Friday, 17 October 2008


Today David Cameron decided to go out and publicly attack Gordon Brown, over the handling of the economy. He stated that his strategy had fundamentally failed. Mr Cameron said "we need to change, and to mend our broken economy, and this lot cannot do it - not least because they cannot own upto their mistakes". He said that Mr Brown had "spent and borrowed with no restraint". He said that Mr Brown had made decisions as Chancellor, which had led to a period of irresponsible capitalism. He stated that the Conservatives have plans in place to get it all in order. Well, I say, lets hear what these plans are?

It's so easy to criticize, isn't it, but let's be honest here, whatever party had been in power, this economic crisis would still have happened. Do you think we can lay the blame totally on Gordon Brown and the Labour Party?

Surprisingly, this attack, came only a week after, he had said that the Conservatives supported the bank rescue plan, and that all parties would have to work together , to get through these difficult times. Well that didn't last long did it. The Chief Secretary, Yvette Cooper, accused the Conservative Leader of indulging in "juvenile political games". The Tories had been asked to avoid playing party politics, and they had gone against it.

Gordon Brown responded by saying, he had given individual attention to taking Britain through difficult times. He also said, that it was a global problem, which had started in America. To be honest, even us the general public, could see this crisis coming , its a pity that George Bush didn't. If he did, he certainly didn't act very quickly, did he.

The Liberal Democrats Leader, Nick Clegg said, the Conservatives had nothing of real substance to say about the economical difficulties, and that people want practical help, not Westminster Political point scoring. How right are these words. At a time when most people are struggling to pay for fuel, shopping, gas, electricity, and mortgages, are they really interested in listening to politicians putting one over on one another, I think not.

Surprisingly, it seems, Labour has been gaining support in the opinion polls. Is this because, people feel Gordon Brown, has handled it all pretty well? No doubt, some of you will think not.

What do you think? Has Gordon Brown proven to the public, that he has got the qualities to get the country through these difficult economic times? Do you think David Cameron could be a better Leader, and have the Conservatives got the right policies, to change the running of the country? Do you think we need a complete change, maybe Nick Clegg could do better than the two put together. Let us know your thoughts ................................................................................


brooneyes said...

Cameron and Brown, they're like
Zippy and Bungle from Rainbow!
Cameron says Brown is fiscally retarded, and he is right. He says Brown is responsible for the mess the country is in, and he's right again. Then he starts talking about fixing our broken economy, and I ask how?
How can you fix our economy when
100% of decisions made on fishing and farming are made in the EU.
Trade, 100% EU.
Legal Primacy, 100% EU.
Labour law, 75% EU.
Business redtape, 85% EU.
How can you fix our economy when programmes like the EU Override
exist? Override gives the EU the right to put regulations through
parliament, even when the parliament aren't sitting!
Nearly 80% of decisions concerning
asylum and immigration are made by the EU. How can Cameron fix this country when it is controlled by outside forces??
What we need is honesty from our politicians, yet it is the one thing we will not get. The Tories will be unable to fix anything if they don't remove this country from the EU first.

Tony said...

As we are at the time of year when the christmas adverts have started on the TV, I hope Santa brings you a wider vocabulary this year. Because the only two bloody words you know are asylum ans immigration!

Helen said...

Yes, I think this crisis can be laid firmly at the feet of Gordon Brown & the Labour party.

The financial crisis happening around the world would still have had an effect upon our financial economy but lets face it unfortunately Gordon 'the scary grin' Brown has been in a position of power for over a decade & he's taking no responsibility at all for the mess we are in. Does this remind you of anyone locally?

If he was as good a Chancellor as he likes to thinks he was, he should have seen this coming.

This is another labour man, we need shot of & quickly.

nita said...

Brooneyes, I will never be able to take Rainbow seriously again!!

I for one, was not aware that the EU made all these decisions. Why do we bother having a Parliament, with Prime Minister and Cabinet members then, if they do not have a say, in what affects the running of our country?

David Cameron is very good at criticizing other's, but where are his actual policies?

