Wednesday, 15 October 2008


It has come to our attention, on good authority, via e-mail to the PitsnPots website, and word of mouth, that a prominent Headteacher of a certain City School, has told his staff, governors and interested parties, that certain members of the PitsnPots team, Tony, Alison and Steve, are BNP Activists. He states, that this is why these individuals, have, "got it in for the school".

This is absolutely disgusting, and is completely inaccurate. It is fact, that Tony has only recently resigned from the Labour Party, over issues on the running of the city, and even now, still shows complete support for Rob Flello MP, and Councillors Davis, Reynolds and Tolley.
These politicians, and anybody else who knows Tony, Alison and Steve, and also readers of this blog, will know that their politics lies at the other end of the spectrum to the BNP.

It seems these days, you are not allowed to voice an opinion on certain issues, whether you are a tax payer, a school governor, or just an interested party.

When we were all accused of having a vendetta, (you know the story), we decided to pull certain articles off our blog that may have added fuel to the fire, regarding the situation, at the time.

We as a team of bloggers, do what we do, to encourage the city to take part in debate, about the issues and news that affects our city. We do this voluntarily, and without seeking financial gain, or public recognition, but we will not stand, for lies and defamation of character.

Tony has already spoken to his lawyer, and it is fair to say, that if this accusation persists, there could be, a libel writ issued promptly.


brooneyes said...

Well, I'm rather perturbed by this
statement. We in the BNP don't let just anybody in, you know....

dangermouse said...

How PATHETIC, i dare not write my true thoughts as i may be sued.
It's terrible that a person cannot express an opinion without the thought of being racist, having a vendetta & the rest of that bloody rubbish, where's freedom of speech does it really exist these days.

Helen said...

Now who seems to have a vendetta?

I can catagorically state that Tony. Alison & Steve are in no way connected to the BNP.

All of the bloggers on pits 'n' pots have been called Activists at one time or another for our fight for LHS but BNP Activisits, never ever ever ever nor ever will be.

This sounds like a headteacher, desperate to shake the muck off themselves & deflect attention by spouting rubbish.

As Tony has said on more than one occasion, he's a floater & as anyone who has read the posts from Steve & Alison would know they do not support the BNP at all.

Frank Fuller said...

What a silly suggestion, this is obviously completely untrue.

I must say though that I have heard of one high school headteacher in the north of the city who I understand is pushing the limits of acceptability by entering his governing body into the political debate and jeapardising the impartiality of the school.

Gary Elsby said...

I love the bit where you'll sue if someone says you're a member of the BNP:-)
personally, I'd sue if someone said I was Craig Pond.

Alison said...

Gary, glad you are on the blog mate.

I've had a word with my boss and she is happy for me to join the ranks of the labour electorate in 2010.

It will give me something to do after I stop being a BNP activist (sorry I mean school governor!)

Put my name down on your list of 50% females. I will be happy to oblige. After all, I'll have nowt else to do (except my full time job of course!)

nita said...

Brooneyes, are you saying you wouldn't have us lot in your gang, ha ha.

This site was set up for debate, if you support the BNP that is upto you, just as it is any other political party. Just because we find it interesting to listen to different opinions, doesn't make you Activists does it.

Frank Fuller, this really isn't a silly suggestion, these comments have been made. Like we said, it has come from a good source.

Why this Head suggested that these governors are BNP Activists, I really do not know. These people have sat on the Parent Support Group, working with all communities, to ensure that all pupils, respect each others beliefs and backgrounds. In fact, these people won a Sentinel Our Herous Award, for the work they did.

We at PitsnPots have no problem with his school, we have friends whose kids attend, and all are very happy.

The Head really does need to retract his words. He should ensure that he puts his governors and staff right, on his statement.

Lets move on.

warren said...

This headmaster, I take it he may enjoy the odd trip to Spain then,yes. We, this gives us another reason to demand he be dismissed. I would think that with the job he has, then he at the very least sould have the skills to read what a person as posted. He must be so shallow and pathetic to think that, let alown tell others around him, openly speading lies. Is this realy the kind of man we want or need in charge of educateing the next generation, I think not. No-ones 'got it in for the school', why the hell shuld a person feel like that. Please don't let this upset you, PitsnPots team, keep pushing this man till we find out what the hells been going on, and I think most, no, all of the posters on this site are behind you 100%, no matter what our politics are. What we prove on this this site is that we can have very differant views of thinking but we can at least heve our say, have a debate but then we can all then turn around and have a bit of fun, and in the end get along.I dont think this headmaster can see this.

Frank Fuller said...

Sorry Nita, I meant that if this is what has been suggested by the headtecher then he or she is talking complete and utter nonsense.

But I know there are also other headteachers who need to be very careful about overstepping the mark. They should not be entering the political arena and taking a position against the BNP, Labour party or anyone else.

brooneyes said...

I was just having a bit of fun Nita. Helen, that's a little hysterical dear.
Mr Elsby, you will never be refered to as Craig Pond. You are neither itelligent enough or as good looking.

st george said...

you need to change your mirror.

Your first post - we know you don't just let anyone in the BNP.

By the way, that reminds me, have I seen Jenny Holdcroft in Stoke recently, or were my eyes deceiving me ??

I hope the LEA Director has been informed of these comments so he can act.

Helen said...


Come on now,you must expect a little hysteria from a female at some point!!

I'm liking seeing your humourous side coming through.

T COPE said...

Now you know what its like to be a member of a legitimate, legal party The BNP.
Rumours, innacuracies, and downright lies, spouted to intimidate, and even threats of physical harm, I've had all of these.
This "man" should be made to come out and spout his lies in public, and face the consequences, but he hides, and snipes in the background, shows his caliber doesn't it.

no such thing as society said...

I'm sure I saw you out campaigning one time with a BNP candidate a few years ago Craig.

Wasn't that you with the string vest, tattoos and piercings? Sexy!

brooneyes said...

No such thing as society.

No, that was your mother. I was the one hitting her with a stick to make her go!

Alison said...

St George - what do you mean - tell the LEA Director so he can act???

Are you seriously expecting the LEA Director to do something about this? Ha ha. He and the Elected Mayor don't do anything about far worse! It's all "we have praised this school for that, and he is level headed" etc. etc.

Serious spin, but as we all know, when the Elected Mayor's lips are moving, we know it's lies.

No one will "act", because this Head is a law unto himself, and feels he can say what he likes about whom he likes. Perhaps this time he's got it wrong?

Frank Fuller said...

Alison - It's certainly not just a problem with one headteacher. I think we have quite a number of maverick headteachers in the city who have their governing bodies firmly in their pocket and can get away with murder. One in particular I can think of who unfortunately you do not share my view about.