Thursday, 9 October 2008


I've just spotted on the Sentinel website that the Stoke on Trent version of the Monopoly board game will feature Central Forest Park on the cheapest square on the board (Old Kent Road). Apparently, mystery still surrounds which Stoke on Trent location will be on the most expensive square - Mayfair.

This got me thinking, why don't we here at Pits'n'pots have a bit of a vote on which Stoke on Trent locations we would choose for the cheapest and most expensive squares, if we were the board game manufacturer?

My personal choices are:

Cheapest - Vale Park (sorry Valiants! Obvious reasons - ie, not in Prem)
Most Expensive - Mark Meredith's office (cos what goes on in there is priceless!)

What do the rest of you think? Reasons should be given!

I know you all love the stuff Tony puts on about Referendums, MP's, politics etc, but I like a bit of fun every now and again, and think this will highlight in a lighthearted way some of the great sites in Stoke on Trent.

Come on, give it a go....


Helen said...
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Helen said...

I nominate Bentilee - how many millions of £'s have been spent on this one area in recent years & there is another £20 million just waiting to be spent on a new school on the Willfield site. This must be a contender for the most expensive square??

Anonymous said...

Most expensive? Longton Road in Trentham. Have you seen the houses there?

Cheapest? Bentilee? Abbey Hulton? Chell Heath? Grange Estate in Cobridge. Christ, the list of potentials for cheapest is endless.

As for utilities, in typical Stoke fashion would probably be some sort of benefits office. Joke. I know how precious and easily offended some in the city get.

brooneyes said...

Come on guys, I thought this was going to be about politics. If I wanted to read about a show, or a childrens board game, I'd buy the bloody Sentinel.

nita said...

Brooneyes. We thought a bit of lighthearted debating, makes a change from the more serious side of it. You don't have to join in do you. You have the choice, stick to the political articles, if you want. Don't be such a spoil sport, ha ha.

Alison said...

So none of you like my idea of a bit of lighthearted fun?

I didn't realise you lot were going to turn this blog into a permanent moaning place.

Some of us like a change from all the intense debating, but obviously I'm in the minority here.

Someone must have posted something REALLY offensive at the start, otherwise it wouldn't have been deleted. And to be honest, I've had enough personal attacks aimed at me this week to last me a lifetime, so I am going to remove myself from this blog till I feel a bit better.

Thanks Craig, you and the other person who make the comment that was deleted have made me feel great.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

brooneyes said...

Take a look at what's happening.
The credit crunch, looming recession, Stoke-on-Trent city council with Icelandic bank accounts. Why have you not written to all political parties to get them on here explaining their stance?
There's a million and one things to be going at and yet I come on this morning to monopoly and Marty Pellow?
How about a post where we can put forward questions, or suggestions, anything but this shallow, superficial chitchat.

brooneyes said...

Sorry Alison, just read that pathetic, mewling message you left, you know, the one where I'm to blame because little Alisons feelings got hurt?
Welcome to the real world dear. We were under the illusion this was going to be a serious, debating
site, not some kind of mothers circle. If this is what you want to chat about, create a seperate section, or make it clear what you intend for this site.

Tony said...

Craig, Get over yourself! This is a CITY debate, for ALL the people of the CITY, not just the doom and gloom miserable sods like you! We have a cross section of bloggers to cater for every facet of City life! If your interest lies with the more serious stuff then stick to that, it's that easy Craig! the motto: YOUR SITE, YOUR CITY, YOUR SAY! not just politics and council bashing (though i do enjoy that!) Stoke is a good place to live and has good things going on we are here for that too Craig!

brooneyes said...

What are you on about, "get over yourself"?
Take a look at the number of posters on the Monopoly site, and the only people making favourable comments about it are you 4!
Take a look at that waste of space Marty Pellow post, and once again, the only people who've posted there are you 4.
I was lead to expect a political debate site, but if that isn't going to be, then let me know.
All I ask is that you make clear what this site is supposed to be about, politics, or girlie chitchat.

Helen said...

Thank you for your opinion, everyone is entitled to their own & we now know yours.
As Tony has stated this is a blog for everyone & a bit of light hearted banter is not going to detract from the serious issues which are discussed on here.
Why not lighten up & show us all a lighter side to your nature, chill & have a bit of fun.

Alison said...

Craig is an obnoxious tw*t who's only opinion he values is his own.

He sounds like a neanderthal caveman in most of his posts on this site, yet no one has resorted to insulting him (till now).

Craig, for your information, I am in the real world. I have a full time, responsible job (which is more than you appear to have), and have OTHER interests besides moaning about everything in this city that isn't BNP led.

If you don't like the content on this site, I for one would be more than happy to see the back of you!

And for your information, I am back to my normal self now, you won't get any more "mewling" from me. I am a feisty woman who is more than capable of standing an argument with the likes of Craig "brooneyes" Pond!

Next time he comes at me, I will be more than ready for him! Watch this space.

brooneyes said...

Well Alison, having you fired up and over the top is STILL better than that nonsense earlier!

