Wednesday, 22 October 2008



The Mayoral rat pack want us to believe the notion that Oberlieutenant, Alby Walker (see will become the only Councillor they will collectively trust!

Vote NO and keep the Mayor , they say as they appeal to our conciences, as this will stop the Nazis! (a desperate Meredith, I may add).

Vote YES and the Master Race goose-steps into the Town Hall and starts on the mass deportation of Jews, immigrants,trade unionists, vicars etc.....

The truth is that our Elected Mayor, if he wins the referendum, will INVITE the BNP onto the EMB in MAY 2009. It's a given that he tried it earlier but increased power on Friday will see all opponents, crushed.

So let's not have any of this scare story nonsense and face facts.

1. This Mayor is in a corner, put there by himself.

2. His small deluded bunch of supporters will sell this City out to the BNP as they cling to power.

3. This City will then deserve its tag of 'Sick City' (Premier League, one star status).

The electorate of the City should have none of this and DEMAND that our Councillors grow up and do the DECENT thing and be the conscience of the people for this City that elected them.

It blows a wide hole into the notion of 'coalition politics' in Stoke and also asks a question of each and every one of our 60 (a few exceptions, granted) 'political' Councillors, of which the answer is: GO AWAY!

The likes of Mo Chaudry love this sort of stuff and so does Peter Coates. You bet your life they want to keep a Meredith, or any other West Midlands puppet, in a position of power! (Flello, Davis, Reynolds, Meredith etc..) Dimensions and Britannia Stadium is just the beginning.


In one go, we will remove a Dictator that has assembled a 'payroll' group of YES men and women who have ignored the entire City on subjects that we should have all agreed on.

Step two, will see the Puppet Masters in the West Midlands, admit to their failure in securing Stoke-on-Trent as a satellite City of Birmingham..

They Will feel dejected, as we reject them, as we have always rejected their ambition for our City.

This is OUR City now clear off. Take your Mayor with you and just send us a fair share of our tax and let us decide how it should be spent!

Update: 'Sources' inform me that Mo (short for, monopoly in splash pools) is ripping his hair out at this blog! The Oracle: 'feels your pain, Mo'.
Update 2:'Sources' within the Town Hall tell me that our Mayor is 'spitting feathers and is hopping mad' at this blog! The Oracle 'feels the pain of both 'monopoly Mo' and our Dear Leader'.
Update 3: Mr. Flello's, little puppet rat, Tom Reynolds, is busy pushing NO leaflets around the Meir area in his futile quest to save his beloved Mayor! Has anyone seen Mark 'Roland' Davis doing similar? I think we should be told!


bnp and proud! said...

At last everyone is now seeing sense. We will rule Stoke on Trent and we will go on to rule the rest of the Country.

Tomorrow, the WORLD!

Alison said...

Well said The Oracle! The sooner we get rid of the Mayor, and if need be, some of these useless councillors who can't even decide who they would vote as Council Leader, the better.

This City deserves better, there are better people in the City who could serve it better, and we DON'T NEED A MAYORAL DICTATORSHIP.

The Sentinel is playing a very devious game in trying to convince the electorate that the only way forward is with a Mayor, by giving us what they consider will be the outcome of a straw poll amongst councillors, most of whom can't even remember what they had for breakfast for god's sake!

I agree with everything the Oracle says on this post, and implore the people of Stoke on Trent to get off their backsides and vote Meredith and the Mayoral system OUT.

Look, I am supposed to be at work and you've got me all angry now and on my soapbox! At this rate, I might even stand as a councillor myself!

Tony said...

Didn't someone else say that in the 30's HHmmmm!

Anonymous said...

Spot on. I'm voting Yes.

T COPE said...

bnp and proud,statements like this make me believe you are not a member of the BNP, but someone making misschief.
Yes Alison I also believe the Sentinel is stirring it again.
When news is thin on the ground they create news using the BNP.
They are trying to manipulate the public voting system by this story.
Lets face it they are not seen as unbiased for nothing.
I have found more unbiased information about the upcomming election on this site, than in the Sentinel.
I have wrote many letters over the years condemmng Wolfe, and Meredith, but it was the men, not the position I was complaining about.
I still have not decided which way to vote, I would not like Joy Garner, or Roger Ibbs as I think they would be the same as the other two previous Mayors.
I have a lot of soul searching to do.

Tony said...

The BNP seem to me as being in a no loose situation in this. The one thing that this article proves (although it's really poor propaganda) is the the BNP are united where as the Labour group are fragmented. As a former Labour supporter I think as soon as this ballot is out of the way they need to re group and come out in support of one Leader/Mayor candidate and i hope for the sake of their party it is not Mark Meredith. I feel he has put that party on it's arse in Stoke and as a former party member it gives me no pleasure to say that!

brooneyes said...

