Friday, 24 October 2008




The charges made against you by the PEOPLE OF STOKE are:

That you were and remain an imposed agent of the West Midlands Labour Party.

That against all experienced advice, you by-passed the local Labour Party.

That you used the NEC of the Labour Party to GAG local members!

That you used ignorant power to turn against all parents using SERCO!

That you used further ignorance to turn against old people.

That you did not leave the Labour Party and felt no SHAME!

That your fellow Labour Party members/candidates took the rap for your idiocy.

That we remain a one star authority!

That you chose to rule by stealth of coalition, partonage and with a payroll vote.

That YOU and YOU alone are responsible for the rise of the BNP in this City!




Please close the door on your way out. The next train leaving Stoke to Birmingham is at 17:55pm, precisely.

The puppet rats of Longton that have fed from the poisoned hand of politics are now worried.
Be afraid, little ratties, be very afraid, for we are coming to get you and we're going to take you away. We have put out an APB on your whereabouts and there is nowher for you to hide, so give yourselves up and help Mark onto the train and then help yourselves on it also.
Go on, do the decent thing and go back to those who sent you. Leave Stoke-on-Trent to decide what to do with itself, good or bad, succeed or fail. We don't want you, we never needed you, we never asked for you. Go away! Rentokil are on their way.


Anonymous said...

Yep. That just about sums it all up and puts the top hat on it.

brooneyes said...

Going to have to bring in a vote of "no confidence" against Meredith now, to stop him from forcing through every stupid idea he hasn't yet imposed on us.
Who needs enemies with voters like

The general said...

Round up the rats and see them burn in the town hall as they are just as guilty.

john smith said...

I often wondered just how the mayor actually was doing what he did and the labour party just sat by and let him do it. Well done oracle, get stuck in and sort this shite out.

Anonymous said...

Now lets get rid of the school shutters serco.At least someone here is listening to what we have been saying for ages. well done all round to those that fought on the front line.

Anonymous said...

the charges you file against the accused are well founded but what about his mates who he bankrolled for the last few years? Are they going to be allowed to say 'it wasn't me, he made me do it'? The finger should be pointed further.

the joker said...

How many of the current crew are in the bag of Birmingham?

nicky said...

Too right Oracle



Go Meredith, to somewhere you can do no more harm.

bus pass said...

GUILTY! So says the people of stoke. I say that's it in one.

ged's enemy said...

What we have to remember, oracle, is who was part of the absolute die hard academy programme? are these same people up for leader and attempting to fool us into a leadership support campaign.
bollocks to the lot of them and lets name names!

Anonymous said...

Keep nazis out, they are all queer.

Anonymous said...

BNP fascists, Trentham High School facsists, both the same. Intolerant, unwilling to compromise, creating division and unrest in the community.

Pope Benedict. said...

A fair set of charges but I don't see any need for a trial. They were guilty from the start.

bnp and proud said...

The BNP have risen because we are a good right wing party that wishes no harm. It is a lie that the holocaust happened and it is wrong to blame the bnp for any link to the nazi party of germany.Steven Batkin is just another member with just another opinion and doesn't speak for all of the rest of us.

Hugh said...

BNP and proud:

In a word, mate, BOLLOCKS!

I happen to know a number of people who have tattoos on their left arms and who lived through the whole thing. Try telling them to their face that they were dreaming.

You are completely deluded, and present the rest of us with the absolute proof that the BNP cannot be trusted in any form of government.

bnp and proud said...

Hugh, another liar who wants to paint the bnp as scumbags.The holocaust was a lie and you lot tag us with it anyway.How can we win. Let the bnp lead this city and then see what we can really do. Too many jobs are held by immigrants and foreigners leaving the white inidgenous population out of work, on the dole and unable to pay the bills. you bollocks.

Hugh said...

Just what about the Holocaust was a lie?

bnp and proud said...

every last bit of it and it is used to frame right wingers. There were no death camps, just camps.Batkin was right so get stuffed. Bring on alby.

Hugh said...

So what happened to 20 million odd Russians under German occupation between 1941-1945?

Probably the same that happened to uncounted numbers in the Stalinist Gulags in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.

It's not just the right wing that are to blame for death camps. The British invented concentration camps - the Germans and Soviets just developed them to their own ends.

You just have to accept that these things happened, and that we all have to make sure that they never happen again.

A phone box far, far away said...

Stalinist Gulag = Peter Kent-Baguley's Phone Box!

Incidentally are you all aware that Kent-Baguley voted to appoint a BNP member to serve on Staffordshire police authority at the May council meeting?

brooneyes said...

Hugh, try not to be so gullible.
This is no BNP'er you're arguing with. Probably that retard Elsby.

Hugh said...


