Saturday, 18 October 2008


Labour's Immigration Minister today stated that it has got to be harder for migrants to get into Britain. He said that immigration becomes an "extremely thorny subject" when the country faces an economic downturn and people are losing their jobs.
Phil Woolas also said
"It's been too easy to get into this country in the past and it's going to get harder,"

The Home Office said the new points-based system provided "a powerful and flexible set of controls".

The government recently introduced a points-based system to attract migrants from outside the EU judged to be most valuable to the economy.

Mr Woolas said that there was no way that the government would allow the population to go up to 70 million and that here has to be a balance of people coming into the UK and people leaving.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show the population grew by nearly two million to almost 61m people between 2001 and 2007.

Various official projections predict this to rise to 77m in 2051 or 110m in 2081.

The Conservative Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve accused the government of "floundering around" on UK immigration because it believed the issue to be an "electoral liability" he also accused Labour of matching Tory policies regarding immigration.

Grieve also called for the government to "explain carefully" their ideas to tackle this most sensitive issue, he said "The government hasn't got to grips with this issue at all, and that they're floundering around because they know it's now become a serious electoral liability."He added: "Tough talk is simply not enough, they must now explain how they intend to deliver."

Currently there is a points based system used for assessing immigration basically, the more skilled the applicant the more points are awarded. the next tier is if the applicant has a profession that the UK needs and so on to the bottom tier that covers temporary workers.

This announcement could spell the end for the BNP rise in popularity. The news that the mainstream parties are willing to act and tackle immigration and asylum will not be welcome news to the far right party who locally make a lot of the lack of action from the three main parties.

Well, what do you think about this brave announcement by the immigration minister? Does this go far enough to worry the BNP? What other action would you like the mainstream parties take to tackle this issue?


brooneyes said...

18 months ago, just the title
'immigration' would have been enough to have the thought police kicking in your door and dragging you off to court. Now, thanks mainly to the BNP, immigration is a problem that we can at least talk about. But hang on a minute, this is some Labour 2nd rater telling us immigration is a problem
and needs to be cut. This is the same people who 18 months ago
villified anyone who said immigration was out of hand!
I'll guarantee you all one thing,
that whatever this marxist moron comes up with, it will be too little, too late!

brooneyes said...

"this announcement could spell the end for the BNP."

You shouldn't drink and write! This combination is liable to cause literary diarrhoea!

Tony said...

Which is something you seem to suffer from often! LOL

nicky said...

It is only pragmatic to have controls, to prevent the problems caused by large and sudden changes in population that are hard for communities to handle.

The difficulty is though that none of these measures apply to migrants from the EU so the effect of it will not be that significant and the problems with changing populations that we have suffered since this was allowed around the EU will remain.

Migration can be a good thing and the points system helps to get the people that are most needed, but it would work better if applied to the EU also.

"The news that the mainstream parties are willing to act and tackle immigration and asylum will not be welcome news to the far right party". I would've thought it would be welcomed by the BNP, in so far as it goes, as I would imagine they'd agree with tackling this issue?

brooneyes said...

So tell me, There has to be now getting on for a million or so illegals, why hasn't this government done anything about them?
Why haven't they done anything about the criminals that make up a third of our prison population?
Why are we still accepting refugees and asylum seekers?
Where are these skilled workers the Westminster moneygrabbers keep saying are coming in? All Britain seems to get are the unemployable,
third world dross, that deal in drugs, steal everything that isn't nailed down, or commit murder on an almost daily basis!
And why is it better for Britain to bring in all these foreigners instead of training up our own people? All I've heard is the kind
of lefty bullsh*t that says our own people aren't good enough! These machete wielding Africans are good enough, these bloody muslims with their bombs and extreme religious beliefs are OK, even huge numbers of people trafficking eastern Europeans are OK, but our own youngsters and out of work aren't?!
Closing the stable door at this point in time is a completely futile exercise because the damage has already been done. Our country is flooded, our services are stretched to breaking point, and they will break! The same mentality that has lead to this foreign invasion is also responsible for the destruction of our education system. Since when was it ever right to be teaching children from the age of 4 about the joys of homosexuality??
Everyone has the right to cast their vote as they see fit, but there is now a steep price to casting it in the wrong direction because the country cannot continue to absorb all the foreigners, crime, financial instability, that it is having to at the minute. When this bloody mess these selfish, self centred politicians have gotten us into, finally bursts, you'll only have yourselves to blame if you refuse to do something about it now.

nita said...

