Monday, 10 November 2008


A FAMILY of asylum seekers due to be sent back to Cameroon today have won a stay of execution.

Fred Nukagem (pictured), aged 37, Sandra Yonga Mbell, aged 29, and their three children were due to fly out this morning but their flights have now been cancelled.

The Middleport family, who were arrested on Wednesday, were still being held in a detention centre in Bedfordshire in the early hours of today.

Mr Nukagem said: "I'm very happy our flights have been cancelled."

All this after the family were originally arrested, detained and eventually got a reprieve on the grounds that the children's vaccinations were not up to date.

Fred Nukagem said that he would sue the authorities, which caused upset among the people following this story.

The family home was again raided at dawn again last week, Mr Nukagem forced on the floor naked and restrained in front of his wife and children.

They were told that they were sure to be deported this time, only for the flight tickets to be cancelled.

Whether you agree with this case or not, it can not be right that this family have been pinballed from one place to another.

It doesn't matter if they were here illegally, they still have the right to be treated like human being and not some post office parcel!

What do you think of this families plight? Over to you.................................

Read the Sentinel story here


Sir Findo Gask said...

Have a look at the Immigration Centers. Bedford is the closest suitable facility...

This list is correct as of 14/04/08

Campsfield House IRC
Operational capacity

215 single males can be accommodated at the centre.

Colnbrook IRC
West Drayton
Operational capacity

313 single males with a further 40 spaces within the short term holding facility which may be used for both males and females.

Dover IRC
CT17 9DR
Operational capacity
316 single males can be accommodated at the centre.

Dungavel House IRC
South Lanarkshire
Operational capacity

The centre's capacity is 188 and accommodates a mix of single females, single males and families.

Haslar IRC
Operational capacity
112 single males over the age of 21 can be accommodated at the centre.

Kalyx IRC (AKA Harmondsworth)
West Drayton
Operational capacity
259 single males can be accommodated at the centre.

Lindholme IRC
South Yorkshire
Operational capacity

112 single males over the age of 21 can be accommodated at the centre.

Oakington IRC
Operational capacity
The centre has a capacity of 352 single males.

Tinsley House IRC
West Sussex
Operational capacity

The centre has a capacity of 146 and accommodates a mix of single males, single females and families.

Yarl's Wood IRC
Operational capacity
The centre's capacity is 405 and accommodates a mix of single females and families with children.


brooneyes said...

Don't know why they don't just send them back. Being here illegaly
should mean the first flight back, but these bleeding heart liberals
won't give up that easily. Shame they don't put this kind of effort into looking after our senior citizens.

John Lowe said...

I agree, just send em' back.
They shouldn't be here!

Sir Findo Gask said...

I have just re-read both the stories and fail to see where they have been 'pinballed' around the country.

They have been detained as the courts have found their residency in England to be illegal. They were detained and taken to the closest suitable facility.

Sorry, but if they are here illegally then they need to be detained and then deported. This happens dozens of times each day across the country..

Betty Cowen said...

I hate PC do-gooders, if they love foreigners so much I suggest they catch the first plane out of here to their beloved third world.
We now face the fact of having many more illegal immigrants playing the "I'm in danger of being murdered if I go back to my country" card to stay in the UK (well I don't care).
The Government in this country has too many soft folk running it.
This country struggles to look after it's indigenous people, let alone millions of people and their descendants from other countries.

nita said...

I don't particularly care if I come across as a do-gooder on this one, but these are exceptional circumstances. If lives are seriously at risk, then this family should at least be sent to a safe place.

If you, can let them return home, in the knowledge that these kids will be left without parents, then that is upto you. Some of us have a bit more compassion.

tom said...

It's not illegal to claim asylum, and it's not illegal to appeal against a Home Office decision.

tim mullen said...

I agree with Nita on this one, and am proud do be called a do-gooder!

The logical end to the arguments put forward by brooneyes, john lowe and sir findo gask is that 65 years ago they would have sent Jews back to Nazi this time of remembrance we should perhaps think about that, and put the story of this poor family into some perspective.

Craig Pond said...

rant rant rant

brooneyes said...

They are not in danger! He came here as a student and overstayed.
Why not use the monies spent on these people to make sure our pensioners aren't dying from the cold this winter? If you do gooders want to do something good,
try helping our own out for a change.

warren said...

I now agree that Fred Nukagem and the rest of his famley would be safe if stent back to there home country. It realy is not fair on the anyone that they sould be detaned and then relised as meny times as they have. When all said and done Mr. Nukagem is in the UK unlawfully, as are the rest of his famley. What is the problem with this one, put them on a flight or make them lawfull imargrents, eather ways good by most of us. This sillyness sould not be alowed to go on any longer, someone sould make the call and stick to it.
I agree with Craig, if the same sort of feeling was put into fighting for the rights of OAPs, we may do a littel bit better. When I was out on my walk on Sunday morning I had my little DAB raido headphones in and had it on Focal(it always is now). Paul McCaffrey said something so madening it made my blood boil, it was that to save money, Stoke on Trent City Council are starting to charge OAPs for the pull cord intercom systems in there homes. Now I ask you, and any member of this council who has the bottel to stand up and tell me why this is being done, is that right.

nita said...

I don't care whether he came into the country as a student or not. He left Cameroon for a reason.

Each case, should be assessed individually. If there is good reason to believe, a person's life is at risk, then they should get help, to ensure they are placed in a safe country.

