Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Now then, there's been a lot of personal insults flying about on this site recently.

Whilst we here at Pits'n'pots are eager to see some lively debate and challenging of each others views and opinions, we really DON'T want the debates to be dragged into slanging matches and trading of insults.

So, we, the Pits'n'pots bloggers, had a bit of a chinwag last night, and have decided that, although we have dedicated this blog to the people of Stoke on Trent, so they can have their say, we would like to issue a warning to anyone being disrespectful and name calling. We will not allow this on the site, and if it continues, we will pull the plug on the entire site.

This would be a great shame, as it seems to be taking off nicely, word is getting round that you can air views about any number of topics of local interest, and we really do want it to be THE vehicle for debate in Stoke on Trent.

We can only do this if you, the commenters, keep your posts respectful. It's great to challenge someone's views/opinions/beliefs, but not to trade insults.

You have been warned! As we are keen to ensure the site remains fresh, if anyone has any items of interest which they would like to debate, just let us know and we'll start an article for discussion.

Keep it respectful, keep it challenging, but keep it insult-free. Thanks, on behalf of Tony & the team of bloggers.


brooneyes said...

Well, that didn't take long!
I expected the lefties amongst you to try and impose your "censorship by any other name," but I didn't expect it that quickly.
I suppose I can look forward to being suspended before I'm banned?

Alison said...

Craig, we don't want to impose any sort of censorship, hence the early warning. What we want is respectful debate, and you seem to be one of the first crossing the line.

Can't you just put across what are sometimes very valid arguments, in a more respectful but challenging way? We are all grown ups, no need to resort to insults.

We welcome your input to this blog,just as we do Terry's and everyone else who has declared their allegiance to the BNP, and all those bloggers of other political persuasions. The more the merrier.

We think it can be challenging without being insulting. Is that too much to ask? Many great leaders in history have challenged views and opinions without being derogatory - why not try it?Sometimes it isn't what we say, but what we don't say, that people remember.

brooneyes said...

Hold on a minute!
Why am I getting the flak?!
I give what I get, so if I get abuse, you get it back. You can try and live in this fairytale world of never a cross word, but I have to tell you that when you stifle the passion, you stifle the debate.
"We are all grown ups, no need to resort to insults."
I applauded your foresight at the opening of this site, now I'm deeply disappointed by your shortsightedness. Good luck.

Helen said...

If there was more respect, the world we live in certainly would be a nicer place.
Respect I agree does need to be earned but if we all 'respect' each others right to their own opinions without name calling, this blog will grow into a fantastic forum for the people of Stoke on Trent to air 'their' views & to gather information from others on sometimes emotional issues & see & understand others views.

Nigel said...

I can't believe that I'm going to write this but I'm with Craig on this. As much as you may dislike what some may write, if you decide to censor what they think you only get a sanitised and unclear version of their true thoughts and feelings.

Tony said...

Craig, if we were going to ban anyone we'd have done it by now. We made a pledge to leave all post on, and we have done. We just want to get back to discussion. We are a blog that facilitates debate and not a place to trade personal insults. This not just aimed at you and was not directed to you personally. Let's get back to debating the issues rather than directing personal insults at each other. I refute that fact that i am a "leftie" i sir am whats known as a floating voter! lol

Tony said...

I agree and we do not intend to censor anybody but, we don't want people put off from posting their thoughts 'cos there is a full scale war going on and it's gone off track and is very personal. In short we are just airing our feelings.

Nigel said...

thank you for the response but even having the threat of a suspension hanging over someone will engender self censorship. I must admit I may have got personal myself on one occasion by questioning Craig's daughter's integrity, which I apologised for.

I think you will find that other than tat one occurrence I have NOT resorted to cheap shots or personal insults, in contrast Craig is always the first to "mouth off" BUT I wouldn't change his posts or sanitise them even in the slightest. You see, the more Craig writes the less credible he sounds.

Gary Elsby said...

If it is insults for insults sake, then that is totally out of order.
If it is off topic (it happens) then it deviates from the objective of airing the views of individuals and sometimes puts people off contributing.
The person with the hardest insults invariably wins the day but it is a very false victory and he or she has won nothing.
So come on Craig, play the game.

Tony said...

Honest we don't want to go over the top with this, we just want all posters to stay away from insults that all no censorship, no editing, no suspension. Look we have to enjoy hosting this blog and i guess none of us like reading a personal slanging match that's all.

Nigel said...

I don't particularly enjoy personal slanging matches either but you have to allow those sort of comments to show the world what type of character and opinions some people have.

brooneyes said...

11 posts, and not one of you buggers has mentioned freedom of speech! Not one!
The line to freedom of speech should be drawn at the incitement to violence!
If you draw the line anywhere short of that you censor. This is what I don't like about it.
But you do have a point. Half of you have a habit of talking through your back passage and it should be my fundamental right to say so! If you don't like it, return fire or make yourself clearer. Nigel for instance, he says he only once had a dig, and he did apologise. That isn't true.
Every time I come on here, I am confronted by lies and exaggerations as to what my party and I stand for, and when I explain, my explanations are targetted. Now I am prepared to put up with that, though I doubt very much if more than one or two of you could take this kind of constant assault, but I have to be able to take it on in my own way.
You can't expect to keep kicking me and not expect me to start kicking back, whether you insults are worded politely or not.

Nigel said...

I thought it was implied in my previous posts that I defended freedom of speech and that I don't believe in any sort of censorship.

I understand now that any criticisms of the BNP, you take as personal and often get quite hysterical about said criticisms.

brooneyes said...

Who are you calling hysterical???!!!


Raziq Razaq Cobridge said...

Behave, Craig.We all want freedom of speech but some of us do it with respect and for respect of our Country.

Anonymous said...

Craig Pond cries about free speech until someone says something he doesn't like. Reading some of his posts he can't even live by the ideals he claims to live by. I for one hope he is banned from this site, he's such a web warrior, hurling insults from the safety of his keyboard. Raziq Razaq, that last post was spot on the mark.

T COPE said...

Anonymous, you state Craig Pond should be banned, thats not why this site has been set up, yes he gets agravated at some of the insults he has had thrown at him,and he reacts in the same manner.
This is hardly surprising since the Sentinel has carried out a campaign of pure, blatant bias, for the last 12 months, and only printed negative comments, from anyone with a supposed grievance against the BNP.
They have even gone as far as to distort the truth in order to get headlines.
Craig will only trade insults, when insulted.
I personally think this site is a breath of fresh air, yes the debates get heated, and sometimes topics get sidetracked, in slanging matches, but it makes a differance to debate with other points of view without censorship.
I like debating, but the minute the insults start, it becomes pointless, and I switch off.
Some of the insults directed at Craig have been nasty, and deliberate, so don't be surprised when he fires back with the same.
I have known this man for a good time, and if you treat him with respect he will give the same.
In fact if we all treat each other with respect this site will become a well visited site.
So come on guys, and gals, lets get it together.

brooneyes said...

Anonymous, if you cannot grow even the minimal amount of fortitude required to write your name, how do you expect to be taken seriously?
You chicken.

brooneyes said...

Raziq Razaq.
What a shame names are not allowed in Scrabble.

Anonymous said...

Like that's going to happen with that rabid dog Pond on here. He seriously needs to get a life and probably a job. He seems to spend all day on web forums spewing hate and accusing everyone of accusing him of being racist even when they haven't. However, someone or some people seem to be playing the BNP at their own game with all these fake T Cope comments throughout the site.