Thursday, 16 October 2008


I don't know about you but, I am really proud of Staffordshire Police! In these day's of Governance Systems and Council Bashing to hear of the continued success of Operation Nemesis give us, the public, confidence to know that our force is winning the war against the scourge of drug dealers in our city. Since the operation was launched in September 2007, 400 warrants have been issued from which 250 people have been arrested or cautioned. Cash seizures of more than £100,000 have been made, and more than 150 items of suspected stolen property recovered. Officers have seized Class A drugs with a street value of more than £370,000!
Today, drugs with a value of £15,000 have been seized from a property in Middleport and in the last few weeks properties in Chell Heath, Burslem and Tunstall have been raided and arrests have been made for possession of a controlled substance.
There is no doubt that Local Neighbourhood Policing Units have been a tremendous success. These units have played a major part in the detection of several Cannabis Factories during Operation Nemesis. The public have also helped to bring drug dealers to justice by liaising with the police and supplying valuable information.
In our area we have seen at first hand the success of Neighbourhood Policing and particularly the impact on Anti Social behaviour. PCSO's have also made a difference by being "on the beat" and have proved an effective deterrent against crime. Longton Police under the guidance of Inspector Ahsa Kaur and her team have also attended many public meetings and have reassured the public that the police are there to help and are always there to listen.
I'm sure that we will all agree that the success of Operation Nemesis is something our police force can be proud of and we hope that more and more dealers are taken off the streets.
To read the Sentinel Story on the latest success follow this link:


brooneyes said...

Chris Sims has done an excellent job on cracking down on dealers across the city. It's a crying shame that the judiciary and the
Criminal Protection Squad don't show the same kind of drive and determination.

dangermouse said...

sorry tony have to disagree with you there, i have not seen a beat bobby round our area in a gd while, yeh sure they do a gd job with drugs but it does not stop anti social behaviour from outside my front window, which has been smashed once before & the glass kindly deposited all over my feet.
We live right behind the Tesco shops on Meir Hay and have done now for 14 years and it has got worse every year, i'm just waiting for something else to happen now cause it does, as soon as the dark nights draw in, fireworks under our car, housebricks thrown at windows, i could go on. when we have even caught these kids ( some adults)they go tell their Mother's n they even come knock on ya door n accuse you of threatening behaviour, I MEAN YA CAN'T EVEN SHOUT AT THE BUGGERS.
all occasions police have been called out but never had any feedback of them.
when our window was smashed we called the police & the first place they went to, was Tesco as the youths had been around their bins and thrown bread, cakes alsorts all over our fronts, never mind i was shaking like a leaf at me front door, while hubby tried to find the git's.
I cannot tell you what trouble we have had over the years n yes we have been to meetings, spoken to Kate (CO)but it does not have any effect.
These older kids have no where to go, and even after the greif we have had, i still believe that some of these kids are good, they are just plain bored, they need some space they can call their own , where is their around an expanding Meir Hay area for them to go.

St George said...

Fully agree.
Insp Kaur has done a grand job in Longton too.

It proves that leaving the inspectors in place longer than a few months (unlike in Tunstall), really works well.

Insp Kaur has a really good understanding of all the communities in her area, and polices them well, even with the difficult issues of late in that area.

Well done to all our Police .

dangermouse said...

sorry guys told you i was feeling grumpy 2day.
on the whole i do think the police do a gd job as they are so often picking up the peices after drug dealers ect.....

Alison said...

Dangermouse, no need to apologise, it's no wonder you are feeling grumpy with everything going on you have told us about.

You need a good drink with the Witches of Eastwick (sorry, mean Meir Hay). Make contact through the Pitsnpots email address, we'll see what we can do. (Well you did say it would be fun to meet up with us....)

no such thing as society said...

Operation Nemesis has been a success, we need more of them.

It's sad that often the CPS and the Courts let the police down.

By the way, did anyone know that apparently there are a number of councillors who are refusing to have CRB checks done by the council. What is it they want to hide? Perhpas someone could do a freedom of information request...

the joker said...

I'm particularly proud of how they shoot innocent people dead. Ok, so they thought he had a gun, but anyone can make a mistake!
'I feared for my life'.
'I was concerned for the public's safety'.
Just keep on shooting boys but please try a few new excuses.

