Thursday, 23 October 2008


Now me and Sam Plank go back years to when
Robateux's was the place to be seen and Sam was the number 1 nightclub DJ and I was....... somewhere near the bottom of the pile! Sam went onto BBC Radio Stoke and then onto Signal2 and i drifted off into obscurity and a bit of Sports Commentary and a wee bit of News.
Sam's programme was axed by Signal and a huge public outcry happened, why, simply because Sam and his wife Verity are ours as sure as Wedgewood, Doulton's and Oatcakes!
Sam has recently fought a fight bigger than keeping a radio show on air, he has successfully battled cancer and the great news is that he is back looking good and sounding great!
Focal Radio which can be found on DAB and the Internet will commence broadcasting on 5th November and it will hit the airwaves with a bang!
Focal will be what Sam & Verity have always been LOCAL. Great music, from great presenters, news and sport with a good smattering of the "Plank" thrown in.You never know you may here me occasionally as well!
What I want you our followers to do is tell everyone you know that Sam's Back and where you can find him!
Focal is the only Radio Station we will work with and that's because they want what we want, the local voice to be heard!
Click here to visit the Focal Radio Website, that's right do it now!

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bnp and proud said...

"This is the only radio tation we will work with"

Nice to have you aboard, Tony!