Tuesday, 21 October 2008


I am working from home today, because i am suffering from a heavy, (no more than heavy it is at least flu and could progress into pneumonia, get me the Lemsip, no ADMIT ME TO HOSPITAL NOW!) head cold. Ive had no sympathy from Nita, who looked as if she was about to hit me with the iron, when all I did was ask her for a chucky egg sandwich and a cup of tea like my mum used to make me when i was off school. Some people have no patience!

Some of you maybe wondering where our BNP posting friend Craig (Brooneyes) Pond has gone. It seem that Craig has stopped posting on our blog following a difference of opinion on Sunday. The trading of comments can be seen on the Paul Breeze blog which can be accessed on the right hand side of the page.

I thought that Craig had goes a bit far in some of his remarks about other people and i asked him not to be so personal and insulting. I told him he was a bad advert for our city and to be honest i regret that.

Craig in passionate in his support for his party and his defence of their members and while i applaud that, at time i think it's gone a bit far and not just from Craig.

When I started this blog we said that we would never pull a comment, well I did just one which i just think went too far. It was said to a Muslim poster and I thought that it was over the top. Posters have made comments about people like Lee Wanger and we have not pulled them because they have foundation.

Anyway, I just wanted to let people know what had happened and that I have no issue with Craig or anyone from the BNP. Craig contributed a lot to every debate and i enjoyed our sparring and our banter and I hope he comes back soon and starts posting. We certainly have not banned him and never would. I did email him and ask if he wanted to talk about the issue.

I suppose that I just want to keep on the right side of debate and don't really want things to get personal, I think I speak for the other bloggers on that too!

Hope that this is acceptable with everyone and if I did go to far with Craig then tell me...............


brooneyes said...

What the hell is this??
I take a couple of days off to recharge my batteries and this appears!
Tony, like I keep telling you, you can pretend that you don't need the BNP, but we know different.
As to that 'asian comment' you object to, that is part of the story of Mohammed from the Hadith.
In that book, it also explains that he was a murderer, rapist, paedophile, liar, cheat, delusional, and some other stuff too! Don't take my word for it,
read it for yourself and see what your average muslim gets taught!
I don't doubt for a minute that sometimes I go a little far, but constantly having to defend myself and my party from fartbrains that will not listen is apt to do that to me.
Now, if you don't mind, I've rather a lot of party business to get through.
Just so you don't get lonely, I'll drop you a line after the count on Friday.

Anonymous said...

I hope he stays away, the nazi shithouse.

Tony said...

You're Back!
I've no doubt that it does say that in the book. But that doesn't mean it is an everyday occurance in the Asian households of Normacott, Shelton, Brownhills ect does it? Anyway I've been busy too posting atricles for the likes of you so don't spend all your time on party stuff! There some good stuff on here at the moment so get posting you miserable old sod!

Helen said...

Craig - your back!!

I hope you are not going all serious on us now, we were enjoying the light hearted banter too.

Anonymous said...

get shut of him, he's a racist nazi.

Zahid said...

Tony, haven't you noticed yet that Craig and Terry take it in shifts!
If Craig has sick fantasies about others lifestyles, then, let him!

Tony said...

We don't want people offended for the sake of debate that's all.
Thanks for posting anyway and encourage as many people as you know to come on this is what we want. A multicultural city needs a multicultural voice!

Raziq Razaq said...

They may be racists but this is OUR Country and we want it to be a free one, so please Craig, behave in the British fashion.

Zahid said...

thanks for the comments but I would have left his comments up as they show other posters his and the BNP's childish and insular outlook towards anyone who may differ from them, whether that be physical, cultural or merely just having an opinion he doesn't like.

brooneyes said...

And what of those that don't want a multi culti city Tony?
Zahid, instead of crying to Tony, why don't you explain that bad phrase I put up the other day?
And while you're at it, why don't you explain al-taqiyya to all the little boys and girls on here who have no idea about what islam really is?

Tony, all muslims are taught this stuff, that is why it is relavent.

Zahid said...

I have finished crying now, wiped the tears away.
Now,why don't you explain some of The Old Testament verses and instructions? It makes for some pretty horrific, "backward and barbaric" reading itself!