It might not give you pleasure Tony, but it don't half make me happy!

Steven said...

I too left the party because of political interference by the West Midlands. Meredith was just the top hat to it.
There is somehow a comparison made to tough and strong leadership and a leader we trust.
It is obvious that Meredith has chosen an ignorance path that has excluded the entire democratic process and has caused uproar in schools.
Not clever.

brooneyes said...

What does the Oracle know? He's just a cyclops with conjunctivitis!
He couldn't see clearly if someone
screwed a windscreen wiper to his
Mystic Meg with gonads!

There will be a "no" vote, and the mayoral system will be chosen and the people of this city will be enlightened, Amen.

T COPE said...

Meredith as done a lot of damage to the post of Elected Mayor, and the local Labour party, with his dictatorial attitude.
His arrogant stance has alienated the public, much the same as Wolfe's daft ideas about changing the name of Stoke.
Wolfe at least had some good ideas, but was unable to impliment them, due to the councillors.

Paul Breeze said...



The Radio Stoke half hour debate regarding the referendum is available to be listened to by clicking on the following:
Listen: Referendum debate with Stuart George

Please get AS MANY people as you can to listen to this because it adequately explains most aspects of the issue and EMPHATICALLY reveals why we MUST VOTE NO, and why ALL OF US have a RESPONSIBILITY not just to ourselves but to OUR children and the NEXT generation to VOTE NO. Those councillors - ALL OF THEM, EVERY SINGLE LAST CRAP ONE OF THEM who called for this referendum by recommending a return to a TOTALLY FAILED Leader and Cabinet system should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES. THEY ARE AN UTTER DISGRACE TO OUR CITY - EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WHO VOTED TO DON THIS TO US. I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THEM WHATSOEVER.






Mike Barnes said...

Is Breeze losing it!!!

Anonymous said...

Mike, he never had it!

Mr. falling about laughing said...

Is that Paul Breeze or is it Mr. Angry?

The demolition job Mick Barnes did on him was classic TV at its best.

I've now paid my TV licence.

Partisan said...

By far the funniest of the ninety posts and blogs i`v read today on this subject way to go Oracle well done!!

of course there is another way to look at this??
Damned if you do damned if you dont .. does it really matter one way you get BNP the other way you get the person who invited them into the chamber..

what a dilema.. what will the good people of stoke on trent do?

former mayor supporter said...

I'm out tonight leafletting 350 YES posters kindly given to me by a nice man in Hanley.

Lovely comments by our mps

Wish me luck.

Anonymous said...

Could I warn those that post into blogs to register your NAME at
If your name appears in black,it can be hijacked by lunatics.
Once registered it will be blue and we know it is actually you, so think of it as registering a domain name.Joy Garner suffered a similar fate recently.

nita said...

I just hope that whoever we end up with, be it Leader or Mayor, from whatever political party, they do actually listen and represent the people of the city.

We don't want a person who makes decisions just because he/she has the power to do so. We want someone, who does what he/she feels is right for everyone.

This person has to work closely with the Councillors, and let them have an input. If a Councillor wants to vote a certain way, then they should be allowed to. All this, well I don't really agree with it, but Ive got to vote for it, is an absolute load of garbage.

the joker said...

What actually was the real deal between Mo Chaudry and the Mayor?How come no one has actually reported on the rumours of back handers and patronage because of the monopoly in swimming facilities in the City?
It does seem suspicious that Mr. Chaudrey is a supporter and financial backer of the Mayor, considering he almost financially gained by a lie about Dimension.

ian norris said...

Oracle: what is the precise difference between a PAYROLL vote from the Cabinet of a Mayor to a PAYROLL vote from the Cabinet of a Leader, they all get the same allowances?

Alison: you say there are better people to run this City if you vote YES there will be NO change untill May 2010.

Tony: I agree where did the 18 votes GO, surely they would all of either supported Garner or Ibbs?

Steven: the following Cllrs voted in favour of SERCO Elected Mayor, Lord Mayor, Councillors B. Ali, Z. Ali, Barnes, J. Bell, Bowers, Brian, Clarke, M. Davis, Edwards, Garner, Gratton, Ibbs, Iqbal, Irving, Knapper, Lyth, Matloob, Najmi, Pervez, Powell-Becket, Reynolds, Shotton, Tolley and Wanger. - Its not just the mayor that is ignoring the people but all these Cllrs too

The Joker: Privitisation of Dimension was first debated with Cllrs in 2001, and the supported by Cllrs in Jan 2008 merly voicing Concern but still agreeing to it.

Vote NO.

and then Vote for Cllrs that will challenge and ask question of the Officers. Mike Barnes complains about Brittania and yet voted aginast deferring it untill a full debate and information was available

Alison said...

