Monday, 13 October 2008


Well it a fact! Pitsnpots are here BIG TIME!
We are now way past the 700 post mark and getting more popular everyday.
I am pleased to announce that we have been successful in recruiting more bloggers with more to come!
I am also delighted that some of our elected politicians are very interested in becoming regular contributors to pitsnpots!
We aim to bring back the party voice to the people of Stoke on Trent. Since the day that the coalition came into existence the party voice has become silent. We very rarely hear from the Conservative, Labour and Libdem parties about what they are doing and what the want to achieve in our City. We also want all the parties to tell us of what they stand for on the national platform.
When the Parliamentary Candidates are announced we want them to share with pitsnpots their vision for our city and what they would do for the people of Stoke on Trent if they were to be elected.
For to long now this city has had just two voices that of the EMB and the BNP, so how can we the electorate make a balanced judgment on who to vote for unless we hear more about the individual parties and their candidate both council and parliamentary?
I will publish the complete list of party contributors once it is finalised and we hope to have at least one article a month from our political bloggers.
It isn't just the main three parties we will encourage anyone who is elected as an independent or as a representative of a minority party to join us as a contributor.Who do you want to see blog and contribute from the political scene in our city? Who do you want to represent the parties?
I'm sure you will all agree it's GOOD TIMES here at pitsnpots!!......................


Sir Findo Gask said...

WTG :)

Good to see the great and the good seeing this as a media stream that they can use to engage the people who matter..

The residents & voters of the city

nita said...

I agree, it is important that we get back to hearing from the political parties individually, not as one big voice. We don't want the EMB v BNP, we have had enough of it. We want to hear what Lab, Con, Lib, Ind, BNP visions and policies are for the City. The sooner the better.

I suppose you could say, it was a good idea of The Mayor's to get all the parties working together, but not to the point where, no one is allowed to disagree.

I look forward to hearing what our Councillors have to say.

Frank Fuller said...

We need to get ex Burslem councillor Ted Owen to come on. He could entertain contributors with a weekly update on which party he is currently a member of. Having said that, theres probably not many which he's not been in at some point (possibly the People's Front of Judea?).

Also, perhaps a link to a podcast from Kent Baggaley at the telephone box where his Potteries Alliance party meet might be a worthwhile feature?

Tony said...

I'm sure you mean the Judean Popular Front!

dangermouse said...

great stuff guys n gals, i'm learning new words everyday!
Can't wait to vote, just hope more ppl come out n make a difference.

ps ad a strange dream last night folks, the words were still with me this morn, it's all this politics it's driving me mad,

can any1 remember, VOTE LABOUR, VOTE JACK DIMMOCK.

i am soo losing the plot.