Now Nick Clegg, I don't mind. He needs to get his policies back out there, as I feel the Lib Dem's could make a come back. They would not probably have enough to run the country yet, but locally, I would love us to have more candidates.

brooneyes said...

Tony, take your blinkers off! You will see I've mentioned Trade, law,
business, agriculture........

Nita, you would be signing up to the BNP tomorrow if you knew what the EU was capable of, and what its got in store for us. It is the source of all trouble in this country.

nita said...

Helen, so I won't need to get you a nice picture of Gordon, for the mantlepiece, as a xmas pressie?
It would be another dartboard for you.

Brooneyes has Zippy and Bungle, we have Pinky and Perky.

I will get back to the serious debate now.

Gary Elsby said...

David Cameron was an 'advisor' to Norman Lamont when we crashed out of the ERM after the Tories attempted to bankrupt the Country. Cameron has nothing serious to say about the current crisis but it should be noted that everything the Conservatives stand for, market capitalism, has crashed and burned. His Shadow chancellor Gideon (working class name, George) Osborne, wanted Norther Rock to go into administartion and its assets liquidated.
A ridiculous idea considering the whole world is propping up banks.

Craig Pond continues to publicise how little he understands about Europe and considers a collective approach to a financial crisis is detrimental to the outcome and a better plan would be to go it alone. A stupid, but typical simplistic, isolationist nationalist approach to a world problem.
Putting up barriers to the rest of the market led directly to WW2 PROVEN.
The EU was formed as a consequence of WW2 due to the silly ideas that only one Country should have a monopoly of resources. If that ever happens again, then the very same conflicts will arise.

For some reason best known to themselves, the nationalist, racist BNP consider a return to such practices will benefit Great Britain.

They must first explain why the idealist, using nationalist barriers to trade and travel will not result in retaliations by other Countries and if they did, what they would do in response.
They need to inform us of our economic strength and how we would crush the USA and Europe.

Strider said...

If you're going to blog on politics, at least begin to understand what politics is all about in Britain.

'Managed Decline' is the technical term for what MP's, councillors and high ranking businessmen are up to.

This involves slowly destroying industry, finances and moral with the intention of setting up a new power base, ie: A Federal Europe.

Economic Globalism and easily dominatable mono-culturalism is the end result.

The reason the BNP is so vilified by all those with an interest in the EU has nothing to do with racialism and everything to do with the BNP ruining their plans.

The BNP will not be the first nationalist party to come to power in Europe, however. The coming decade or two will likely see nationalists in power in Swizerland, Germany, Austria and a number of other countries.

This is the truth, whether you accept it or not.

Gary Elsby said...

After you kindly inform us of how you will rule Britain, answer the question of how you'l retaliate against a combined economic force of the USA and EU?

Do you seriously expect them to sit back while Nazi Britain dictates economic and migration policy?

Nazi's need to grow up and answer the politics of the question and stop goose-stepping their bravado as if a they are serious contenders in a Democracy.

Nazism and Fascism is a tried and tested politic that has always resulted in destruction.

Only recently, 50 Million people died as a result of the things the BNP stand for in Stoke-on-Trent.

brooneyes said...

Elsby, the only nazi round here is you, you and your bully boy attitude towards anyone with a differing opinion to yours!

brooneyes said...

13 years since the EU had its accounts signed off, but I don't understand the nature of Europe?!
You ask why it is I call you names Mr Elsby. It's because you write unadulterated crap like this.
There was one year when £61 billion of the EU's £65 billion
budget was unaccounted for! That's 95%!! And do you know what happened to the lady that blew the whistle? That's right children, the wonderful, Elsby promoted EU sacked her! The EU is nothing more than a giant slushfund. Take a look at Kinnock and his wife. Both of them are millionaires.
You need to wake up people, this is your hard earned money being frittered away here.

Bob Bagley said...

Craig - Steve Batkin went on the record a few years ago and gave his views on the holocaust ie. that it never took place and was a complete fabrication. It would be interesting to hear your views on this.