I'm not being gullible. I'm aware that people hide behind pseudonyms to try to ferment trouble. I'm just wanting to indulge in a bit of intelligent debate. Saturday afternoons can be a little boring sometimes!

Gary Elsby said...

It wasn't me, Craig and I certainly can prove much of the case against holocaust deniers.
Remember, Craig, it was me that has put out 50,000 leaflets around here rubbishing nazi claims.

Bob Bagley said...

What happens now Craig, who do you think the BNP are most likely to be able to make a deal with to sort out the running of the council?

I know that Albie Walker has ruled out working with any group associated with sex offenders or animal abusers, so that just leaves the city Independents, Lib Dems or Kent Baggaley.

Alison said...

I have to disagree with the Oracle a little bit on this blog. The Longton rats he refers to - Mark Davis & Tom Reynolds, are councillors in my ward.

Although Tom is a very new councillor and hasn't had much time to get results, Mark has certainly been an effective councillor since he was elected.

Surely the fact that they aren't "Stokies" shouldn't stop them from being effective councillors?

I aren't saying I've always been impressed, but on the whole Mark's work ethic for his area of the city, and resulting improvements, get him my vote any day of the week.

It doesn't really matter to me if they've come here from Birmingham or whatever - surely as Labour councillors they will have Labour views and will believe that what Government do is correct (for the most part), and will therefore be working towards that same Agenda.

I feel it is a little "regional" (as opposed to racial) of The Oracle to suggest these councillors go back where they came from. It's a bit BNPish isn't it? We only want indigenous Stokies as councillors?

I for one am more than happy with these 2 representing the Longton North ward. They are certainly MUCH better than Batkin and Leat!!!

Just my own personal thoughts Oracle, but I have to give credit where it's due...

T COPE said...

Hugh, I am a member of the BNP, and fully believe all the claims about the Holocaust.
People would have no dought if they visited the death camps in Germany, that still stand, as a memorial to the victims of these atrocities.
When serving in the forces in Germany I visited these places, and I will never forget the sight of finger nail marks 10 foot off the ground in the gas chambers, and the stillness (not a sound from birds or animals can be heard) around the area, or the colour of the ground (brown) inside these camps.
When people refer me has a Nazi, I tell them look at the pictures of these death camps, and see what I would give my last breath to stop.
I would never agree to this ideolagy, in any way,shape, or form.
Mr Elsby, yes you did put out leaflets, but sadly you had not got the guts to print the truth, only fabrications, and downright lies,and rantings, alongside the other third party leaflets.

Gary Elsby said...

T. Cope hides the truth as we all would expect.

Firstly, the crimes waged against humanity were carried out by FASCISTS whao gained power in Europe by promising to make racism and ethnic hatred, publicly acceptable. In fact they wrote book informing all of their ambition.

Once in power, they did exactly what they said they would do, and do exactly what all opponents warned they would do.

Every racist, Fascist power throughout history, has always caused conflict beyond their own borders.

T.Cope belongs to a racist, Fascist Political Party that seeks power in Government.

T. Cope accuses me of printing lies and that I distorted the truth with my colleagues.

Every word I printed was my own and any other words delivered were of a general political nature aimed at promoting Labour. So te claim I had help is false.

My political literature included a graphic account of Steve Batkin(bnp member/councillor) who claimed the Holocaust to be a lie.

He was interviewed by SENTINEL SUNDAY and his account of the holocaust was therefore published for all to read.

Perpetuate the falsehood that I lie as much as you want, Terry, but one thing I can categorically assure you is that all my fellow members within the Labour Party believe in the holocaust and will continue to expose the BNP policy of attempting to fool all by being 'nice'.


Not BNP and proud said...

It probably was a BNP member/ supporter, just one that isn't towing the strict party line about denying the holocaust or saying anything overtly racist in public. So much for free speech.

brooneyes said...

Not BNP and proud.

Why is it probably a BNP member?
Stop confusing wishful thinking with fact.

T COPE said...

Mr Elsby, I don't hide behind the truth, I face it head on, and use it to fight against people like you.
You have your opinion, and I have mine.
If you want to start with Facism,and Racism, try looking at your beloved party Labour, they fit the bill perfectly.
I do not belong to a racist, facist, political party, thats the Labour's and the media's 20 year campaign against anyone thats not left wing, and liberal thinking.
The same people that have brought a once great country into the gutter.
The same people that denied debate on immigration for a decade, with cries of racism.
Pensioner manhandled, and thrown out of Labour party conferance for daring to dissagree.
Pensioner Rose Adie labelled racist for daring to criticise the N,H,S.
Just two of many headlines attributed to Blair's New Labour.
I say as I think, and if I dissagree with anything I will say so, something the LibLabCon members are not allowed to do so.
As Ive said before, I am my own man.
The members of the BNP don't tow any party line, we are free thinkers,

Gary Elsby said...