Immigration is a topic that we need to be able to debate openly, and should not be a subject you have to whisper about, behind closed doors. Great Britain is increasingly becoming overpopulated, so we do have to limit how many people we let in.

We have the Polish nationals entering the country, who are willing to work, and are very often working for minimum wage, doing jobs, that the British people do not want. What is the problem with this? I have read many times, that they send the money home to their families, so their incomes are not coming back into our system. Is this right or wrong, that is an individual opinion.

The government is putting plans in place to tighten up, how many people enter the country, and the points system is a good idea.

If we cannot fill, lets say for example, consultant, doctors, or nurses positions in our hospitals, then if we can recruit from abroad, that is no problem for me. However, we have at present, an ongoing trial, whereby people gained qualifications at Universities abroad, attended Universities in this Country, and are now standing trial for acts of terrorism. How we address this I do not know, as the Immigration Officers. can only act on the information given to them.

Brooneyes, I totally disagree with your statement, that every muslim is a terrorist, what a ridiculous statement to make. The majority are peace loving people, and are fully aware, that they have a problem with some of the youngsters, having extreme views, but I can clarify, that they are tackling this problem. We have to ask ourselves why some of these youngsters, turn to the extreme ways? Maybe, its because their elders have been treated so badly over the years, and they are not prepared to put up with it themselves. So, if we ask why they are so angry, it is because the BNP are igniting some of it, with statements such as yours.

I also have no problem with asylum seekers entering the country, if their lives are in serious danger. However, it should not always be the UK they come to. I was under the impression that you seek asylum in the nearest country, so how is the UK, the nearest for everyone. It is not the nearest, but it is the easiest to gain entry too.

So there you go, you can have an opinion on immigration, without being a racist, of which I am not.

brooneyes said...

Nita, where did I say every muslim is a terrorist??
What you don't seem capable of absorbing are the facts surrounding
It is no longer enough; and hasn't been for a long time, to simply limit the numbers coming in!
It needs to be stopped, and then reversed, or our kids, and our grandkids won't have a country to call their own!
The Polish are working for minimum wage, OK. How does a married Britsh man compete with the likes of this Pole? The Brit has to pay taxes, by school uniforms, pay stupidly high council taxes, there are the food and utility bills, he has to run a car.
The Pole comes in and leaves his family back in Poland, knowing the ar*eholes in government will pay him for them!!! This bugger comes here and lives in a semi with 15 other Polish workers!! How does the Brit compete against this???

Then you talk about being unable to fill in positions in the NHS?!
Stealing what skilled workers the third world has isn't the bloody answer!
Last year, there were ten thousand
British students who left uni with their medical qualifications and couldn't get a job! Why? Because the government had given all the jobs to bloody foreigners, that's why!! Why the hell aren't we training up our own people to fill what vacancies there are, instead of giving them away to foreigners, most of whom send some of their money out of the country! Our economy doesn't even get the benefit of having them here!

For Christsake, when are you people going to understand that this isn't about being racist, it's about being pro-British!!!!

There are already too many in the country Nita. When they start to breed, and it has already started, you, your kids, your grandkids won't have any say in your own country because you will lose; no, not lose, people like you will give away control of the political process in this country to the immigrants!
Once you're outnumbered in your area by immigrants, they will vote for their own candidate in the elections. Because you're outnumbered in your own constituency, their candidate will get in. If that can happen in a local election, and Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, large parts of London, and most of bloody Yorkshire are all very close to this tipping point, then it can and will happen in a general election.
You might not mind being ruled by a foreigner, but I have to tell you Nita, I do, and I'm not the only one! I want someone like me, that understands my history, culture, where my sense of identity originates, I want someone that thinks children should be taught the 3 'r's and not the so called joys of deviant sex! I want to be ruled by someone
that understands the pride I feel in all this country and her people have achieved, and the potential of what we still have to achieve. I want to be ruled by a Briton, a white, indigenous, understanding, nationalist Briton!

nita said...

Brooneyes. You are correct, you did not state, every muslim was a terrorist, I apologise.

We have had this debate many times. Just because you say, it is time to stop letting people into the Country, it does not make you a racist.

I also, take on board what you say, about the students leaving the Universities, and not being able to gain jobs, as they are filled by others. My son is at University at present, and it is a constant worry, if there will be a job for him, when he has done his four years. If there are not the jobs for those in the country now, why let more people in?

This I feel, is a massive problem, and am not qualified enough to say how we start to address it.

The BNP have never been afraid to talk about this subject openly, and it is time the other parties started to enter the debate.

Does it make us all racists, certainly not.

Ambrosius Aurelianus said...

