Wednesday, 22 October 2008


It would seem that you can not keep the Darling of the Trentham area Roger Ibbs (pictured) out of the news! Yesterday Councillor Peter Kent Baguley told the followers of pitsnpots that it was Mr Ibbs who signed off on the deal to sell the council's 36% share in the Brittania Stadium to Stoke City FC for £4.5million and allowed them to repay over 3 years INTEREST FREE! Now it seems he is in the news again!
BNP Leader Alby Walker has hit out after Mr Ibbs was sent to Zagreb for a 5 day health conference in place of Jean Bowers who is the portfolio holder for health.
Mrs Bowers was unable to go to Croatia for family reasons and asked Mr Ibbs (portfolio holder for children's services) to go in her place. This outraged Alby Walker who felt that as Chairman of the council's Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee he should have gone instead of Mr Ibbs! He also was not happy that he was only told about the trip on Monday of this week.
Mr Walker said
"Councillor Bowers pulled out and asked Councillor Ibbs to go.

"But when Jean Bowers pulled out of a presentation three weeks ago, I was called at the last minute to stand in for her.

"So, when there's a job to be done, I'm asked to help, but when it's a nice trip somewhere, I'm not.

"Why Roger Ibbs was asked to go, I do not know.

"As councillors, we find most of our information out from reading The Sentinel and that is appalling."

Mrs Bowers defended her decision to send Mr Ibbs by saying that it "Was by no means political" and that she had "asked the council officers to draw up a protocol should a similar situation arise in the future"

This to me highlights how undemocratic the mayoral system is. It seems only right that Alby Walker should have gone to this conference in his capacity but because he is not a part of the EMB he was totally overlooked.

This backs up my case that it is pointless having 60 elected representatives on our council when anything of any importance is decided between the Elected Mayor and his band of Merrymen/woman!

Read the Sentinel article by clicking here


nita said...

There is no good reason why Alby Walker should not have been asked to go on this trip. He is after all, Chair of the Health Overview and Scrutiny committee. Why send Mr Ibbs, Porfolio Holder for Children and Young People? It just doesn't make any sense.

Anonymous said...

ahhh, I do feel for the lad. Albino Alby missing out on freebie holiday-News story of the day!!!

Shaun Bennett said...

Good to see that he's wringing every last drop of prestige out of being in the coalition before it is thrown out.

I've heard many people commenting that they don't mind him going to Croatia at our expense, but why on earth did they have to bring him back!

The ancient Greeks used to have democratic expulsions in which the people got to vote to expel an individual from their society who they really disliked. Mabye we could introduce such a system in Stoke-on-Trent and arrange for other little trips to Croatia?

brooneyes said...

That Jean Bowers is another one only in it for what she can get.
Every paid position on offer to the LibDems she's grabbed, but she's regularly missing from the meetings that she gets this money for!
The sooner the council is cleared of these people, the better.

Partisan said...

o sillyme of course the adult dictionary hasnt reached you yet.. nita darling.. Mr ibbs was sent to keep him away from other events...

he cant be making statements or comments if he is so far away can he? and Alby needs to be very close to hand to make the " plan" work

Partisan said...

one a privat enote
i`ve been to Croatia i dont envy mr ibbs one tiny bit.

nicky said...

I'd be well in favour of that ancient Greek system! Trouble is I'd feel a tad sorry for the Croatians. In fact maybe the council did only buy him a one way ticket. Perhaps the Croatians paid for the return ticket. We need somewhere else to send him. the arctic ice cape maybe - whoops forgot there isn't really one now - hmm does that matter? When is a trip to Mars planned? Oh dear not soon enough.

A Very Public Sociologist said...

Just a quick hello and cheers for setting up this blog. I've been hoping something like this would come along sooner or later, and I've given you a plug from mine.

PS Vote Yes!

warren said...

I hear the after the trip he was trying to sell cheep fags around the civic center.It was no good at all Alby Walker going they would have kept chacking jokes about his silly name and being of such pail skin he would have fryed in that heat. Yes,I think old Roger the Dogder was the best man for the job, it stoped him doing somethig god dame silly round hear for a few day, you know like giveing the local football club a first rate Stadium at a bargen price and, just like DFS, 3 years interest free cradit. He did some real good work over there you know, he told the Sentanel that he was rehabitilitating the disabled. If he was doing that well then why not tell them they could have the old bugger, insteed of sending him back hear to disable this city.What I truly want to know is this, did he have a good old look round Zagreb, he may have been able to inpart some advise about some of the war dammaged buildings that have been emtey for a few years, tell them to smarten them up and sell them on, you know,like he did in Meir a few months back.Now, has anyone got any ideers on where we can send him next, I say Afganistan.

Anonymous said...

I have a serious question (I'm not taking the piss).
Alby Walker is the whitest white person Ive ever seen.
Is he really an albino?