Terry,you called me, a Labour Party member, a liar.

I answered your point and explained why.

You have told me how upstanding you are and how decent your party is.

Now answer my individual points I have put and explain why I am a liar.

I am Labour and you are BNP. People will judge us.

Tom Reynolds said...

I'd just like to respond to the remarks made about me personally.

Oracle, I enjoy reading most of your posts. In fact even your caricature of me as a puppet rat raised a smile. But I want to set you straight on why I am here. I'm flattered that you think its because I have been sent here from on high...unfortunately the truth is a bit more straightforward.

I moved to Stoke to study and fell in love with the place and its people. I chose to settle here for that reason and now its my home. So I'm not going to go anywhere, especially because of the result of a referendum! Sorry to disappoint.

Alison said...

Nice one Tom! Welcome to Pitsnpots. We are debating many issues on the site and your input is most welcome. The Oracle has a satirical view on the entire political regime within Stoke on Trent, so I wouldn't take it too personally. As you will see, he/she has had a go at local political figures from all parties.

It's good to have your input and I for one am glad you are here to stay. Many people I know have come here to study and as you say "fall in love with the place".

What I really want to see now (following the result of the referendum) is some serious challenges from our councillors to ensure the people of the city are consulted PROPERLY, listened to, and the city moves forward in a manner which it deserves.

Unfortunately, the low turnout shows that there are some very disaffected people in the city, who don't believe anything they do in terms of a vote will change the city for the better. I disagree, and hope that those of us in the city, from across all political spectrums, can work together to make Stoke on Trent a better place to live and work.

Debate is good, and this site has proven that. Let's keep it going, but let's find some really good ideas for bringing about change in this city, and you and your colleagues as councillors then have the duty to make it happen.

Tom Reynolds said...

Thanks Alison,

I don't mind really being poked fun at... I'm a councillor after all = fair game.

You're spot on - proper debate is not only good, its vital for the city to improve...So is mainstream party politics in my view.

What do the Independents stand for? There are a lot of positive comment on this site -useful debate. When are we going to see some positive comments from the opposition in the council chamber as well, rather than the same 2 points repeated ad nauseam.

Thanks for the welcome.

Bob Bagley said...

The Independents are very good at saying what they are against and what they will oppose but have very few ideas of their own to put forward.

I'd be quite surprised if in the end they put forward a candidate to be the leader of the council as they don't want the responsibility of running the council and it suits them better to just sit back and criticise others.

Not fooled said...

Come along, Tom Reynolds.

You moved to Harsthill (Stoke Central) and you voted against everything put forward by 99.9% of that group (you being the 0.1%).

You were considered such an odball that you were courted by Rob Flello and Mark Davis and the Birmingham machine broke land speed records to shove in another YES (Birmingham F*** you Stoke)voice under the guidance of Flello.

Tell the truth, Tom and you'll be better thought of.

You love Longton,yeah and the people of Stoke, yeah, bcause you love the place yeah?

So much that you have voted against the whole population of Stoke-on-Trent on each and every occassion.

no such thing as society said...

Are you trying to tell us that Tom Reynolds is a Brummie or something?

If not, out of interest where exactly does Tom come from not that it matters that much?

And if we're talking about people only being elected for an area to which they are suited could someone please arrange a one way flight to North Korea for Kent Baggaley?

Alison said...

I know already that Tom Reynolds isn't a Stokie, but is that really what people use as a qualification to make someone a good councillor?

I do hope not, as unfortunately there are many councillors who I know are true "Stokies" (ie born and bred here), but I don't think that qualifies them to write their own name, never mind anything else!

I can't understand why everyone keeps going on about where a councillor came from. Surely it's what (if anything) they are doing for the city and the people they represent that matters?

For instance, not wishing to cast aspersions, but Denver Tolley, another Longton Ward councillor, has been a councillor for years, and is I believe also a Stokie (using the definition as stated above). However, it is only very recently that I have heard anything about Denver's work in the area, mainly through his association with Mark Davis and Tom Reynolds, and the 3 Labour councillors working together.

Does the fact that Tom isn't from Stoke but Denver is make either of them a better or worse councillor? I think not, and say again, this argument is almost BNPish - those posting rubbish about Tom's birthplace, or where he was before he came to Stoke, are perpetuating the idea of only wanting "indigenous Stokies" to be councillors. What Rubbish.

My belief is there should be a mix of councillors, from different political parties/persuasions, who challenge each other and the decision makers of the city, with the sole aim of improving this city, in conjunction and co-operation with its people.

If Tom is doing that and prepared to continue doing that, he'll do for me.