Sunday, 5 October 2008


Having spoken to many parent's, faced with choosing a school for their child, for the September 2009, intake, it has become clear, that they will find it difficult to put down three preferences. Now that Longton High is no longer having an intake, this leaves parents on our estate (Meir Hay/Weston Park, and probably some other areas), with the choice of Edensor. May I make myself clear, that this is not saying that Edensor is not a good option. Edensor is the school they have been allocated. That in my eyes, in only one choice, and one choice only. Many parent's have said "how do they expect us to give three choices, when we are struggling to find one". Lets take for example, some parent's from our estate wanted to choose Sandon, it is highly unlikely that they will be given this choice, for one reason. Sandon's catchment area, as detailed in the booklet, is Meir, Meir Heath, Rough Close, and Lightwood. So, once they have taken from these areas, it is more than likely the school will be full. So, I repeat, there in no parental choice, is there!! This brings me onto my next point. When Notices to close these other schools, take affect, and they are not allowed intakes, parents across the City (more likely to be in the south) will face the same nightmare. What do you the parent's have to say on this? Are you faced with this dilema for September 2009. Do you think you have enough parental choice? Give us your thoughts...............................


Alison said...

There is no choice in the South of the City Nita, you are right. Although I currently have concerns about finance/spending at Edensor, I, like you, am not saying it is a bad school, merely the only choice available for anyone living in Longton/Meir Hay areas.

I don't see how this can be right, and I for one am glad I don't have any children who I have to make this decision for, either this year, or in the next few years.

Perhaps when Parents know where the new Academy is to be built, they will have some reassurances, but at the moment it appears even the Council don't know where it's going to be sited, so the rest of us have no chance!

I thought the Government were keen to promote parental choice. But it doesn't seem to be the case in Stoke on Trent. I suppose that parents do have a choice - they can choose Staffordshire schools (if they are lucky enough to get a place).

What do current Year 6 and Year 5 parents think?

Lost4Words said...

This is an argument I've had with the council on numerous occasions. The mayors take on this is by creating larger academies there will be a greater choice of subjects. As far as the mayor/Serco are concerned this has nothing to do with parental choice of schools. They choose to misinterpret the BSF guidance documents for whatever reason they have for closing schools.

brooneyes said...

Education in this city needs to be revamped, and on that point most of us would agree. The council though are doing the very antithesis of what is required!
We need more schools, not less, and they need to be smaller, not bigger! This is just one idea that the Tories are trying to steal from us, but if you're smart, and take the chance to vote us in when you get it, the BNP will lead the way.

nita said...

Brooneyes, I totally agree, and so would the majority, that education simply has to get better for the kids of the City. Im not totally convinced on the Academies, as the type of school, to take us forward. As they are totally run by the sponsors, it works out nicely for our Education Department to get rid of the underperforming schools, and put the responsibility onto someone else. Not their problem then is it. As yet, we have no idea, where the Academies are to be built. Still no definite site for Park Hall, gasometer/willfield?, nor Trentham/Blurton, Trentham Lakes, New Inn Lane?. I was under the impression that the Park Hall Academy was a priority, yet, it now appears that is it no longer in phase 1. I accept, this, could be because there has been no sponsor found. So, when I bring up the subject of no parental choice, this is set to go on for a fair few years, until these new buildings are up and running. I would not like to be facing, the headache that some parents are now.

nita said...

Some more points I forgot to mention. Brooneyes, another question, I meant to raise, are the Tories all in favour of these Academies too? Is it not one of their policies for education? Can someone maybe from the Trentham Action Group, clarify that Lord Adonis, has been taken out of the Dcsf? Was he not the chap, pushing for these Academies? Having received an e-mail, it appears that these Academies are not going down to well, across the Country, some schools are going for strike action, in protest. All very interesting.

brooneyes said...

Nita, one of the Tory education spokesmen said their idea for schools(!) was school sizes of two to three hundred, and placed in the community. Our proposal is for schools of around four hundred
in the community!
These academies are a ridiculous idea, and come at a time when the Americans are turning away from the idea of big schools in favour of smaller, more student friendly
places that nurture an atmostphere
of friendliness and inclusiveness.
The local BNP group has ideas concerning all the major areas of policy, but to release them now would be folly. What we would really like is the chance to debate
with the other political groups as to
what needs to be done in order to
resuscitate this city. That would be an interesting debate, and no mistake........
I almost forgot. Academies are schools sponsored by business, but did you know that business only has to invest about 10% of the schools cost, but they get major input into the schools curriculum?

True white opinion (Chell) said...

Craig, is one of your 'policies' to give an equal education to all innocent little primary school children?

Even the black and asian ones?

Yeah, of course it is.

brooneyes said...

" True white opinion (Chell) said...
Craig, is one of your 'policies' to give an equal education to all innocent little primary school children?

Even the black and asian ones?

Yeah, of course it is."

You're right. We will give them the same education as our own kids,
just as long as they have a right to be here.

Alison said...

Trying to get back to the point of the article - parental choice. I realise it's that time of year when Year 6 parents are doing the rounds of the high schools.

Not having any kids of that age myself, I was just wondering who'd been to any of the open evenings at the schools in the south of the city, and whether anyone thought they had ANY hope of getting into a school that wasn't the one named on the letter they received with the schools prospectus?

It would be interesting to hear what Year 6 parents thought - anyone out there could give us some answers?