I don't suppose it's that time of the month, is it?

Alison said...

I'll take that as an apology then Craig.

Helen said...

The women on this blog do not need the time of the month to be feisty, upfront & to tear a strip out of anyone.

At least you've shown your lighter side now!! Knew there was one in there somewhere.

brooneyes said...

That might have been many things
Alison, but it wasn't one of those!

I'm glad to see you're feeling better though.

Alison said...

Craig, I do believe you might be smiling! Perhaps there is a real person under that neanderthal exterior.....

brooneyes said...

Helen, glad to hear it.

Alison, you keep refering to me as a neanderthal, which is just what I
look like. Not psychic are you?

Alison said...

No Craig, not psychic, but I understand the meaning of the word stereotype, and I think you conform to it.

I am glad you are talking to me in a civilised way again though, as I want to have a serious debate with you about housing at some time in the not too distant.

Unlike some, I can do lighthearted and serious, all in the same day!

Alison said...

And what do you think of my new profile image Craig? Very girlie, don't you think? A bright little ray of sunshine, just like me!!

brooneyes said...

Well I must admit Alison, that the smoking bottle kilns did inspire visions of Ena Sharples.
Prefer the one you have now.

Alison said...

There's nothing wrong with a bit of Ena Sharples, now and again. I have to say your photo is very caveman, but I have now realised it's Adam n Eve.

I was rather hoping it was a caveman, fits in with the stereotype theory!

What's with the Adam n Eve? Bet you just liked the pic and there is no deep and meaningful reason behind it.

Alison said...

Craig, I've just had a thought. This morning, you were moaning about this blog article, and said there were only 4 posts on it.

What with your apology and our subsequent dialogue, you've managed to help me make it a highly commented-on article!! Thanks!!

I knew I could count on you.

nita said...

Bloody Hell, what is going on here. Looks like Craig has peed the ladies off, and we are normally so civil!!

I was only coming on to leave my cheapest and dearest places, just to boost Ali's comments up, as Brooneyes, had said it was a crap topic.

See you can have all sorts of lighthearted debate, but not sure that the word t**t comes into that category Ali!!

Well, Craig, I was going to start an article on baking, knitting and the cheapest supermarkets tomorrow,
but don't think I had better. Dont want to be accused of being too boring, ha ha.

Anyway, Old Kent Road (cheapest), would be Primark, and Mayfair (dearest) would be The Potteries
Shopping Centre Car Park.

Glad we are all friends again.....
and you were thinking of leaving us Craig!!

brooneyes said...

Oh, I wasn't planning on leaving,
just waiting for you bloody emotional females to put up some decent posts!
If I'm labeled a t**t for slagging off Monopoly, just imagine what I'd be called if I said knitting was crap!

Helen said...

For once we agree, knitting is crap!!

I look forward to finding more topics upon which we can agree.

brooneyes said...

That is a vast probability Helen, because I do believe I've seen traces of commonsense in the postings of the ladies on here.
Keep it up.

Alison said...

Bloody hell Craig! Steady on!! Aplogies AND COMPLIMENTS for us ladies, all on the same article!!!

See, we aren't so bad after all. I look forward to your comments on Nita's latest article, about the effectiveness of the Elected Mayor (our friend Mr Meredith).

I'll have to join in later, as I'm off to the supermarket now, then I've got some baking to do, and I need to finish knitting that jumper....

ian norris said...

Forest Park as Old Kent road, surely this and Westport lake should be Mayfair and Park Lane instead they are some of the best areas in the City and Forest park attracts a VERY diverse range of the community.

brooneyes said...

Yes Ian, and some of that diversity
are mugging youngsters,and raping men!

brooneyes said...

Take a look at the Sunday Express.
Apparently, that job centre they opened in Africa is just the first step in seeing another 56 MILLION
immigrants head to Europe!
You think I'm racist, I think you're all bloody mad!

brooneyes said...

Take a look at the Sunday Express.
Apparently, that job centre they opened in Africa is just the first step in seeing another 56 MILLION
immigrants head to Europe!
You think I'm racist, I think you're all bloody mad!

Anonymous said...

There are many ways of debating policy - this is one.

I thought this would be a light hearted way of debating our cities regeneration, after all, although its been a slow start, our jewel in the cities crown Burslem is starting to show signs of regeneration, alot of both public and private money there - that could be Mayfair, and as for Old Kent Road - maybe because of the evident neanderthal nature of some there, backward looking Chell Heath.

brooneyes said...

Ooooohhhh, Anonymous, what a scalpel like wit you have!

Alison said...

At last! Anonymous has picked up on my reasons for posting this article!

A lighthearted way of highlighting areas of the city's regeneration (or lack of).

I am glad someone has actually realised what I was trying to do - I thought it was me on another planet and everyone else had left me to my shopping, baking and knitting....

Anyway, I've written a more recent article about this new bid for more government funding for housing in deprived areas of the city, so please add your comments on RENEW, Regeneration, Pathfinder etc. there.

Thanks Anonymous, for getting me.