Wednesday, 15 October 2008


William Hague (Tory) deputised for David Cameron, Harriet Harman (Labour) for Gordon Brown and Vince Cable (Libdem) for Nick Clegg at Prime Ministers Questions in the House of Commons today. I must admit to loving the theatre of PMQ's. There is no doubt in my mind that William Hague scored a massive victory for his party over the dispatch box today. He played the role like a lead actor and to be frank Harriet Harman could not live with the guy!
Mr Hague criticised Labour's economic record since 1997."The claim to have abolished boom and bust was one of the most foolish, hubristic and irresponsible claims by a British prime minister," Mr Hague said.
Harman the Labour Deputy Leader countered with the comment that the economy was "made of stern stuff" and should not be "talked down" she went on to say
"He should not write Britain off or compare us unfavourably with other countries,"
Wlliam Hagues performance will give encouragement to the party faithful after some tories accused David Cameron of being weak and indecisive in his comments about government intervention in the financial crisis.
Gordon Brown PM delighted his party members with his strong leadership and his efforts to get other countries on board to help their ailing banks.
Vince Cable concentrated his attack on Harriet Harmon by saying that he felt that the Labour Deputy
"does not realise there is a real emergency" with the economy" All in all it was a rocky performance by Harmon while Hague performed like Rocky! Still as I say it's all theatre isn't it? What do you think about PMQ's and the whole commons traditions? Who is the best commons performer you have ever seen?


brooneyes said...

AAhh, Tonys little, bald Willy!lol
Hague is astute, well educated, and has an excellent mind, but he is far too liberal, especially when it comes to Europe.
Better than that public school twit Cameron though, I'd vote for my dog before I'd vote for that wet lettuce.

Alison said...

I think Spitting Image did politics best. I remember our dog had one of those rubber Margaret Thatcher toys he used to worry. That was fun.

Pity Stoke Market don't sell the same toy, in the image of our Elected Mayor. I would definitely buy my dog one of them!