Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Failed Iranian asylum seeker Hemdad Shekhepure has been jailed for sixteen months for fraudulently claiming £25000 in asylum support benefits whilst he was working illegally for Fed Ex in Newcastle using false documentation to obtain an employment agency placement.

The court heard he worked there between December 2004 and April 2006. In April 2006 he again used false documents to gain full-time work at FedEx, where he was employed from April 21, 2006 to January 31, 2007, earning £14,523.

Mr Shekhepure, in his interviews with the police answered "no comment" to most questions but he did say that he did not get enough money in benefits.

The judge stopped short of recommending deportation but said that his sentence could mean he would be deported.

To me this is a very different case to that of Fred Nukagem and Sandra Yonga Mbell who were to be deported back to Cameroon, their case is under appeal. It appears that in Mr Shekhepures case he was here to play our system.
I do not want this debate to be just the BNP bashing the system, what I would like from our contributors is what the parties should do to prevent cases like this occurring again in the future.
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brooneyes said...

Why not just fingerprint, photograph, and DNA sample him,
then deport him?
Why is the British taxpayer being forced into paying for him all over again??

brooneyes said...

Hey Tony, why don't you try and bwe a little more biased and bigotted toward the BNP!
And then you have the nerve to complain when I call you names!!

dangermouse said...

well this guy certainly does need to be deported n pronto, we should not have to pay for his upkeep, just like we should'nt have to bail out the banks!

warren said...

Now as Tony points out this is a very diffante case to Fred Nukagem and Sandra Yonga Mbell's. Not only in the way the Shekhepure has used the system but in the way he came to be in this country and what he did whill he was hear. The man as had £25,000 of state money and still got fake paperwork so he could work. How in the sweet lords name he still got asylem surport even after his bid for asylem was turned down is behond me. What did he give as a reason for working, he had not got the money he needed to live on, when he was not entilteled to the money anyway.
Irans an unfrendley countrey to the UK, that may be one of the reasons that Shekhepure was tured down for asylem, but he sould be sent packing, he as broken the law, robing the state of money. He may also pose a threat to this country. As in any case of this type you must look at the facts, he must be sent back to Iran.
It seems to me that anyone who comes to this countrey and and whats asylem sould be delt with faster and indeed kept if not incarserated then more of a eye on whle awateing asylum or indeed to be told no and put on the first flight back to there country of origen. Broonseyes point about a database is good to. Anyway this one needs a one way pass on a plain to Tehran and we need £25,000offer him.

Tony said...

Now Craig,
What i meant was that i did not want this just to be a BNP v The rest debate. I was hoping to get some cross party contributions on what we need to do to stop this happening again and what the individual parties would do to change the system. I think you know this is what i meant so stop being so bloody paranoid!

Gary Elsby said...

For every immigrant 'playing the system and benefitting by X Thousands of pounds, there are approximately 1000 white people reported by the sentinel for doing the same.

dangermouse said...

i lv this site, god help us if we all should ever meet up by mistake lol, oh the very thought!
i think we would be on the front page of the sentinel.
sorry ppl just throwin in some fun!

T COPE said...

The "man" came here to milk the system, and the system let him, like thousands of others.
The Government put in place the ability to fleece the working class of their money, and only they can reverse it, but are unwilling to do it because they will lose the immigrant,and white votes, its that simple.
There will always be people ready to defend these conmen, for fear of losing their own benefits,or votes.
We will never see this money again, unlike some people who have it stopped out of their benefits.
Once again we pay.
Strip him of all his assets and deport him.

brooneyes said...

I see Elsbys rectum is speaking for him again...

brooneyes said...

Tony, if my skin gets any thicker, I won't be able to move!lol

zahid said...

Brooneyes, "thick skinned", what the hell are you talking about. You fly off the handle at just about everything, with all your hissy fits.
Everyone knows your the biggest Drama Queen around!

nita said...

I know many will disagree on my opinion, but I have no problem with ayslum seekers, moving into a country if their lives are seriously at risk.

nita said...

I will carry on, the laptop is having a funny on it.

However, how can you come into the country, illegaly claim £25,000 in benefits , and gain employment using false documents? What the hell is going on?

Too many times, we are hearing of similar stories.

Having said that, I agree with Gary Elsby, there are many people of our own kind cheating the system, and getting away with it.

Gary Elsby said...

Wouldn't it be cheaper if we deported the thousands of white English people caught screwing the benefits system rather than the token immigrant?
Think of how many baby heart machines we could buy with such money saved!

brooneyes said...

Alright, what have you done with the real Nita??
Agree with Elsby?!
Even the EU says that asylum seekers must go to the nearest, safe country. Since when is Britain the nearest safe country to Africa, the middle east, Asia,
eastern Europe???
The ONLY reason they come here is for the benefits system! Otherwise, they would stay in France, Spain ,Germany, or whichever safe countries they've come through to get here.

nita said...

Brooneyes, I totally agree, and I don't think anyone would disagree. This is the question we all ask. How is Britain the nearest, safest country, when we are an island, attached to no one? The answer is we have been too soft, but in fairness we are tightening up a bit now.

I repeat, if someone was in serious danger, let them in to any country, but not just the UK. I would hope, that if ever I was faced with a threat to my life, another country would accept me. That would be interesting, to see how it would work?

brooneyes said...

Nita, there are, and probably always will be, cases where there are people who genuinely need our help, and that help will be there.
We have been too soft, and remain too soft, and I'm afraid that tightening things up a little now simply isn't good enough.
The three main parties are looking at an amnesty for nearly half a million ILLEGAL immigrants! These people are breaking our laws just by being here, but the LibLabCon want to let them stay! Do these politicians not understand the meaning of the word illegal?
The real danger to this country is that there are now so many foreigners here that we will be bred out of our own country by
2060, and these are the governments figures!
People don't like to confront this subject, because like Pavlovs dogs,you have been trained to react in a specific way, you have been systematically
bombarded with the message that any kind of resistance to this ceaseless influx of foreigners makes you a racist, and so people don't talk about it.
Tightening up isn't enough, or future generations of native children are going to grow up in a country that no longer belongs to them.

St George said...

I find I fully agree with Gary Elsby.

I also agree with Zahid, and Craig being a 'queen' (drama or otherwise).

But locking him up, is probably the best way. Think about it. He wanted money and the freedom to spend it.

Now he has neither, nor can he return under another name again, to do the same thing...

Common sense ??