Incidentally, holocaust denial is considered a serious crime in many european countries and carries with it stern punishments.

brooneyes said...

Yes Bob, I realise it is a crime to speak out in this EU stasi state. What Steve was questioning,
and Nick too, wasn't the fact that
mass murder took place, but that the validity of the numbers needed looking at. And this seems to carry some credence. The last I heard, a young jewish man was saying the same thing(his name is David Cole), but I can't remember anyone accusing him of racist/fascist/nazi behaviour.....

Tony said...

Have you noticed how the BNP had sidelined Batkin. He no longer speaks in public for the party and is mainly used for the distribution of leaflets, like a paper boy really! The BNP locally have made an effort to put up more "acceptable" activists in the public eye. I wonder where Craig fits in? A few years ago Steve Batkin there was a debate in the council chamber regarding Longton High (i was there) and Cllr Batkin's sole contribution to the debate was to say "LHS, that muslim islamic instution"
Funny isn't it Bob that he BNP now have a Cllr (Mike Coleman) sitting on the school's governing body. Mike is doing a good job for us. I wonder if Steve Batkin would have put himself forward and there's my problem, there does seem an acceptable PC friendly side to the BNP but it is what's lurking underneath that worries me. You only have to read some of Craig posts on this site! I wonder how many people look behond the public side of this party and get under the surface where their true policies can be found.

nita said...

Strider. You state, "that if you are going to blog on politics at least know what is going on in the country".

Please, can I clarify,that no one at PitsnPots is professing to be a politician. We just add stories that we think will make interesting debate. We thought, the proper politicians would be the best people to add their comments, to give us, joe public, more information.

I was aware that some decisions were made by the EU, but not to what extent. If that does not impress you, then I apologise.

Anyway, hope you will continue to join the debate, and hope you now understand that we are just a bunch of local people, wanting a debate on a wide range of subjects.

brooneyes said...

Tony, Steve hasn't been sidelined, and instead of making more of your usual snidey remarks, head down to Bentilee and ask the folks how good a councillor he is.
As to what Steve said, I thought you wanted your local politicians to be honest?
You can't have it both ways Tony.

Geoffrey, Sandford Hill said...

Brooneyes, Batkin is so good a councillor that the we in the Longton North ward tossed him and the other one out at the first opportunity.

Tony said...

I hope your party continues with the honesty policy. If that is what Steve really thinks then so be it, but i think that this sort of statement will worry a large proportion of the cities population.
Yes you keep on with the honesty because people will see through the attempts at taking control (by either mayor or leader)by stealth!

Tony said...

do you know maybejohnsmith by any chance? not a trick question mate, just asking?

nita said...

Geoffrey, welcome to PitsnPots, and thank you for your comments. I agree, that is exactly why we got rid of Mr Batkin so quickly, as in my opinion, he did absolutely nothing for the ward.

He may have changed now, I do not know. Maybe, he is doing a bit more shopping and gardening for the elderly, ha ha.

brooneyes said...

Tony, I've read some of his comments on the Sentinel site and agree with them all, though I haven't seen anything from him in a while.
Nita, what you have to remember is that Steve was the first, and at the time, the only BNP councillor. You would not believe the crap that man had to put up with! Threats of violence from other councillors; and I'm thinking of that Labour tosser Salih here, people turning up at his house in the middle of the night trying to kick the door in, an unending litany of abuse, both verbal and physical, and you and an assortment of dickheads find it a subject of fun?
You should only be allowed to make comments of this sort when you have put as much into this city as that man has, otherwise you should be quiet.

Tony said...

You represent YOUR party well, but you are a sad advert for the people of Stoke on Trent! Nita is my wife, we do this blog with some of our friends who have a common interest of getting the party debate back in this city. To see Nita and other people described as been a "dickhead" is just unacceptable and for what? having a different opinion than you. It is something i will not put up with. I find your constant use of phrases like kiddie fiddler when reffering to the Muslim religion offensive and then you top it all by doing this.
As you know the word you used to Zahid, mufa'khathat, you take completely out of context, don't take my word for it look it up. Craig you need to find a level of debate that is acceptable because i will close this site down if it continues. Why do you persist in insulting people who are only debating is behond me. As i have said before if you want to swear and insult that's what they do at guido fawkes feel free to take your self there!

brooneyes said...