Tony said...

you are welcome to voice your opinion. Let's remember that ALL religions can be dissected and some awful things picked out. What about Jehovah's stance on transfusions that allow loved ones sometimes babies to die? Read about how restricted the Methodist religion was a few years ago. Look at religions like Plymouth Brethren that is practised even now! Do you defend the religions because they are practised in this country?

brooneyes said...

Tony, Tony, Tony. Islam isn't just a religion, it's an all in one lifestyle plan. It covers law, politics, religion, it is a guide in how to live your life day in, day out.
The problem lies with some of the teachings that are drilled into them from childhood.
It is alright for a man to beat his wife.
It is alright for a man to have sex with children (mufa'khathat), and under sharia, your muslim male is allowed to go further than
"placing between the thighs." Under
sharia a muslim male is allowed to
penetrate the child anally!
The simple facts are that such things should not now, or ever, be included in the teachings of something pretending to be a religion, amongst other things. This is what muslim children become exposed to, it's hardly surprising so many of them go on to commit sexual offences.
Look to how women are treated within islam. Forced marriages,
female circumcision, honour killings. It is stated that women are less than men, are inferior to them.
You can make all the excuses you like for allowing this into this country Tony, but don't try and pass it off as bigotry on my part.
This is nothing but blindness on yours.

brooneyes said...

Zahid, I'll tell you the difference between Christianity and islam, christians do not interpret it literally!
It also happens to be the recognised religion of these islands, as displayed by us building our legal system, and our culture, on it!

T COPE said...

Brooneyes, Craig does lose his rag sometimes, but its only because he is passionate about debateing issues, and it does get tiring answering the same accusations of racism daily, and comments like that of anonymous.
The one thing you will get from Craig is honesty in what he believes, not lies, or half truths.
For the record Zahid I work shifts and am only able to post at certain times.
If certain people could get past the usual drivel, that is spouted in the press and media, about the BNP, they would find a common debating ground, and I am sure we can dispense with the insults.

Zahid said...

your wrong, lots of Christians ASWELL as Muslims, Jews, Hindu's and Sikh's DO interpret their own religious scriptures literally.
Just go to the American deep south!

Mr Cope,
don't think people haven't noticed you two take it in shifts to post. You post for while, have a few days off when its Craig's turn and vice versa.

Martin said...

I think Craig Pond and his boyfriend Terry Cope are doing a marvellous job in reinforcing the TSB stereotype that alot of the rest of the country sees in the average Stokie. Well done lads, thanks for making the city look like a bunch of twats.

brooneyes said...

Zahid, we are not in America or the south, and that pretty much discounts your argument.
My problem with islam doesn't lie with the colour of your skin, but with the injustices that are written into the qu'ran and Hadith.
In the 21st century, I find it totally unacceptable for women to be treated in the way islam treats them, and that is no exaggeration, it wasn't that long ago that Mo Choudary had to set up a domestic violence charity for the women of your culture.
And whereas I may find it barbaric, it is absolutely your choice as to whether you practise it or not. The only caveat I would add to that is 'not in my country.'
You have the right to follow your religion, but I have the right to expect visitors to my country follow the laws and regulations that I abide by.

brooneyes said...

you are obviously mistaking me and Terry for yourself and your sister, you
inbred buttsniffer.

Zahid said...

there is also people in this country who take The Old Testament scriptures literally but you would just call them cultists.

You seem to want to portray every negative occurrence as systematic of ordinary Muslims in this country while completely ignoring any negative aspects of "indigenous" mishappenings and portraying yourself and the BNP as salt of the earth who cannot and have never done anything wrong.

You consider me a visitor (even though I'm born here) and expect me to do as I'm told but what if someone who is "indigenous" wants to practise Islam, are you going to dictate to them how to live in their own country - and you say your not fascist!!

If you want me to leave this country you'll have to give me £1 million!

brooneyes said...