Ian Norris, thanks for this comment, but if I vote NO, then we are once more stuck with a Dictatorship Mayor for 4 YEARS - I make that October 2012 (or is that May 2013?). Surely in May 2010 we could vote in some DECENT councillors, not the mob we've got now. And isn't there some stuff about single member wards etc and only 40 councillors under this new governance system?

It's within our power to make sure these 40 councillors are accountable to the electorate in May 2010.

What appears to be blatantly obvious is that NO-ONE in this City or even in London can make the Elected Mayor accountable. It is a dictatorship which I personally will be ver glad to see the back of.

That said, I have concerns about today's Sentinel article (nice timing!), where some councillors don't even know who they would vote for as Leader. This worries me greatly - if they can't make a decision on that, what can they make a decision on?

Anonymous said...

Rejoin the Labour Party - Lets have a debate within the local Party about Education - Change the policy

Anonymous said...

BNP may win in Stoke but they will always be confined both regionally and socially, and will never get power nationally. Does anyone honestly believe that those in the higher tax bracket are going to want a government that takes from them to give to dole dossers who can't be arsed getting a job. Get real.

ian norris said...

Alison: Dictatorship ?

Again I ask any Anti-Mayor supporter name one recommendation made by Cllrs the Mayor has refused. Or any recommendation from the Mayor voted against by Scrutiny or Full Council.

There are NONE... Cllrs can vote as thee choose, anything thatshappened over the last 5y yrs has been with the WILL of mayority of Cllrs. ESP Dimensions read

"The Chair commented that much of the budget was about cost cutting and that he was very concerned about the proposals. He expressed his view that the proposals amounted to privatisation through the back door. He expressed deep concern about the future of swimming pools within the City and envisaged a future where swimming pools were run solely by the private sector. He suggested that the best way to save money was to make better use of existing resources/facilities."

But still agreed to it instead of Voting for its removal

Debbie said...

Having met and had the misfortune of working with Mo (wheres me handout) Chowdrey
Ask the ex residents of Coalville about him.
Anything that he is against I am probably for.
In principle the elected Mayor is a good thing and I feel we will get rid of it purely because of Meredith.
But as a genuine Stokie not parachuted in from West Mids I feel that our biggest issue is the total corruption and incompetence within our council. I have never worked with Fibbs but colleagues who have, count their fingers after meeting him. I have worked with many of the Labour councillors and I have at times been embarassed at their lack of vision, limited intellect and total self interest. Labour politics John Prescott style.

nicky said...

Oracle, great vote yes blog.

Former mayor supporter, I got one of your vote yes leaflets through my door thank you very much. Sorry I did not have time to help the cause by distributing any. I did at least pop on the Sentinel web at lunchtime and distribute a lot of vote yes comments on articles and letters, which for the most part weren't censored for a change. Notice the absence in the leaflet of a contribution from Rob Flello; "he will vote yes but doesn't want to campaign on the issue", what a wet wimp! I wrote him an angry email on behalf of Trentham Action Group the other day, then wondered after if I'd taken it too far, it was a wee bit of a rant. Seeing that in the yes leaflet makes me glad I sent it. Plus I've since confessed and shown it to other TAG people (I don't know if you are one) and they thought it was just right. Notice Oracle doesn't think much of Flello either.

Nita! Have you settled on a decision yet or are you still changing your mind on a daily basis?

Tony, Ian, Alison, I guess all the missing voters in the Sentinel's silly poll figured they'd wait until they knew the system before having to decide how to vote for leader, they've got until May to sort it out haven't they. But that's where the BNP tactic came out on top, to decide unitedly at least for the sentinel publicity. You would think though that the others would have to plan who would stand for mayor, because I would have thought it is going to look best if candidates announce themselves on Friday if the result is mayor. I bet in that case we'll see a BNP announcement early. The others will just look like feeble ditherers if they don't do the same. Ian Norris, if it's a mayor system will you stand?

Anonymous 21:06 - No point rejoining the labour party. I Only tolerated it for a year, got no decent political debate, only persisitent requests for more money, when I'd paid my membership. Get far more quality debate on this site than I would in the labour party.

nita said...

Nicky, it's got much worse, I'm now changing my mind on an hourly basis, ha ha!

Fingers crossed, by the time I reach the polling booth, my mind will be made up. Somehow, I don't think so.

Dr.Doom said...

I agree with the Joker.

Something stinks here between the Mayor, Councillor Pervez and Chaudrey.

This was a blatant attempt at screwing the taxpayer and handing it to private business.

A brown envelope job.

Stokie In Exile said...

In a democracy people get the government that reflects the electorate, whether it be viewpoint, policy or level of competence.

Therefore if the city gets a BNP mayor or a BNP led council that's because people in the city agree with them and what they stand for.

Likewise, if the mayor or the councillors are incompetent fools then it says the same about the city. That, or that people are just happy to let anyone run the city except themselves. Either way it reflects badly.

warren said...

