tory Party 290000 members
Labour Party 210000 members
Liberal Democrat Party 70000 members
UKIP Party 16000 members
Green Party 12000 members (England, Scotland, Wales N.Ire)
BNP 10000 members.

At the last General Elections the BNP polled at total of 191,519 votes out of a possible 27000000 votes cast!

The BNP won over 100 council seats at the May 2008 elections in the United Kingdom which is in fact, less than 1% of the total number of seats available.

In Stoke on Trent the BNP polled 8086 vote out of 55288 (14.6%).

Given the fact that Labour is supposed to be on it's arse in this city and is most certainly suffering from the ineptness of the policies of the Labour Elected Mayor, Mark Meredith, Labour managed to poll 14038 vote out of the possible 55288 cast (25.3%)

We are constantly told on this blog by certain posters that the BNP in this city, are like the 2ND coming of the Messiah! The first coming of the No9 bus seems more apt to me!

BNP membership is frowned upon in many organisations, the Police, Fire Brigade, Teaching, Further Education, the Clergy, the Armed Forces, and so it goes on. This leaked membership list has people as young as 14 on it, which in my opinion should be against the law!

Nick Griffin admits that some of his members, especially those in the professions listed above are vulnerable. I say if a name appeared on one of the mainstream parties membership list no one would give a toss! Could it be that association with such an extreme, hateful party who's policies are based on the colour of one skin, might be reviled by the vast majority of the British people.

There is no doubting that the BNP have 9 councillors in our city and have prospered because of the EMB.

The EMB have no doubt taken the voices of every single separate political party represented in Stoke on Trent and left just the collective of the EMB and the extreme views of the BNP.

The BNP would have us believe that they are the answers to all our prayers but in truth, given the above statistics we would be better of voting for UKIP or the Green Party if we were looking to place a protest vote.

Over the next few months we will be bringing the other parties to the forum and giving you the cities electorate the chance to make your mind up which party best represents your ideals and I'm sure if we did this the BNP's popularity would diminish.

The BNP would have us believe that they are a united organisation but this membership list was posted by an angry member who wants to start off a leadership contest. This dissenter believes that Nick Griffin is too dictortorial and want rid of him. This latest rift comes not long after Griffin kicked out most of his executive who also wanted rid of the Welsh Wizard! They went on to form their own far right party called the "Voice of Change" (CLICK)
The BNP are about as united as the "Strictly Come Dancing" judges!

The BNP a credible alternative to the mainstream parties? I'd better be off.... the No9 bus is due............ Oh look a flying pig!


Shaun Bennett said...

No doubt we are going to all lose our heads and get bogged down in another debate about whether the BNP are 'evil' or not.

But lets not lose sight of the fact that a crime has taken place in leaking this information. Unless this is another law that Labour want to use with which punish the BNP, at the moment, BNP party members have the right to privacy just like anyone else. I hope that someone is brought to justice for this appalling lapse.

No doubt the witch-hunts will now begin to get all of these people sacked from their jobs, thrown out of their unions or charitable groups and exiled from their communities if we can get away with it. The ongoing march to an illiberal state goes on.

If we believe the BNP to be an 'evil' organisation then we should ban membership of the party and take action accordingly, but so long as the party remains a legal organisation to join, what possible right do we have to punish them in any way?

Now I don't think that the party should be banned because that will just tell everybody that they're right and that we can't argue against them. But if we continue to seek to punish people for membership of a legal organisation then our democracy is shown to be a joke, and the BNP win yet again.

Argue against them if we can; but don't shoot the messenger because we don't like the message if we don't have an argument against it.

Sir Findo Gask said...

Regardless of the party or the politics, would any one of you want your details spread across teh interwebs?

Personally I would be more embarrassed if it were the Conservative membership database that got leaked with my name on it..

But that aside, normal people, and yes folks that's what they are, normal people, not baby eating communists, now have their home phone numbers, mobile phone numbers in the hands of other people. Some of these other people who feel as strongly against the BNP and the BNP do on some of the current Labour policies. In every party you are going to have extremists who will take some form of direct action..

So I guess a number of the people on that list will get an increase in spam mail both electronic and physical, phone calls in the middle of the night etc etc...