I fought to keep the English invaders out in the late 5th century. Unfortunately my fellow Romanised-Celts were too busy squabbling amongst themselves to keep out the flee bitten, unwashed Germanic filth that were pouring onto our shores and taking our land. We had the battle at Mons Badonicus, but that was only a temporary reprieve. Soon the people that became known as the English took over most of the island save the extreme North and West. Now the descendents of these unwashed barbarians are whinging about more foreigners arriving the same way they came. What hypocrites.

Stop immigration. Stop emigration.

If the Brits don't like foreigners coming here they shouldn't be allowed to live in someone else's country. Fair's fair. Anything less is hypocrisy.

On the one hand get rid of the Poles etc.. On the other encourage foreign govts to turf out all the Brit expats living in their countries. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Let's stop being a nation of hypocrites.

If we want the immos out then we need to take a lead and say to our expat communities abroad "it's time to come home".

If it wasn't for an outflow of skilled people there wouldn't be room and jobs for foreign workers to come here.

We complain about people here not speaking English but expats in non-English speaking countries make no effort to learn the local lingo or mix with the locals.

Let's hear our politicians and parties take a fair and balanced view on the subject. Let's hear the BNP condemn emigration as much as immigration. Let's hear them tell the truth that the British ex-pats are the same burden on public services in Spain as Poles are in Stoke in Trent. Take a fair view, not a hypocritical (and typically British) one.

nita said...

Can I also clarify, when I ask the question, why are the muslim youngsters so angry, it is because, they are, under BNP policies, being asked to leave a country they were born in. Should I say, they will be offered that choice. This is wrong. The majority love this country, and get along with everyone. I do not dispute the fact, that we have a problem whereby a minority, do not wish to integrate, and are still very stand offish. How we address this is another debate.

Tony said...

That my friend has got to be the best comment i have read since this blog began! This sort of debate is why we created pitsnpots. Thank you for your valuable thoughts and i hope that you become Emperor sooner rather than later!

brooneyes said...

Ambrosius Aurelianus, you should change your name to Talkus Crappus!
And don't think I didn't see that your surname ends in anus. How apt is that!
First off, the difference between
immigration and emigration. When
indigenous Brits leave the shores of this country for whatever destination is theirs, they do so not with the mindset to put upon their hosts, to take money, social housing, benefits. No. When your Brit goes abroad they take money with them that goes into the economy of the country they are in. They pay their own way, they buy a house, they pay for medical treatment, and they don't claim benefits!
Brits do not put a negative strain on the the government, economy, or people of the country they move to, in fact, having Brits
in your country will be a positive thing, including providing jobs for members of the local workforce.
The other benefits are, that we will not blow up the indigenous inhabitants, or try and corrupt their belief system with hardline, kiddie fiddling crap! We will not run round the streets of their capital city stabbing to death anyone we don't like the look of, and nor will we torture to death animals for food in the name of religion!
So, my hook nosed Roman invader, I hope we are now clear on the differences between immigration and emigration.

brooneyes said...

Oh it's all gone quiet over there....

Anonymous said...

Pond-Life, talk about resting someone else's case for them...

While you're at it, join Batkin and get a job...

brooneyes said...

How brave of you to make such comments under the protection of
Get a life, get a spine.

Martin said...

For someone who seems to spend his entire life on internet forums spouting hate and bile you're hardly in a position to tell anyone to get a life are you Mr Pond? Likewise throwing insults from the safety of your keyboard is hardly the act of someone with a spine now is it. Before you accuse others make sure you're not guilty of the same, otherwise you'd be.... that's right, a hypocrite, because that's exactly what you are Mr Pond.

Martin said...

While you're at take those rose tinted specs off. There are plenty of Brits abroad, particularly in Spain and Greece that are doing exactly what you say they're not. The welcome mat in Spain is shorter and shorter because of Brits scrounging benefits and burdening the local health and education services. You seem to think all foreigners are bad and all Brits are good. As for the stuff about paedophiles, the UK exports more of them every year than anyone else, just ask the Thais, Cambodians and Vietnamese. You really do live in a fantasy world. I also bet you're a one handed typist.

warren said...

Come off it Craig, in times of near resesion that we seen to be going thought at the moment, any govenment would look at cuts in immigration. The BNP would have had no sway at all in this matter. As for the end of the BNP, it will take more then this localy to rid the city of them and country wide they hold no power at all, so why bother at all.I happen to think that this would be a good move, it would be even better it there was a way also to resriet workers from the EU at the moment to. And while we are at it, we are aware who you are dude so why not post a yourself man, at least give us that.