I will say it again, the office of Elected Mayor is good for this city, that is why I voted NO this morning. The problem at the moment is that it is in fact held by a foolish prat who sorounds himself with yes men.Kick him out next time and give it to someone with a bit of good public morals and we would not have a problem. For the city to have a BNP mayor would need citywide surport for the BNP and that will never happen. Paul, my balls are rolling down the street as we speak.With a yes vote we hand power over to the council to do what they want, and this council is to full of different ideers to do that, it would be worse, just think back a decade or so and see what Barry Stokley was up to, and that was with a massive Labour presance on the council, we dont need it again.

William Wallace said...

Warren: For someone who believes in Democracy, you just voted for the worst option.

Why is one voice more democratic than 60?

We know that one voice has more power for power's sake but when it is used to bypass democracy, you have to say the process is flawed.

st george said...

"Again I ask any Anti-Mayor supporter name one recommendation made by Cllrs the Mayor has refused. "

Well he wont, will he.

He has been using most of theirs as he has none of his own.

And I know he is refusing to allow some difficult decisions to be made before the referendum, incase voters get upset !!

Thats good decisive leadership the mayor is supposed to bring - not!

Mr Breeze has totally lost the plot. But when ever you disagree with him, he rants like this.

His personal attacks are worse than Craigs !!!!!

postman pat & Jess said...

I agree with this point as there seems to be a sudden decrease in litter prosecutions and parking tickets.

Anonymous said...

Come on, get real, no-one's personal attacks are as bad as Mr Pond's. Then he gets his apologist Terry Cope to come on and say it's because everyone keeps provocating him. What planet are that pair on? He's the instigator and Cope just blindly defends him!!! Before they even start their membership of the BNP doesn't even come into it, he's just plain rude.

warren said...

William Wallace, that I 100% belive in a democracy is the very reason I voted NO. With the system the way it is, we get to pick a leader. The problem at the moment is Merediths pig headedness, when it comes to the Mayoral vote he will be out the door.

brooneyes said...

Anonymous, you are a spineless turd
and unless you drop the insults or start using your name, you bloody coward, I'm going to get Tony to tell me who you are from your e-mail address. I'll pop round and you can say your poisonous rubbish to my face.....

Anonymous said...

I too voted No today and this is categorically NOT because I support our current elected mayor. I voted No because, for the life of me, I cannot see any current councillor who I would trust for the position of council leader (and one or two who, quite frankly, horrify me). I am hoping that, when the time comes to elect a mayor, someone comes forward with no political allegience who is a successful businessman with the strength of character, determination and visionary thinking that can lead this city out of the abyss that we are currently in. That will be the person who gets my vote.

RSPCA said...

Update 3:
I saw Paul Shotton buy some dog food then bin it in front of his dog. Does this qualify me for a free bottle of champagne?

Tony said...

Tap, tap! Computer says NO!! Cough, cough!!
Seriously I don't get any email addresses, anonymous or otherwise! Its called data protection!

ian norris said...

st george: So you agree the Elected Mayor has been listening to Cllrs then? which kind of blows their arguement that they have no voice out of the Water.

brooneyes said...

I know Tony, just wanted the little rat to squirm for a minute.

Alison said...

I have just been to vote (in Longton North ward), and the 2 council officials in the voting booth were reading newspapers, not a voter in sight.

I asked if they had had a busy day and they said the turnout hadn't reached 10% yet (that was at 5.40pm).

So it looks like no one in Stoke on Trent gives a sh*t about which system we get. But they'll be the first ones moaning when things don't go how they want them to.

At least I feel better for the fact that I've voted, not sure whether it will have been worth it yet (depends whether we get rid of Meredith and the ridiculous mayoral system that gives one man with an overinflated ego the final say and leaves 60 councillors paying lip service to their electorate.

I am shocked that so many people are totally disinterested in this referendum. Is it maybe because they don't feel anything will make any difference? If that's the case, then Stoke needs a lot of change, and I don't know where that change is going to come from. I despair.

I expect Craig et al will start bombarding me with "BNP will be our Saviour" posts - sorry Craig and colleagues - somehow I don't think so!!!

ian norris said...

alison: same here very low turn out looks like Cllrs that called for this £200,000 were well out of touch with residents

Martin said...

Craig, e-mail address?

If they're posting anonymously how would Tony have that?

Even if he did how would you track the person down based on an e-mail address?

Even an IP address would only get you to the nearest city.

So all you'd be able to find out from that info is that they live in...

... Stoke on Trent.

Oh, you're going to send someone threatening e-mails - click on the side and delete.

You need therapy because I'm pretty sure that anonymous ain't bothered by your threats because they know the chances of you finding them are about zip. That would also go for anyone registered on this site.

However, you're making threats and everyone knows who you are....

Anonymous said...