The list is still out there to be found, I've had a read of it in the past couple of hours..

Talking of people taking action and being a pain in the arse......

Sir Findo Gask said...

I don't think anyone has any problem with people knowing that they are members of the BNP. If you read this blog you will see that they make it pretty clear where they stand...

What everybody has, and that includes you anonymous, is the right to not have their address details posted on the internet. You are committing an offence and regardless of using the anonymous facility on here, you could be traced..

Gareth Snell said...

What makes me feel unhapy about is that why should members of a supposidly non-racist, non-sectarian party be ashamed by having it known?

Also the BNP runs redwatch which publishes the names, addresses, work place, car type and registration number, phone numbers and anything else it can get its hands on of anyone who has ever tried to campaign against the BNP. So how come that is acceptable but having is membership list published is wrong?

Sir Findo Gask said...

Gareth, yes there is a website that does that, but that does not make it right..

Tit for tat has never worked...

Shaun Bennett said...

Gareth, if that does go on then of course it is totally unacceptable and should be prevented. But two wrongs don't make a right. Just because one person breaks the law it doesn't give you a right to do so in return. In effect, you are bringing yourself down to the level of those you condemn.

Anonymous, I don't know if you are just being mischievous or if you really are known to me, but what you have done is wrong in any event. So have the courage to give us YOUR personal details.

Sir Findo Gask said...

What is interesting, there are some very notable omissions from that list, which would make me think you are perhaps a BNP member who is using this forum to try and create some kind of reaction?

Debbie said...

you are a complete twat. I do not vote BNP but by publishing peoples addresses you are stirring up race hatred JUst the thing people accuse the BNP of.

Which is no doubt why you hide your identity no kahunas.

Sir Findo Gask said...

The link you posted is not up to date either..

Debbie said...


the posts by anonymous must be removed or no doubt the police will be informed.

brooneyes said...

The police have already been informed as there is a court order against publishing this list. Tony
will take it down, and the arsehole who posted them will be tracked and charged with breaches of the Data Protection act, breaches of numerous privacy laws, theft, and anything else we can charge this anonymous bag of monkey shite with!

Martin said...

Have to laugh about this whole affair especially after Prick Griffin's interview on Channel 4 tonight.

Griffin is trying to make out that Labour Party supporters are behind the leak even though earlier it was stated that it was a disaffected member. So he's changed that story for a start. The idea that it was an inside job is by far the most plausible.

He didn't take too kindly to being accused of it simply being a publicity stunt to generate media coverage of the party. He then went on to accuse Labour of running scared because BNP support was catching up with them.

But the best and most hypocritical stance he took was over the sacking of anyone from their jobs for being a member. He stated that if this happened they would take legal action under The Equality Act which is a statute openly opposed by the party, and one they intend repealing. Yet again we see them using a law in their own defence which they openly oppose, like they did with The Human Rights Act. Or when they had their newspaper printed in Slovakie whilst opposing off-shoring. Sorry, like them or loathe them they are openly a bunch of hypocrites.

I personally go with the view that this has been self-inflicted with the intent of generating sympathy and victim status, and if any subsequent police investigation uncovers this it will be a huge own goal.

And whoever keeps putting the names and addresses on here will you please stop because you are not helping anyone. Any group that intends taking action will already have them, such as ANL, UAF, Al-Mujaharoun, or dare I say Mossad or the ISI.

Sir Findo Gask said...

Is there a touch of censorship going on here?

My last post was perfectly reasonable pointing out the legal position, yet you chose to remove it..

What was it you once said, no post will be removed or censored......

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony, how come my post was taken off.
Is it because i accused you of deliberately posting a BNP bashing webbsite, and asked if you would like your details posted all over the net.

Sir Findo Gask said...

I don't think my (now deleted) post fitted in to any of the catagories listed in your post here:>

It looks like pits'n'pots is becoming a pull out section of the Sentinel..

brooneyes said...

