Thursday, 16 October 2008


Whilst writing my earlier posts that more of a serious nature, I started to think of the more positive aspects of Stoke on Trent. We who live in this city can be rightly proud of it's heritage. A Steep tradition of industry and a sound history of sporting performance.
When you actually think of people born in Stoke on Trent that have gone on to achieve fame, there is quite a list! So
with this in mind I hereby submit my definitive list of famous Stokies and the challenge is to highlight any that i have missed!............

Stanley Mathews (England & Stoke)
Garth Crooks (England & Stoke)
Mark Chamberlain (England & Stoke)
Robbie Earle (Vale & Jamaica)
Dominic Cork (England Cricketer)
Bob Taylor (England Cricketer)
Imram Sherwani (Olympic Gold Hockey)

Phil Taylor (Darts)
Ray Reardon (Snooker)
David Lynn (Golf)
Simon Wakefield (Golf)

David Gilford (Golf)
Lee Pearson (Para Olympian)

TV, Film, Music & Radio:
Robbie Williams (Pictured Music)
Slash (Music)
Lemmie (Music)
Jonnie Wilkes (Music)
Jackie Trent (Music)
Alan Lake (Actor)
Freddie Jones (Actor)

Nick Hancock (TV Presenter)
Anthea Turner (TV Presenter)
Frank Bough (TV Presenter)
Bruno Brookes (Radio)

Industry & Arts:
Josiah Wedgwood (Potts)

Josiah Spode (Potts)
Reginald Mitchell (Spitfire Designer)
Capt Edward Smith (Capt Titanic)
Robert Waller (Author)
Arnold Bennett (Author)
Elijah Fenton (Poet)
Pauline Stainer (Poet)

I know I've probably missed loads off the list and that's what I want us all to do let's enjoy thinking of famous Stokies worthy of the pitsnpots hall of fame.
Over to you...........


Helen said...

One thing I've never understood.

How can you be proud of the chap who captained the Titanic? It sunk first time out!!!!

Only in Stoke could there be a statue commemorating a captain who failed.

Tony said...

That's because you come from Blackpool luv! You lot try to claim Sir Stan as your own!

Alison said...

It is Soooo Nice to see a bit of top totty pictured on Pitsnpots! Robbie looking as gorgeous as ever! And the singing's not bad too.

He is my all time fave Stokie. I am sure there are loads of others, but I will have to give this some serious thought. Whilst looking at the pic of Robbie of course.....

Helen said...

Believe me you can keep the Stan man as your own!

Ali, Top tottie, am I missing someone??

Jonnie Wilkes, now he's worth mentioning.

the joker said...

Steve Batkin (white+illiterate)

Anonymous said...

Lee Wanger (well known councillor & paedophile)

Anonymous said...

Mohammed Asha (terrorist)

Anonymous said...

Steve Batkin (sponger)

Tony said...

I see we are taking this one seriously guy's!

Gary Elsby said...

I didn't think there was a statue of Captain Smith in Stoke?

I do recall that there is a statue of him in Lichfield and that is because it was/is the religious centre for Staffordshire and was considered an appropriate site in such tradegy.
A very brave man.

Anonymous said...

Robbie Williams (tax exile £80M baby monitors etc)

Anonymous said...

Councillor Geoff Knight (freemason+ scissor kicker through nursing home door (midnight) because 'I wanted to talk to my wife'

st george said...

Mark Chamberlain (England & Stoke)
and his brother ?

And the chemist - Lodge ?

Anonymous said...

Im sure Ray Reardon is Welsh and just lived in Stoke