Zahid, if you are legally here then
there is no problem. You will have to abide by the laws of this country, the same as the indigenous population have to. All we're saying is that.
If you want to practise your religion, do so in your house, your children will be expected to attend school as the indigenous children do, no headscarves, burkhas, hijabs or whatever. No colonising. If you want to live here then you must expect to integrate. British law will be the one and only law that counts in this country, so you will be expected to follow it.
Of course, if any of these things
are considered by you as too far, then you will be free to leave, otherwise, live as we do, that's the whole point of coming here in the first place!

Martin said...

Thanks for illustrating my point, Pond.

Tony said...

The sort of Britain you want isn't the sort of country the vast majority of people want! Control immigration and asylum, yes by all means but to dictate how people live their lives is just wrong! I will not accept that the majority of this country want this. This is why your party only have a membership of 5000!

nicky said...

Welcome back.

Regarding the difference of opinion referred to in this blog, I'm going irritate some people I'm sure but you know I'll say it anyway; I can see both sides to it! I really can picture myself on both sides of it and saying some of the things that were said if I got wound up. But I do think we should try to have freedom of speech and respect at the same time. The debates and arguments are worth having if going too far can be avoided. After all we all want to find it worthwhile having this site and coming on here.

Regarding the website, I'd like to suggest to you to do one of two things. Either leave the statement "No post will be removed!" there, but follow that through, or modify the statement to "No post will be removed except in very extreme cases." It's just personally I'd prefer it to be totally true. Now I would actually prefer the former case, but you maybe don't think that is on in practice, in which case the latter will be ok. Many of us think this site is particularly great because we've been on the Sentinel site a lot but have had increasing problems with censorship, that's why I'd somewhat prefer the anything goes option. The way I'd see that working with a very offensive post would be to point this out to the poster themselves and ask them to consider removing it. A good feature of this site is we can decide to remove our own posts, even though we rarely do. A debate may then ensue with a person about them removing their post or not. But with that option it would be necessary to be willing to leave the post there if the poster was unwilling to remove it.

Zahid you do make the good point about perhaps leaving a post that is not so pleasant there as it illustrates the full range of feelings and could be debated on further.

Terry you make some excellent points here, especially about finding a common debating ground and dispensing with the insults.

And as for religion, well I may surprise people by not sitting on the fence on this one. I am most decidedly athiest.

Tony said...

Yeh, you are right! It is something that I have fought my concious over. Whilst I want Craig to have his opinion, I don't want people like Zahid to be offended. I would like this site to be used by all the cities communities! Thanks for putting the issue into context, I guess we're all still learning!

Hugh said...

After reading these posts, I began to wonder what exactly what "indigenous" means. We all know what the accepted contemporary meaning is, but dig a little deeper, and you could come up with something like this - "people who currently inhabit the region independently or largely isolated from the influence of the claimed governance by a nation-state, and who furthermore have maintained at least in part their distinct linguistic, cultural and social / organisational characteristics, and in doing so remain differentiated in some degree from the surrounding populations and dominant culture of the nation-state."

Food for thought!

Zahid said...

thanks for the conern but I have not been offended by anything that Craig Pond has said.
I mean its Craig Pond writing this drivel, how could you be offended!

T COPE said...

Zahid, in case you did not understand, I work shifts, so I am not able to post at certain times.
I do not work in tandem with anybody, I voice my own opinions.
Martin I have stated before that I will not bring myself down to the level of those that use insults instead of debating.
My opinions on different subjects can be found on the different posts on this sight.
Craig gives as good as he gets, so if posters use insults they will get them back, and the posters know it, so do it on purpose.
I agree with the policy of this site of free speech, but it should not be abused by posters.
This is the only site that lets the local people have their say, and we don't want the type of censorship that is employed by the Sentinel, so come on posters, lets keep it civilised.

brooneyes said...

I notice you haven't challenged any of the statements I made though Zahid. Insult away, it still won't change the truth of what I said.

Zahid said...

I see that you haven't challenged any of my statements either.
If you want to have wild asumptions and fantasies about whole groups of people thinking and acting exactly the same, then go ahead if thats the way you want go through life.
I prefer to treat people as individuals.
Well, different strokes for different...

st george said...

