Thursday, 9 October 2008


Well, the lady bloggers took the men, or should I say, dragged them out to see the Witches of Eastwick last night.

Well we went to Roberto's first, the men enjoyed that part, bit of pasta, glass of wine, bottle of beer.

The truth, us ladies went to see Marti Pellow, we weren't bothered if the story was good or not. I have to say, it was a brilliant show, and not only could he sing, but he could act too.

Well, the interval arrived, and we had spent half of the first show, kicking the men to keep them awake, you know who you are. Well, just before the second half started, so did the moaning "how long is the second half on, "its a good show, but not really my cup of tea", one of the men even tried to make an escape through the fire exit. The curtains went up, half an hour into the show, three men nodding off to sleep, but it was amazing, they soon woke up when the little lady devils came dancing onto the stage, wearing little red outfits, or lack of would better describe them. They never shut their eyes again.

Marti Pellow, acted like Jack Nicholson in the Shining. The lady playing the little girl with balloon, was a bit like Chuckie, very scary.

This takes me onto the debate, what is the most scary film of all time. The fog, The Shining, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Exorcist, Amertiville, let us know..................................................


Tony said...

that little girl (!) bloody scared me she reminded me of something from Stephen King's "IT", great book, crap film! Going back some time now i used to stay in on a friday night with my brother and sisters and about 11pm there was something called friday fright night and they used to show the "Hammer Horror" films there was one in particular called "the shuttered room" in had Oliver Reed in and to a 10 year old it was bloody scary!

nita said...

Oh my god, I'd forgot about the Hammer House of Horror's. I used to go round my mates to watch these. We watched the one with the werewolves in it, I ran home, or should I say sprinted, 7 streets in 2 minutes.

Saloms Lot was one, that I can never watch again. I didn't sleep for weeks. The vampire, appearing in the jail, jumped through the roof.

Alison said...

What a sad lot you are! That little girl reminded me of her that used to be on the test card! Wimps!

Anyway, talking of scary films, I don't do films much these days, rather read a good book.

But I do remember when I was a kid watching Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" - god was I scared!

I've not watched it since, although I've seen bits of it, and it still looked scary! One day I will try and sit through it all and see what happens!

Marti Pellow was good last night, I love his voice.

Helen said...

I don't see many endings of movies, usually nod off.

Probably the most scary movie, my other half ever witnessed was the one at the maternity ante-natel evening - The giving birth movie, i've never seen so many men in one room, pale so quickly all at the same time.

Wimps the lot of them.

An employment training video - now that would be scary - means i'd actually be working for a living!!!

Anonymous said...

The eyes of Charles Sands omg i`m showing my age !.. creep was a good one as i recall too recent but worth a laugh .


brooneyes said...

Anything with Jade Goody in gives me nightmares..........

warren said...

The Oman( the first three anyway), The Exorcit, The Shining. Who can remember the Evil Dead with Bruce Campbell in it and directed by Sam Raimi. The Abel Ferrara cult classic staring himself, Driller Killer.How about Phantasm, all fore of them top flight bloodfests. The list is endless, and most, to my wifes disgust, can be found in my den at home on DVD. I'am a big horror fan but my heart liys with Aflie Hitchcock so I vote for the origanal Pyhico, forget the other three from the 80's. The Birds, yes,its got its merets but as anyone seen the other one with Tippi Harden in, Marne, thats not as well known but very good. What about Frenzy, as anyone seen that, god thats good and a littel bit riskey to. I could rabbit on all night about this kind of thing, and as for real shockers everyone look out for Ginger Snaps. If that dont get you to frighted to go the bed, nowt will. Brooneyes, dont you think we sould lay of the Goody knocking till we know shes OK,then we will declear open season on her again, untill then then shots at that bloody fool Nicky Grayam seem to be more in order.

Anonymous said...

and what ever happened to baby jane with joan crawford in that was a bit ooo errr..

frenzy not seen that for ages..


warren said...

Now there you go, one I'v got on video somewhere. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, yep it a shocker alright, I'll have to get it out and get the VCR working again. Now, back to Frenzy, did you know the part of the killer was was first offered to Michael Caine. When Caine refused it, thinking it not for him, Hitch never spoke to him again, but if you look at the man who took the part in the end, he as that Caine look. The DVD can be found to buy on meny web sites, its one of them films that is not shown on TV that much. I cot it in a box set from HMV, a bargan at £25, its got stuff like Rope, Virtigo, The Birds, Topaze, 16 of the little gems.