Anonymous said...

1968: Powell slates immigration policy
The Conservative right-winger, Enoch Powell, has made a hard-hitting speech attacking the government's immigration policy.

Addressing a Conservative association meeting in Birmingham, Mr Powell said Britain had to be mad to allow in 50,000 dependents of immigrants each year.

and Labour only JUST decides it might be a good idea?


Anonymous said...

Just one problem with that last. Powell made his speech 6 years after immigration had been already been tightened up - up till 1962 open door policy for Empire/ Commonwealth citizens.
Rivers of blood wasn't about immigration but about anti-discrimination laws being introduced at the time. I would agree with some of the previous posts. We as a people have an extremely hypocritical approach to immigration. Happy to inflict ourselves on others' hospitality, hysterical when foreigners come here. Ambrosius Aurelianus and Martin have hit the nail on the head. I agree with Martin, there are certainly British benefit scroungers in Spain, like there are drug dealers and all sorts of other criminal undesirables from Blighty. The BNP and their sort seem to ignore this mirror image abroad thinking that all white Brits are "salt of the earth" - unless they condemn racism. And of course must mention Steve Batkin's years of being without gainful employment.

T COPE said...

While some of the points made in this blog are relevant, I believe the main objections to immigration have been missed out.
Yes immigration is out of control,and this (and the previous Government)have failed to listen to the people's concerns.
You cannot blame the indigenious people for their fears, real or imaginary totaly, and its not an answer to blame the BNP for their stance against immigration that is born out of concern (voiced by many non BNP)over the changes being made to our society, and culture.
A fair amount of blame must go to immigrants who have formed mono cultural societies (ghetto's) within ours, and refusing to intergrate.
Groups that refuse to learn the language, follow the laws of the land, and insist on imposing their beliefs on the indiginious people.
Groups that openly speak out and threaten (Christians, and Jews) the majority of people because they don't follow their faith.
Groups that seem to be offended by the most innocuious of things, and demand that an apolagy is needed.
Groups that demand seperate laws further cutting themselves off from society.
Appeasement by successive Governments have aided their cause, with white Liberal Political Correct civil servants adding their personal views to esculate the problem, so has to be seen politicaly correct.
All this has seen the rise in intolerance, in what I believe was a most tolerant society.
When the Carribean people arrived in the 50's was this problem so big NO.
When Idi Amin kicked out all the Asians in the 70s still no big problem,they were accepted, and this goes for immigrants that have come here up to Labours shambolic "open door" policy and their unwanted intrusion into creating an unequal, and unfair society on to us.
This Government condemmed anyone who wanted to debate immigration with a barrage of insults, and screaming "racist" at them to silence them.
Even settled previous immigrants I have talked to have said its too many in too short a time, and totaly dissagree with the extremists corrupting their children, which this Government will not get rid of.
The rise in popularity of the BNP stems from a party that is not afraid to state its opinions on Immigration, Law and Order ect,and defends the rights of the indigionious people, even though the press and media have portrayed anyone who votes BNP is a screaming "racist", but if you look to the people who stand, and those that vote for the BNP you will see ordinary, everyday people, who want to live heir lives in peace, and raise their children in the same way as they were raised.

Partisan said...

t cope, your answer constructive to the point and doing so well right up till the last paragraph where you totally and utterly missed the point of why people flock to the bnp.

people flock to thebnp for one of three reasons.

they are dissatisfied withthe current gov whoa rent doingenough ona specific problem that thebnp has said it will handle.

they are unhappy with the knowledge that the other two main parties are paid for by jews/occupied palestine/isreal and can see that their previous choices are thus controlled.

they have had /. are expecting an increase in violent/ theoretical/ physical/ religious zealousy arising from the "foreigners" amongst us.

now it doesnt matter one iota who or where or why the people vote the facts always boil down to one of these three catogories.

if only the bnp had more to say than " we have the recipe now F off and take thee filthy vest and pants with thee" perhaps they`d get even better support however as stated earlier between them they couldnt organise a tupperware party without expelling the black/ brown grean cups from the tea room.

T COPE said...

