Monday, 20 October 2008


What goes on in this world, no in this city when our firefighters are bricked whilst they are trying to put out a blaze?
Firefighters came under attack from a hail of bricks as they fought a blaze on the same spot as they had attended two others within three hours.
Police officers who were in the area gave chase and made some arrests.
No-one was injured in these attacks but the Fire Service have no issued a warning that all fire appliances are fitted with CCTV in a bid to prosecute the thugs. Since 2005/2006 there have been 90 such like attacks on Firefighters with 9 in this financial year.

Police officers attended the Scotia Heights area at around 10.10pm last night, after receiving reports of fireworks being thrown at buildings, and a tree being set alight.

Staffordshire Police has confirmed that a 19-year-old male, two 18-year-old men, one 17-year-old boy and one 16-year-old boy are currently in police custody on suspicion of arson, in connection with the incident.

I just can not believe that people in a public profession who are already exposed to great danger whilst carrying out their daily duties, now have the added worry that they may come under attack from mindless hooligans, and risk injury when they are out protecting us the public from fire!

The people who are found guilty of these senseless attacks need to feel the full effect of the law and not just given community service.

To read the Sentinel story follow this link:

What in your opinion should happen to these people? What protection should people who work in public services and the emergency services expect? Over to you......


Anonymous said...

If they are convicted, name and shame them and post pictures of them in local press and news sites like this. Unbelievable!

nicky said...

I agree with Steve Dodd in the article "It is hard to see what motivates youths to do this." It's beyond my understanding also.

A fine of £5000 is just not good enough. For violence like that they need to be taken off the streets and locked up for the sake of the safety of the firefighters and everyone else. I know we don't have enough prisons but that's no excuse, we just have to have more. What can be done to prevent people turning out like this is the first place is the other question but I don't know what the answer is.

warren said...

So then anonymous, if you fell like that then mate, lets your first name then shall I happen to completly agree with your point. These six sick f******s were in the area and involved in this attack, the books got to be thowen at them after the last case we had round hear of this. All sould get locked up, and if they are under age there perents sould be charged with something to. What in the world have they got to gane with this sort of thing. I can only hope that some of them need the fire service one day, cos I'd let the bast***s burn. Look at that other bugger who did this kind of thing, he was in court least week for not not turning up for his commuarty service, his excusse, he went on a famley holaday, he sould have got sent down, but no, given a few more days work. As for protection, attacks on any public service sould be treeted as attacks on the police are.

Simon said...

Warren, my name is Simon, it was just quicker to click anonymous that's all.

nita said...

I agree with Nicky, a fine is simply not good enough.

These firefighters are already at risk, everytime they attend an incident. They should not have to be subjected to these mindless yobs, making their jobs more difficult.

What is wrong with these idiots.

Well, they may need the fire brigade one of these days, and how would they react, if someone prevented them from getting through.

Name, shame, lock em up, and throw away the key.

Anonymous said...

Bring back the stocks.

warren said...

Simon, fair enought pal.

warren said...

Mr. Cope, have you still got that birching stick dude, we may have found a use for it.

st george said...

Well they probably all live there, and wont have £5000 between them.

They are all old enough to know far better 16 - 19 years old, so treat them as adults.


brooneyes said...

Birch the little illegitimates.