As for the statement, "you do gooders should spend more time looking after our own". Right! Well, I look at everyone as the same, not our own. I'm happy not to discriminate, or judge a person, just by the colour of their skin. If that makes you think that I favour people, I can live with that.

The money should be spent on our pensioners, so they aren't dying from the cold? My grandad is 95, and has his fire and heating on, every day. Why? He gets a Heating Allowance, provided by the Government, to keep him warm.

brooneyes said...

Nita, I'm not judging by the colour of the skin because I'd send all these Poles back too!
Why are the government paying out taxpayers money to keep this family in this country when they are here illegaly? You say he came here for a reason. Yeah, same as most of them, the bloody benefits system!

nita said...

Look, I agree, we should not be paying out money to people who are living in the country illegally.
The main question is, how do they gain entry in the first place?

Now, I do believe, that if a person is in danger, and needs to seek asylum in a safe country, then, they should be allowed to do so. I am not stupid enough to say, let everyone into the UK, as I believe other countries should take some responsibility too.

I am also, all for tackling immigration, and I think most people feel the same.

Now, you want to send the Poles back, but more often than not, they are hard working people. At least, they do come here for work.

John Lowe said...

I don't care whether he came into the country as a student and I don't care if he left Cameroon for a genuine reason, they just shouldn't be here.
I don't care if a person's life is at risk or if they need help. They should be deported even if it's not a safe country.
I only care about the indigenous people of this once great country. If that makes you think that I am a bigot, I can live with that.
The money should be spent on our pensioners, so they don't die from the cold!

brooneyes said...

Nita, it doesn't matter how hard working the Poles might be, the British government is called that for a reason, because its primary
role is the care and welfare of the British. That isn't happening, the British government should change its name to, "anyone but the British government."
There are school and college leavers here on Chell Heath and Fegg Hayes, desperate for the chance of a job, yet the odds are stacked against them by the very people who are supposed to be helping them!
You have to look after your own first, because if you don't, nobody else will.

nita said...

Brooneyes. I totally agree with you.

Yes, we have many young men and women, who have been to college and university, who are still unable to find employment. We have people in the city, who are willing, but unable to find work. So, I suppose, when the Poles come over, and gain jobs before the people of the city, is this really fair? Is this the fault of the Polish people coming in? No, it is because the Companies, are allowed to employ them so cheaply. Given the choice of the two, some employers would opt for the cheaper labour, rightly or wrongly, it is a fact.

I think this is a topic, that should be debated more openly, and I think you will find that the majority have an issue with immigration laws, but certainly not for racist reasons.

brooneyes said...

I don't know how many times we have to say it, but we aren't anti-immigrant, we're pro British.

Bob Bagley said...

It wouldn't surprise me if this family are having problems where they are living, from personal experience I have found Middleport to be a very racist area.

Brooneyes (Craig) I don't understand for the life of me why your lot have never put up a candidate in that area, it's ripe for the taking by the BNP.

Joseph Stalin said...

But no one lives in Middleport anymore Bob, it's like a ghost town.
As for the BNP not putting a candidate up, it's in the Burslem South ward which includes Cobridge and often returns two ethnic councillors out of the three.
If I remember rightly, Mike Coleman did stand in a Bi-election there and got something like 100 votes!

tim mullen said...

Perhaps Craig (Brooneyes) could actually tell us the truth for once in his life: that is that there are more Poles returning home to work in their home country than are entering the UK.

It may be too difficult a notion for the BNP knuckle-draggers to grasp, but we are a country of immigrants.

I hope that these postings are made available to a wider audience as the comments of John Lowe and Brooneyes lay to rest once and for all the myth that the BNP is not a racist party. Once this myth is exposed their support will continue to plummet, as the vast majority of people in Stoke are tolerant and welcoming.

Tony said...

That's what this site is about. You ask the questions, you get the answers, you make your mind up! That's what pitsnpots is here for.

no such thing as society said...

The other problem Joseph Stalin for the BNP standing in Burslem South would be Ted Owen who also courts the 'racist' vote and on many occasions comes over as BNP in all but name.

brooneyes said...

Tim Mullen.
There is a difference between racism and honesty, pillock!
Sure, the Poles are leaving in larger numbers than they are entering, but they leave on the understanding that the British government will pay them dole money in Poland while they look for work!!! The right kind of people that Britain need, are leaving this country in ever larger numbers. Plumbers brickies,
tradesmen tired of being targeted for tax by that big eared moron in number 10, are off to foreign climes, only to be replaced by third world, benefit scrounging dross that serve no other purpose than to boost the number of votes for the bloody Labour party!
You masquerade as an intelligent man, try using it before you go near the keyboard!

Joseph Stalin said...

Brilliant last post Craig, you certainly give entertainment value with your rabid rants.
Keep up the good work!

brooneyes said...

Kiss my ar*e Stalin, you mad Russian mass murderer.

Joseph Stalin said...

....and an on-cour!
Bravo, Bravo!

brooneyes said...

That's 'encore', you ignorant
Trotskyite tosspot.

Joseph Stalin said...

Yes, I seem to have invented a brand new word.
That Trotsky is too soft for me, I prefer my Commies to be brutal mass murderers!

brooneyes said...

Well, killing the language makes a change from killing your comrades, comrade.

Anonymous said...

Great isn't it illegal immigrant and some human rights lawyer gets them a reprieve based on the kids vaccination then he has the check to say he will sue the very same government that will be giving him handouts.

Send him on home if that is his intentions