Oh! Martin the moron has put in an appearance! What intellectual gems has the scalpel sharp inbred got for us today??
Nick Griffin says it's Labour supporters that have published the list, but earlier he said it was a disgruntled ex-employee. No he didn't retard. The list was originally taken by the ex-employees, but the injunction stopped them from publishing. It looks like they passed the list on to some lefty scum who thought this a great opportunity to show everyone how brave they are, and published it anonymously.
He didn't take too kindly to that arse of on anchor suggesting they were posted by the BNP. Well he wouldn't, would he Einstein, seeing as how some of those people could lose their jobs!
So tell me what you wouldd have him do then? Which laws would you have him use to stop this crooked and bigoted establishment from taking their jobs?
I personally go with the view that you are so stupid you shouldn't be allowed access to a keyboard, and this is proved by the ridiculousness of what you've said.

Fair Minded said...

It's good to see that the site owners have taken down this rubbish but the question has to be posed as to what did they think could have possibly happened by posting the original post and not having moderation and or poster registration enabled.
This could be viewed in any court of law as 'aiding and abbetting' or in a civil case 'negligance'.
Or is it simply a case of "publish and be dammed".

nita said...

Sir Findo, your comment was deleted by error, when trying to remove all the names and addresses, sorry.

Tony said...

Bloody Hell! I left work at 6.15 went into a couple of meetings then and eventually got home at 7.15. Had dinner put the footie on and switched my laptop on, BOOM! Two posts when I left work and 50 when i got home!
Sir Findo I was mortified when i saw what was being posted and went on a mad deleting spree sorry if i took yours off please put it on again.
Debbie, Craig, Shaun ect sincere apologies for not getting them off sooner, i simply had not been online before so they got taken off as soon as I could.
I, as you all know have no idea who posts as anonymous, but would assume that the blogger site does, so if the police wanted to find out who posted those names they could i guess!
The post was intended to highlight the number of members and not who is a member.
If everyone wishes i will remove the whole article, i have to say having seen those list of names and seeing the blog hijacked has left me wondering if i want to carry on with this whole blog thing.
I wanted the site to be used for promoting debate and not as a witch hunt against those who wish to follow a party i don't support but have no issue with anyone who does. I feel totally pissed off now and if it is the wish of the majority i will take the site down!
Again sincere apologies to all offence!

Former Town Clerk's Dept said...

Who cares? We knew they had members! On a more pressing issue, John Sergeant has quit Strictly Come Dancing, this concerns me more.

warren said...

A crime has been commited with the leaking of thios list. Whatever you think of the BNP and there ideels, to publish the information that the list gives on party members is a gross infringment on there privacy. I myself have not seen it do not wish to do so. Craig,Terry stright up frendly question dudes, what do you two think has been going on.

Sir Findo Gask said...

Tony, Nita, thanks for the update. I don't feel the need to re post what I said.

I also don't think you should stop the blog or remove the post.

You could do yourself a favour and alter the way the blog works or is hosted to stop some of the trolls and idiots. I understand the need for an anonymous posting for people who feel they may be at risk if they post in any other way..

Fair Minded said...


You are responsible for this site and any content.

If you allow un-moderated posts to be put up then you must take the blame if it goes 'tit's up'.

You are either very naive or very stupid as to what will be posted un-moderated and un-checked in a volatile political situation.

This site has only three options:

1. become poster registration and moderation until trusted enabled.

2. close down (another good idea spoiled by the reality of life in modern Britain).

3. Be closed down by you host when the comlaints go in.

Tony said...

Fair Minded, I am neither niave or stupid, too trusting? Fair cop! I admit to not being as clued up as some in relation to how the blog site thingy works. Fact is i'm gutted about the posting of some spineless git of those names and thank god we got to it when we did. I think i'm going to inform the police myself. Explain point one to me again, is that the removal of the anonymous posting?

Sir Findo Gask said...

Tony, I think what fair minded is getting at is moderation of anonymous comments. So they won't appear until you or one of the team has read them and approved them.

I'm not sure blogger supports this. I'll drop you a mail with a couple of ideas..

Gareth Snell said...

I'm not advocating that either list should be published, both should be pulled from the intternet, but I do find it rather ironic that they can dish it out but when it happens to them they cry foul.

Fair Minded said...

Sir Findo Gask, Blogger does support this function.

Tony, my apologies for the perhaps derogatory comments.

Sir Findo Gask said...

Cheers fair minded, I've not used blogger for blogging for years now so not sure what they have in the way of features..

Tony said...

