Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Why didn’t our MPs shout up about the current financial crisis before it actually crashed?
How good are our MPs at actually predicting such events and why didn’t they see it coming?
This predicament hasn’t just appeared out of thin air and if anything, Stoke-on-Trent has been hit the hardest and for the longest. So why are Messrs Whalley, Flello, Fisher and Farrely looking so shocked to the cameras?
The evidence of the crash, on hindsight, can go back to the Thatcher years when cheap credit was introduced, energy companies sold off and the mining industry closed down.
This has resulted in a credit bust, high gas and electric bills and no independent energy supply.
The recent past has been embarrassing for the Labour Party in particular when during the 2005 General Election campaign, Rover went bust!(bailed out for the duration of the election)
Nothing to do with it, will cry our MPS and so can’t pin it on us. What about the siphoning off of the pottery industry to distant shores then? Still not enough evidence of our failure, they will say. Then what about new housing estates left unsold throughout the City, or those in progress, abandoned a year ago? Hmmmmmm.
The single economic policy of the Bank of England has been one of ‘inflation stability’.
The MPC has kept interest rates artificially high throughout the last ten years with only this policy to guide them.
All bank managers everywhere knew that they were going bust, apart from it seems, the Bank of England, Gordon Brown, Alastair Darling and the MPC!!!!
What is the point of Parliament and our MPs if their role is ignorant of the wider economy?
The economy of this Country and City has been burning for over a decade and any hint of ignorance by our four MPs is to be questioned. Are they economically illiterate and surplus to the City?
I point the finger today at four people who have no idea or clues as to either business or economics. They haven’t a clue in their golden handshake, gilt edged pension 100% cast iron world, as to what is happening outside of simplistic problems delivered to their surgeries here in Stoke.
How come private business, small business and manufacturing have been crying out for years for help but they have not listened?
Are they capable of knowing what actually happened? Do they have the qualification to understand?
It is no use crying foul and that nobody told them beforehand. It is their job to see things coming!
The business economy has been crying foul for many years as ‘pretend jobs’ have been created in the pretend economy, while real jobs in Trade and Industry have gone to the wall and been ignored.
The answer to this crisis is to promote what we actually do best and that is to manufacture and sell goods in this Country that was built up as a trading Nation over many years.


Margaret said...

I see your point that long serving mps should know better but surely that role does not demand that an mp is a former accountant?

bnp and proud said...

So they have been misled, all along? Too far fetched.

Anonymous said...

They live in an ivory world and only promote from within, that's why they are clueless of real events that is happening.

Anonymous said...

"bnp and proud"? isn't that an oxymoron?

TGWU said...

How can anyone with a 'John Lewis' list know anything of the suffering within industry, or the financial hardship of employers.
Certainly not our local MPs who are all jobsworths but now found out.

martin said...

They are just overpaid glorified councillors. They should have got this one together.

No such thing as society said...

Why does Mark Fisher even bother to continue in parliament? He is a crap constituency MP for Stoke Central and a nonentity at westminister who just votes against anything and everything because he is so bitter and twisted at being sacked as a minister by Blair a few years ago.