Saying that, I'm particularly fond of detective Constable Mark Morgan who wanted £100,000 for a days work.He'll be sentenced for his bribery attempt very soon.

Yes, I'm very proud of our local cops!

T COPE said...

Yes the C,I,D are doing a great job, and more power to them, but as you see on this site, people are constantly let down by the low visability of our police personal on the streets to stop the anti-social-behaviour.
In Tunstall people believe they have been abducted by aliens, thats how often we see them.
We as a community can't fight back because the law protects the offender, and the decent members of our society land in court if they even grab hold of the little sh**bags, sorry about that, but I get so angry about their rights, spouted by them, when it seems I have none.

brooneyes said...

St George, Kaur is that bloody asian officer that refused to take a disc from Cllr Steve Batkin showing Keith Brown being assaulted by his "victimised neighbours."
That poor excuse for a copper should have been sacked and prosecuted!
Can't do that though, she's an ethnic minority!

Tony said...

Insp Kaur is an effective and attentive police officer, just look at the comments on this site. She was very thorough and professional in the dealings we had with her. You just can't get past the Asian thing can you? Sad really.....

brooneyes said...

Tony, if she had accepted that disc at the time it was presented, and if she had done something positive about what was on it, then a decent family man may well not have died.
She refused to take that disc from Steve, saying she knew what he was about! You are too quick to jump sometimes Tony, you want to get the facts before you get casting slurs on people.
If she had done her job, there is a good chance that Keith Brown wouldn't have died, and they didn't even bloody sack her!
What's the betting a white officer would have been sacked for refusing to take evidence from one of our visitors?

Helen said...


You are even within staggering home distance of the Witches of Meir Hay.

Anonymous said...

Councillor Steve Batkin? Isn't he that guy that moans about foreigners taking jobs but hasn't worked in years because he can't be arsed? And most of his family are on ASBOs?

Frank Fuller said...

Yes anonymous, thats right. I remember Batkin being in trouble once for not paying his council tax. His excuse - he was never able to pay it because of hundreds of asylum seekers queuing at Swann House!

Richard Littlejohn said...

Frank Fuller,
great excuse from Batkin-you couldn't make it up!lol!

st george said...

great family man ??
He may have managed, along with many men, to spread his seed, but that a good father does not make.

If he was so good, why were he and his other violent son living in one house, and his partner and children in another ??

Why is his son still complaining about non whites causing him havoc from the same house.

Why ?
Because although they are now Christians living there, they are from around the world ......

you are right.
Craig is just a sad little man.

brooneyes said...

St George, you are a tosser!
I cannot believe that you would take part in that Labour pasttime of character assassinating a dead man!
Now you might consider it sport to behave in this way, personally, I find it bloody offensive.
Keith Brown had his dog poisoned and his pup snatched, his windows put in, his son attacked by those drug dealing muslims next door, and to cap it all, he gets stabbed in the back by them too! And still you seek to turn that man into the offender!
The other thing people like you conveniently forget, if it hadn't been for that thieving git Khan and his mini land grab, this situation never would have arisen! Khan started it, and Khan finished it, and then Khan got away with it!
You are a spineless appeaser, and I'm disgusted at your cowardly

Tony said...

I was a bit worried writing this blog whether it would be seized and turned to the Khan case and i'm not going to get bogged down on this but I will say this, If Insp Kaur had done anything wrong regarding her handling or procedurely before or after Mr Brown was killed the police complaints department would have been all over the case and people would have been bought to book. The BNP can make what they want of this unfortunate dispute which ended in the tragic death of Mr Brown but they do not make up the jury, they present a case to the CPS who eveluate the investigation. The jury made their decision on the evidence heard as is the due process and they did not find the defendant guilty of murder. Disagree with the verdict that is your perogative but to blame a single police officer who happens to be Asian is just wrong.

brooneyes said...

Tony, not even you can expect people to take what you're saying seriously. We made a formal complaint to the IPCC, but we knew what the verdict was going to be when we submitted the complaint!
Her refusal to take evidence of a crime should have seen her dismissed, that is what would have happened to a white officer refusing to take evidence from a foreign complainant.
We have never asked for anything other than a level playing field, but even with the advances we've made as a party, we still aren't there yet.
Nobody's trying to seize the post, or to turn it into anything Tony. This case was a complete shambles from start to finish, and justice never will be served when perpetrators of heinous and cowardly crimes like this, get away with it.