Partisan, on your three ponts.
1/ yes we have a useless, corrupt, self serving bunch of Hypocrites in power, just like the previous lot.
2/ I don't know any jewish people personaly, and I don't dislike someone, race colour or creed I don't know.
Yes I know there are jewish people who own the press and media, and the only thing I dissagree with them is their bias in reporting the news, but they are aided and abbetted by the NUJ,whose policy is to not report anything connected to the BNP in a positive light, even if it is.
3/as for problems arising out of dissention between two diverse cultures, this has allready happened in the past.
Yes I believe with the levels of immigration that have occured over the last 8 years (although I hope it does not) and a recession comming will fuel more tension.
History has taught me that the Human race can be animalistic when threatened, and human failings come to the front ie greed, hatred, and self preservation comes first in similar times like these.
Your last paragraph is one I don't subscribe to.
As I have said in past posts, I don't give a damm what colour, race or creed they are, as long as they work and pay into the system, abide by the law set down by Government,and don't try to force their beliefs on to me.
I believe that my culture, History, and Heretage are paramount, and my children are taught these above any other.
I also believe that I am not some knuckle dragging, racist, thug,intent on causing harm to others, and neither are the other members and people who vote BNP, just an ordiary working man trying to do the best for my country, and family.

st george said...

This is not a new policy. The government announced this measure some time ago.

Mr Cope and Mr Pond et al.

The reason people who fly our flags, or speak about immigration and asylum issues, are seen as racist, is entirely the fault of the BNP and its parent organisation, the NF.

YOU have taken these, and twisted their meanings, and shouted about them so much, that when ordinary people wish to discuss them, they whisper, in case someone hears them and calls them racist.

So its not -
"thanks mainly to the BNP, immigration is a problem that we can at least talk about."

The BNP have silenced the majority who would discuss it with common sense, not bigotry.

Craigs point -
" This is the same people who 18 months ago
villified anyone who said immigration was out of hand!"

You prove my point here - twisting what could be an objective discourse into nothing more positive than name calling !!

Ambrosius Aurelianus said...

I was not a Roman invader, merely a Romanised-Celt defending my country from barbarian invaders. The Romans had withdrawn the Comitatus in 410AD, leaving only some scattered garrisons and the troops on the wall under Old King Cole (Coel Hen). We therefore had to defend ourselves.

I was a historial basis for King Arthur and Excalibur was wielded against the English, not for them as some misguided people today might have you believe. Some of us kept our Roman names like me and my nephew Artorius, others went Celtic like my brother Uther Pendragon and our chief advisor Merlynn. That Clive Owen character in the film was 300 years out, he commanded troops on the wall towards the end of the 2nd century AD. 6 Sarmatians? Try 6000.

If the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, and Frisii came here merely to work and pay taxes like most of the people arriving now then that would be different. They didn't, they came here in their longships and stole the land and forced us out of our homes.

Ah, St George, ave. Now there was a real Roman. Yet the English believe he was also one of theirs. These barbarians, how little they know of their own history. How uncouth most of them are. Get drunk and a quick shag up the back alley near Yate's with someone they've just met.

How these people can't see the irony.

T COPE said...

It now appears Mr Woolas was lying through his back teeth, with his backtracking statement 24 hours later, and even admitting that he can't shut the door labour opened, in case it upsets the EU.
Labour's lie is best summed up in a official commission into "the future of multi-ethnic Britain" published in 2000 by the Labour peer Lord Parekh, which argued that the concept of Britishness had racists connotations, and should be "replaced by a multi-cultural entity called "a community of communities,which in term as produced millions in our midst who have no sense of connection to Britain, and no understanding of our History.
Woolas had no intention of solving the problem of immigration, just headline hunting.
As for twisting, well to blame the BNP for Labour's lies, and duplicity would be laughable,if the case was not so serious

T Cope said...

We have a useless, corrupt, self serving bunch of Hypocrites in power, just like the previous lot. I don't know any Jewish people personally, and I hate anyone who's race colour or creed I don't know.
Yes I know there are Jewish people who own the press and media, and the I disagree with them in their bias in reporting the news, but they are aided and abetted by the niggers, whose policy is to not report anything connected to the BNP in a positive light, even if it is.
As for problems arising out of dissension between different cultures, this has already happened in the past.
Yes I believe with the levels of immigration that have occurred over the last 8 years and a recession coming, I hope will fuel more tension.
History has taught me that the Human race can be animalistic when threatened, and human failings come to the front IE greed, hatred, and self preservation comes first in similar times like these, therefore racism is natural.
As I have said in past posts, I give a damn what colour, race or creed you are, they have to be white and definitely not a Muslim and don't try to force their beliefs on to me.
I believe that White culture, History, and Heritage are superior to Non-White scum and my children are taught this ideal above any other.
I also believe that I am a racist intent on causing harm to Paki's and Niggers and so are the other members and people who vote BNP, I am just a White man trying to do the best for my country and Race.