Fair Minded & Sir Findo,
Thanks for your input, Moderation is now on! The prat has left the link on every post!

Sir Findo Gask said...

That should slow him down a bit ;)

Sir Findo Gask said...

The only problem now is even registered users like myself, Brooneyes Shaun B etc are moderated.


Anonymous said...

Thr Prat hasnt. The prat left at 6.30pm and has just come back. So it was the work of other to spread.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that a vacancy has come up for the chief officer for the West Midlands Fire Service?

Mmmm ... wonder if Lee Wanger will be applying??

warren said...

Sir Findo, I dont mind and I dont think any of the other regulers will mind, just as long as it gets the prats out of hear dude.

nita said...

Sir Findo Gask. Yes, its a shame that the idiot has spoiled it for the rest of us, who use the site correctly.

I'm not too happy either, I've just missed the England match, deleting all the links on every article. Grrrrrrr!!!

Sir Findo Gask said...

Warren, I agree mate it's just a shame as it interrupts the flow and the banter.

Nita, one bad apple and all that..

All sorted now, nothing to see here, please move along...

terry turbo said...

This is the best debating site i've found, and yes the debates get heated but thats politics.
What spoils debates is insults,personal attacks, and downright malicious lies.
The press are having a field day with crap, journalists desperate to follow the orders of their union, (to never publish positive information about any right wing party) blow out of proportion the slightest detail.
Read the story's in this mornings papers and you will see what I mean.
The hypocracy of the press and media carries a stench that will not go away.
Tony, I found the blog personally insulting, but I cannot take the moral high ground and say you should not publish it, as freedom of speech is as dear to me as anyone else, and something I would defend as long as it is not incitement to hatred.
Its up to you what you do with the blog, just keep the idiots out that will ruin it for the rest of us.

Tony said...

I think you and Craig know enough of me by now to know that the article was intended to encourage debate of the size of the BNP, not who's a member. Before I published the article I tried to access the list from the internet as i had made my mind up that if it was still available I would not publish it. I could not locate the list anywhere so whichever spineless git that posted name on here must have had the list within hours of it going up on the net and then copy and pasting it to word.
Terry the moderation will help weed the idiots out ans allow to vet the anonymous postings. I shouldn't come to this but i guess i am learning that not all people are interested in debate and the craiq!

Shaun Bennett said...

I certainly don't mind being edited out if anything I say is offensive or libelous.

As others have said, its nice for people of different persuasions come together on a site like this to have a heated discussion. But I have been concerned for a while about some of the dirty tricks and foul language that goes on on a regular basis. I know we're not writing an academic masterpiece here but there should be some boundaries of taste and decentcy. Fortunately, it is only a few who seek to abuse the site.

Since all the anonymous postings detailing the names and addresses have been removed, is there any chance of removing my post of 18:07 in which I have a bit of a rant about them spreading these details and not having the guts to even give us their own name? Without the context in place, my posting now looks a little odd and out of place.

nicky said...

It is a shame that gradually Tony is having to take more and more action to keep idiots from misusing the blog site. But I'm sure the underlying philosophy is just the same, to censor as little as possible, although it has turned out there has to be some.

Many of us came over to this site because the censorship on the Sentinel is so extreme and because we want lengthier debate. I can barely ever get any comments onto the Sentinel now, even if I try to say something very mild. Sometimes you get a generous censor, but the rest of the time you are stuck. So even with the restrictions, this is way better.

Anonymous said...

Inside job if you ask me. The BNP allegedly has very tight security and their no.2 Simon Darby is an IT professional by trade. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that someone within the party with access to the right files has leaked the membership list. The motives I would imagine could be varied. How about them saying "look, we really do have 10,000 members" when in fact alot of the names on the file are ex-members. It's not an old list as there are people who joined as recently as 09/08 on it. The best explanation is one that has been posted across the net since the story broke. They posted it themselves to get a sympathy vote, particularly for those in professions that either ban or frown on membership. It's also a great opportunity for them to rabbit shite about leftie conspicies against them, but that's all most of them ever do, is rabbit shite.

Anonymous said...

Why are the BNP crying over their membership list being leaked? They are quite happy to publish details people they see as race traitors on Redwatch. Fucking hypocrites - again!!!