Mr Pond,
"Look to how women are treated within islam. Forced marriages,
female circumcision, honour killings. It is stated that women are less than men, are inferior to them."

None of these are Islamic. They are cultural to the regions of the world the individuals come from. Female circumcision is especially prevelant in some African regions, regardless of religion, forced marriages and (dis)honour killings happen across the Indian sub-continent, wether Muslim, Seikh, or Hindu.

As you well know, as you quote the Quran, Mohammed was asked 3 times who was the most important person in the family that a person should go to. Each time, Mohammed said your Mother. Not Father. Mother.

The problems of interpretation into all languages and cultures occurrs all the time, as women are put on a high pedestal - they then cannot get off.

Mr Pond,
" I'll tell you the difference between Christianity and islam, christians do not interpret it literally!"

Where have you been ??
This country is full of Christian fundamentalists !
Reg Vardy cars even sponsored a School Accademy(I know - diff debate), to teach this,(Doncaster I think).

The children were on a TV programme explaining that they had been taught creationist theory as FACT - but that to pass their exams, they were told by their teachers that they would have to lie - and say the earth was millions of years old, not 6,000!!

How confused were they ??

and thats just a starter !!

If you allow some of these more objectional posts, the blogger site themselves may take the whole blog off site.
So, it may not be ideal, or what we want, but to keep this blog site open, you are going to have to have some basic rules that we all obey, or the posts gets pulled.


brooneyes said...

St George,
The prophet Mohammed was
engaged to a six year old girl. He married her when she was nine, and consumated the marriage. That is all I need to know about this
Just because others circumcise girls, force them into marriage and kill them when they don't do what they're told, does not lessen
the effect of such behaviour within this theocracy.
It's a fact of life that christianity is the recognised religion of these islands. If you don't like it, don't come here.
Resorting to threatening Tony shows that you can't deny the facts and simply want to cover them up. Admit you are wrong, or prove me to be so.

Tony said...

St George,
If you would like to email the site with some suggestions on basic rules I would be happy to discuss them with the team. I think its obvious to all that we (the bloggers) don't want anyone offended, we have muslim contributors who want us to leave all posts on as they think they show people like Craig in a true light. I have also asked Craig to refrain from insulting other posters. He is however entitled to his opinion and to put forward his party beliefs as different to mine they may be! That's what this site is all about debate and opinion, but never insults and nastiness!

brooneyes said...

Don't pander to the veiled threats of George, Tony.
Let's have some honesty in our debating, even if it causes offense.

warren said...

I was not very well on Tueseday, and seemed to miss this all in wrestling match. Anyway Tony, you are one big old wuss, I would have given you a f*****' chucky egg sandwich and a cup of tea on the head. Anyway Pond's back in the fray now and hes still being shot at but he keeps going and he will not liy down, and good for him.

Anonymous said...

Warren, lets see how you react when your wife is referred to as a "dick head" as did Craig towards Tony's wife!!

brooneyes said...

I did not address Nita as a d*ckhead, in fact, I went out of my way to seperate her from the group I was refering to! Get your bloody facts right.
The only wife of a poster on here you need to be watchful of is Gary Elsbys, she's a nasty habit of running lamposts over!
Here's a thought Gaz, with all these cycle paths coming in, by your mrs a bike!!

Anonymous said...

NO,NO, I read that particular post personally and you didn't separate his wife from those vile comments at all.

warren said...

I resent them there remarks, theres only one di*khead round hear and its me. I meen, can't you have a desent debate round hear without resorting the petty name calling and that kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

Warren, I couldn't make head nor tails of your comments.

Are you defending the Pond (yet again) for his vile remarks?

Or are you attacking me (the messenger)?

Ponds a twat said...

Ponds a twat and the biggest hypocrite ever, whatver he accuses other people of he is just as, if not more, guilty of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

warren said...

Anonymous, I will tell you what I'm getting at, we can all have a say hear and chat away and sometimes have a right good old ding dong but to start the mud slinging and name calling on a stright topic is not on.There are other blogs on this site where we can have a joke and mess about.

Pond's a retarded dole scrounging twat said...

I concur with Pond's a twat