You know Tony, you have a really nasty habit of bellyaching about comments that you don't like!
I find comments that belittle Steve Batkin extremely offensive, because I know what he went through, and stood up to, in order to get to councillor.
YOUR opinion is that I'm a bad advert for Stoke-on-Trent, you are one man, one biased man.
If this circle of yours don't like getting what they're giving, then tell them to engage their brains before they open their gobs!
I am sick and fed up of people like you expecting people like me to just sit back and keep taking your crap! Well it isn't going to happen, and you can drop this poncey attitude you have, you are not the only ones worried about this city.
You go and post on Guido if you like, I'm no bloody Tory!
Finally, how the hell can you take out of context a word that translates as "place between the thighs?!" It should be pretty obvious, even to the likes of you, that there is no mistaking what that nasty saying is about, or from which nasty religion it comes!
Your problem is you don't have the backbone to face up to the fact that you are what you blame me of being. You're the bigot, you're the one with the snidey comments all the bloody time, and I'm the one who's fed up with it.

Tony said...

I do enjoy our debates and for the most part I look the trading of comments as banter. When I'm bantering about someone it isn't personal, you on the otherhand are very personal. I don't think anyone else on this blog goes as far as you. I don't know your wife Lyn, but even though she has different politics to me I would show her respect.
With the Muslim thing you talk as if it is an everyday practice, when you know full well that it isn't. I would ask everyone to google it and they will see the context. The Iranian nutcase referred to it in the 80's, one extreme man with extremely vile ideals.
Your own Nick Griffin said and did things years ago that you yourself have been quick to say "it was years ago, it's all changed now" But when a muslim posts something that you don't like you ram it right down their throat!
Remember Craig the words and thoughts of one extreme man. There are two sides to that.
Hope you understand where I'm coming from and give my best wished to Lyn.

Anonymous said...

q, Nick what do you think of the foreign policy in direct quotation from the Isreal occupied states of Palestine and the ~United Kingdoms role there in?

a, I dont comment on them they are not my problem, What Isreal wants to do is up to them I`m interested in England.

Q, Nick Is is true that you once supported the idea of Race designated benefit system?

A, No Comment

and you think he could defend or save our country from the others?

Chairman Sutler /brown / Cam moron / Griffin
I want this country to realize that we stand on the edge of oblivion. I want everyone to remember why they need us!

o and by the way Batkin no longer speaks in public locally after a 74yr old lady with enough guts and grace of a bullfighter stood in the junior school on Anchor road and told him to shut his mouth and to stop bringing politicle issues ~( black schools for blacks white schools for the rest ) into the future schools debate whilst the meeting had been set to work onthe new school project to tell parents what they had in store.

I know i was there

He may do well in Bentilee but seriously hes been silenced.

Guys and Girls

if one results in name calling one ends up as a Palin or worse Bushite. So Low is this form of contempt that even the prisoners of Guantanamo refuse to stoop to it.

That said the Nazi party sprang from a need and was the first to publish and copyrite the words European Union and the words New World order. and wasnt it a Conservative that put us ~( the UK ~) in theEu in the first place Ted Heath his name was? even managed to trick peopole into voting for it then changed thename of the treaty? sounds familiar?

Legal Primacy, 100% EU.? the final descsion here lays not with the EU but with the The Ministry of Justice at Tel Aviv Supreme Courtcourt of Justice, though it has to be said they do have a casting and censor vote over the Eu so in effect your right if not in fact.


Anonymous said...

Tony 1- Craig 0!
It seems that a voice of reason wins over a shouted insult every time!


Anonymous said...

Has Craig left us? Cos its all gone quiet!